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China Media & Entertainment - Part I: Television

  • ID: 45577
  • January 2004
  • Region: China
  • 88 pages
  • China eCapital Corporation
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This 88-page report, published in English contains a comprehensive analyses on the landscape of the Chinese television industry, providing a detailed interpretation of the latest policy shift reflected in a SARFT circular issued on December 30, 2003. There are 24 companies covered in this report, including:
-Phoenix Satellite TV
-Sun Media
-Time Warner
-News Corporation
-Walt Disney

Major Themes of this report:
-We estimate that the total TV advertising market in China grew 20% in 2003 to reach $3.3 billion at the end of 2003 while total cable subscription market grew 24% to reach $2.2 billion. We project TV advertising revenue to grow another 22-25% in 2004. This would put China ahead of all other major countries in television market growth.

-While ownership of broadcasters remains largely off-limits to investors, according to a recent SARFT circular, joint ventures can be set up to operate TV channels. The separation of ownership and commercial operation of TV channels makes it possible for outsiders to participate in the broadcasting sector. We are seeing an increasing number of private Chinese companies acquiring de facto control READ MORE >

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I Introduction

1.1 Chinese Media Market Overview
A Media Advertising
B Total Media Market
1.2 General Trends and Themes

II The Television Market in China

2.1 Market Overview
A TV Advertising
B Cable Subscription
C Total TV Market

2.2 Key Drivers and Emerging Themes

2.3 General Landscape
A Market Segmentation
B Methods of Broadcasting
C Broadcasters and Channels
D Ratings and Rankings
E Programming Companies
F National Distribution

2.4 Digital Television and Pay-TV
A The Rollout Plan
B Pay-TV
C The Chicken and Egg Quandary
D Implications of the Digital Revolution

III Regulatory Regimes and Foreign Participation

3.1 Legal and Regulatory Regimes
A Market Entry Barriers
B Landing of Overseas Satellite Channels
C Content Regulation
D IP Rights
E Regulatory Trends and Updates

3.2 Foreign Participation
A Major Foreign Players
B Foreign Satellite Channels

Appendix I: Major Players in the Television Industry in China
Domestic Broadcasters
China Central Television (CCTV)
China Education Television (CETV)
Beijing All Media and Culture Group (BAMC)
Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group (SMEG)
Hunan Radio Film and Television Group (HRFT)
Jiangsu Radio Film and Television Group (JRFT)
Zhejiang Radio & Television Group (ZRTG)
Shandong TV
Hainan TV
Local Programming Companies
Enlight Media Co, Ltd (Enlight)
Joyful Media Group (Joyful)
Pegasus & Taihe Entertainment International (P&T)
Tanglong International Media (Tanglong)
Overseas Satellite Broadcasters
Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd
SUN Media Group Holding Ltd
Television Broadcast Limited (TVB)
China Entertainment Television (CETV)
Home Box Office (HBO)
Cable Network News (CNN)
Global Heavyweights
News Corporation Limited
Viacom Inc
Walt Disney Company
Time Warner Inc
Appendix II: Listing of Provincial Channels in China

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown