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Alcatel Top Level Selected Products: Directory & Buyer's Guide

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  • January 2004
  • Region: Global
  • 185 pages
  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
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The service provider converged voice and data network promises to be implemented as nodes in a neighborhood or remote switches in regional locations. Alcatel offers products that provide the base for broadband services delivery. The Internet is poised to spin off thousands of specialized broadband services. The access network needs digital loop carriers (DLCs) that provide the platform for delivery of these services. Alcatel equipment is positioned as economical and scalable vehicles to deliver POTS, narrowband, and broadband services. Lack of knowledge about broadband architecture capability is a factor prompting delayed spending by carriers.

Any significant changes in broadband regulation could trigger growth in the access market by encouraging carriers to invest in upgrading neighborhood networks with new equipment that delivers broadband services. Congress’ enactment of the 1996 Telecommunications Act (the Act) created an environment in which carriers accelerated their offerings of voice, data and video services. In February 2003, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted new rules concerning incumbent local exchange carrier obligations for elements of their networks. Growing market demand for high bandwidth services is forcing telecom providers to reevaluate their network planning models and create new ones. Network planners and engineers responsible for this emerging network face a complex problem: how to effectively implement a network that optimizes diverse such as voice, video, and data services.

Alcatel is at the forefront of change in the communications equipment business. Customers can be served by a central office (CO) or by remote facilities. Being able to deploy the same temperature -hardened ASAM in remote cabinets, controlled environment vaults, existing DLC cabinets, and central offices gives service providers service ubiquity across their entire networks. Alcatel has expanded its participation in mobile communications markets with this segment accounting for 26% of the revenue for the first three quarters of 2003. Fixed communications accounted for 42% of total revenues for the first three quarters 2003. DSL and broadband are expected to account for an increasing proportion of Alcatel fixed infrastructure communications revenue.

Key topics in this report:
Alcatel Dwdm Market Shares
Alcatel Worldwide Market Segment Revenue
Market Environment And Strategic Direction

Digital Loop Carrier Market Shares

Converged Voice And Data Network
Ip Architecture
Markets For Equipment For Telecommunications
Converged Network Revolutions
Communications Industry
Alcatel Mobile Networks Positioning
Alcatel Broadband Positioning
Alcatel Transport Positioning
Alcatel Business Access Positioning
Open Standards
Ip Core Networks

Companies Profiled

-Market Leaders
Nortel Alcatel Alcatel
Alcatel Advanced Fibre Communication (AFC) UTStarCom
NEC Marconi Huawei
Ciena Lucent Cisco
Lucent Zhone Nortel

-Other Market Participants

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Alcatel Positioning
Alcatel Market Issues
Alcatel Multiservice Aggregation
Alcatel Broadband Access
Alcatel Data Networks

Alcatel Mobile Networks
Alcatel Wireless Network UMTS Positioning
Alcatel SHDSL Mobile Backhauling
Alcatel Network Management/OSS
Alcatel Optics
Alcatel Professional Services
Alcatel Voice and Multimedia
Alcatel Managed Enterprise Communications Suite
Alcatel Response To Service Provider Migration Strategies

Alcatel Broadband Positioning
Alcatel Broadband Access
Alcatel 5528 Web-Based ASAM Manager
Alcatel Voice Over DSL
Alcatel ASAM Multiple Network Interfaces
Alcatel ASAM ATM Point-To-Multipoint
Alcatel Permanent Virtual Circuit PVC And Switched Virtual Circuit SVC Support
Alcatel 7300 ASAM LP Local Ethernet management
Alcatel ASAM Architecture
Alcatel ASAM Broadband Access for Businesses
Alcatel DSL
Alcatel DSL Broadband Management
Alcatel High-Speed Internet Access With DSL
Alcatel ADSL
Alcatel Advanced Services Access Manager (ASAM) Platform
Alcatel 7301 ASAM
Alcatel 7301 Advanced Services Access Manager (ASAM) Positioning
Alcatel ASAM LP
Alcatel Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) Product Description
Alcatel Integration of DSL into Litespan
Alcatel Higher Density On Voice And DSL
Alcatel Derived Voice over DSL
Alcatel Litespan Access Gateway NGDLC to NWDLC
Alcatel Litespan Positioning
Alcatel Litespan-1540
Alcatel DLC Applications
Alcatel 7201 Litespan Next Generation Multiservice Access Platform
Alcatel 7201 Litespan Carrier Grade Redundancy and Reliability
Alcatel 7201 Litespan Concept
Alcatel 7201 Litespan NGN Access Platform
Alcatel 7201 Litespan NGN Access Platform Modular And Distributed Architecture

Alcatel Transport Positioning
Alcatel1692 Metro Span Edge CWDM System
Alcatel 1696 Metro Span (Metro DWDM)
Alcatel 1660 SM Optical Multi-Service Node Integrates CWDM
Alcatel Packet Ring
Alcatel Metro DWDM
Alcatel Metro DWDM Market Challenges
Alcatel CWDM System
Alcatel Metro DWDM Carries Bandwidth Coming From Multiple Services
Alcatel Metro DWDM Bandwidth
Alcatel 1692 Metro Span Edge (8-Channel Metropolitan CWDM System)
Alcatel Optical Protection
Alcatel 10 Gbit/s DWDM Optical Transmission Network
Alcatel DWDM Storage Area Network
Alcatel 1692 Metro Span Edge Enterprise Customer Positioning
Alcatel Long-Haul DWDM Network Solution
Alcatel Long Haul DWDM High-Performance Features
Alcatel 1640 Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (80/160 channel DWDM System)
Alcatel Out-Of-Band Forward Error Correction Advanced Error Detection

Alcatel Network Management
Alcatel Business Access Positioning
Alcatel VPN Services
Alcatel VoDSL
Alcatel Security Services
Alcatel Public Wireless LAN Solution for Fixed Service Providers

Alcatel Multimedia Messaging
Alcatel Multimedia Messaging Solution
Alcatel Multimedia Applications
Alcatel Unified Messaging Functions
Alcatel Voice / Unified Messaging Services (V/UMS)
VoIP SIP-Based Interfaces
Alcatel Value-Added Proxy Applications

Alcatel Reliable Routing and Signaling Protocols
Alcatel Scalability
Alcatel Carrier-Class Metro Ethernet Switching
Alcatel 7770 OBX Optical Broadband Exchange
Alcatel Features For Traffic Engineering And Resource Reservation
Alcatel Route Refresh

Alcatel VPN Support
Alcatel VPN Scalability
Offering Multiple Classes Of Service Within A VPN
Alcatel Router Protection
Alcatel Methods For Traffic Flow Classification
Load Balancing
MPLS-Based Network VPNs

Alcatel Multiservice Aggregation
Equal Cost Multi-Path Routing And MPLS Fast Reroute Capability
Alcatel Automatic Protection Switching

Alcatel Broadband Network Applications Positioning
E Content Charging
Location Based Services
Instant Messaging
Push To Talk
Push to Talk Market Definition
Push To Talk Target Markets
Push To Talk Service Application Servers Functions
Alcatel Vertical Market Positioning
Private Communications
Transport: Metro / Rail
WiFi Networks For Transportation
Alcatel Vertical Market Solutions
Oil & Gas
Retail Vertical Market
Convergence Opportunities
Symbian Joint Venture

Open Standards
Open Mobile Architecture Enablers

Alcatel One Touch™ 535 Multimedia Mobile Phone

Alcatel Outsourcing
Alcatel Deep-Sea Cable Repairs


Table 1 Alcatel Market Issues
Table 2 Alcatel Positioning to Address Carrier Issues
Table 3 Alcatel Strategic Network Focus
Table 4 Alcatel Data Networks Positioning
Table 5 Alcatel Mobile Networks
Table 6 Alcatel Wireless Infrastructure Positioning
Table 7 Alcatel Applications
Table 8 Alcatel Strategic Positioning For Applications
Table 9 Service Provider Migration Strategies
Table 10 Service Provider Next Generation Network Positioning
Table 11 Alcatel Evolving Access to Support Multiple Services
Table 12 Alcatel Carrier Business Market Focus
Table 13 Alcatel Residential Market Focus
Table 14 Alcatel Broadband Access Functions
Table 15 Alcatel 5528 Web-based ASAM Manager Features
Table 16 Alcatel 5528 Web-based ASAM Manager Benefits
Table 17 Alcatel DSL Strategic Network Elements
Table 18 Alcatel 7301 Advanced Services Access Manager (ASAM) Features
Table 19 Alcatel 7301 ASAM Customer Benefits
Table 20 Alcatel DLC Benefits
Table 21 Alcatel DLC Applications Features
Table 22 Alcatel 7201 Litespan Array Of Applications
Table 23 Alcatel Litespan Key Features And Benefits
Table 24 Alcatel 7201 Litespan NGN Access Platform Features and Benefits
Table 25 Alcatel 7201 Litespan NGN Access Platform Connections
Table 26 Alcatel 7201 Litespan Distributed Architecture Functions
Table 27 Alcatel 7201 Litespan Distributed Architecture Applications
Table 28 Alcatel 7201 Litespan Distributed Applications
Table 29 Alcatel 1692 Metro Span Edge CWDM System Key Features
Table 30 Alcatel 1692 Metro Span Edge CWDM System Key Benefits
Table 31 Alcatel Metro DWDM Positioning
Table 32 Alcatel Metro DWDM Functions
Table 33 Alcatel 1692 Metro Span Edge Key Features
Table 34 Alcatel 1692 Metro Span Edge Key Benefits
Table 35 Alcatel Storage Area Networks (SAN) Positioning
Table 36 Alcatel 1692 Metro Span Edge Positioning
Table 37 Alcatel Metro DWDM Functions
Table 38 Alcatel Long-Haul DWDM Network Solution Features
Table 39 Alcatel Long-Haul DWDM Network Solution Functions
Table 40 Alcatel Long Haul DWDM High-Performance Features
Table 41 Out-Of-Band Forward Error Correction Advanced Error Detection Wavelength Transport Features
Table 42 Alcatel DSL Support
Table 43 Alcatel Multimedia Messaging Solutions
Table 44 Alcatel Multimedia Applications Solutions
Table 45 User Unique Mailbox Functions
Table 46 Alcatel 8683 Voice Unified Messaging Services (V/UMS) Key Features
Table 47 Alcatel 8683 Value-Added Proxy Applications Key Features
Table 48 Alcatel Voice / Unified Messaging Services VoIP SIP-Based Interfaces Key Features
Table 49 Alcatel Value-Added Proxy Application Functions
Table 50 Alcatel Value-Added Proxy Application Key Benefits
Table 51 Aspect Of Routers In A VPN
Table 52 Carrier Grade IP VPNs with the Alcatel OBX
Table 53 Alcatel Provider Edge Router Support for Service Level Agreements
Table 54 Alcatel 7770 OBX LDP Characteristics
Table 55 Alcatel Different Methods For Traffic Flow Classification
Table 56 Alcatel QoS Differentiated Services Model
Table 57 Alcatel Multiservice Aggregation
Table 58 Alcatel Edge Multiservice Aggregation
Table 59 1Alcatel Mediation Between Edge and Core Network Traffic
Table 60 Alcatel Multiservice Aggregation
Table 61 Alcatel Combining RSVP Tunnels and Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) Paths
Table 62 Alcatel Tunnel And Distribution Protocol Functions
Table 63 Alcatel Broadband Network Applications Supported
Table 64 Alcatel Kiosk Issues Addressed
Table 65 Push to Talk Target Markets
Table 66 Alcatel Enterprise Solutions
Table 67 Alcatel Identified Vertical Targets
Table 68 Alcatel Assessment of Transport: Metro / Rail Industry Drivers
Table 69 Alcatel Strengths in Transport: Metro / Rail Industry
Table 70 Alcatel Vertical Market Solutions
Table 71 Alcatel Integrated Railway Solutions
Table 72 Security Issues Addressed By Alcatel Communication systems
Table 73 Alcatel Communication Systems Security Solutions
Table 74 Oil and Gas Industry Drivers
Table 75 Alcatel Strengths For Oil and Gas Industry Systems
Table 76 Oil and Gas segments Targeted by Alcatel
Table 77 Alcatel Integrated Vertical Market Solutions
Table 78 Retail Industry Drivers
Table 79 Alcatel Strengths In Retail Industry
Table 80 Alcatel Satellite Solution For A Car Dealership
Table 81 Alcatel Outsourcing Positioning
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown