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Content Management Top Level Selected Products:Directory & Buyer's Guide

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  • January 2004
  • Region: Global
  • 195 pages
  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
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Common content management tasks include importing content or editing a document. Organizations have to deal with the proliferation of content in all formats. They are turning to content management solutions to maximize communication, improve efficiencies, and meet regulatory compliance. XML is the standard.

Effectively managing how and when content is re -purposed for Web sites can be a complex process. A large number of contributors, spread throughout the organization creates complexity. The problem is magnified when considering that this content is constantly being modified. Content management supports information used internally by the enterprise. Sales data or product specifications can be tracked. Externally content provided to customers through a Web site can be managed by the enterprise. The content software manages Web pages, word processing documents, spreadsheets, HTML, XML, PDF, document images, email messages and other electronic content. Content management supports enterprise content management software that does processing, communicating, and gathering information within the organization and from third parties. Content management products are marketed to a diverse group operating in a broad range of industries. Customers include established companies migrating their operations online. Enterprise and service provider companies need content management.

Companies whose objective it is to deploy and manage critical business content across their organization represent target markets for content management. These customers typically consider the web and their web operations to be critical to their future success.

Content management markets at $1 billion in 2003 are expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2009. Market growth is tied to the transfer of the paper based enterprise to an enterprise that manages all information electronically. Publishing information to the Web is a small part of the total content management markets.

Products Profiled

-Market Leaders
IBM Corporation
Open Text
TOWER Technology

-Other Market Participants
Hyland Ektron
Informatica Blue Coat Systems
Microsoft Green Pasture Software
RedDot Solutions Progressive Information Technologies
Stellent Trigo
Divine Verity
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Eco Systems Drive Content Management

Content Management
Content Services

Open Market / IBM Content Management

IBM On Demand Content Management Workplace Solution
IBM Software Simplifies Content Management
IBM DB2 Content Management for Medium-Sized Businesses
Commitment to Open Standards
IBM Enhanced Content Management Compliance Framework
IBM Content Manager
IBM® DB2® Content Manager
IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management
IBM WebSphere Commerce Content Management
IBM Websphere MQSeries Integration
IBM WebSphere Content Management

Open Text Content Knowledge Management
Open Text Content Management
Open Text Livelink
Open Text Site Creation, Simple Site Management
Open Text Dynamic Content Assembly

Documentum Document Management Workflow
EMC / Documentum
Documentum Products
Documentum Open Architecture

Vignette Content Management
Content Services User Interface
Interwoven Advanced Content Management Capabilities
Interwoven Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Interwoven Parallel Development
Interwoven Archival and Rollback
Interwoven Integrated Repository
Interwoven TeamSite Positioning
Interwoven OpenTransform
Interwoven OpenSyndicate
Interwoven Content Management
Interwoven Forms -Based Content Entry and Publishing
Interwoven Content Intelligence MetaTagger

Vignette Process Services
Vignette Process Products
Vignette Content Services
Vignette Content Products
Vignette® Content Management SDK
Vignette Content Management Suites
Vignette Content Management Integration Services
Vignette Collaboration Services

Tower Technologies IDM

Stellent Content Management
Stellent Core Content Server
Stellent Desktop
Stellent Web Content Manager
Stellent Web Content Manager Components
Stellent Content Components Software
Stellent Conversion Technologies

Hummingbird Content Management
Hummingbird / RedDot Content Management
Hummingbird DM Comprehensive Document Management System
Benefits of Hummingbird DM

FileNet P8 Content Manager
FileNet P8 Image Manager
FileNet Web Content Management

Microsoft Content Management Server
Microsoft Strategies For Content Management
Microsoft Extensible Workflow

Verity Core Search And Retrieval Technology
Verify Enterprise Business Portal Products

Divine Content Management Solutions
Divine Web Site Content Audit
Blue Coat Systems Security Appliance

Ektron CMS200 and CMS300 Web Content Management Server
Ektron Design Mode for XML
Red Dot Web Content Management Server

Progressive Information Technologies Web Content Management Server
Progressive Information Technologies Vasont Content Management System
Progressive Information Technologies Vasont Web-Based Content Management for
Remote Users

Trigo Product Center for eCommerce
Trigo Enterprise-Wide Product Information Management / Transoras Global Data
Synchronization Network
Trigo Product Center

Hyland Document Imagining
OnBase Document Imagining
Hyland File Storage
Hyland Security
Hyland Web Access

Raining Data Mid-Tier XML Data Scalability and ROI
Raining Data XML Mid Tier Data Management Server Products
Raining Data TigerLogic
Raining Data TigerLogic XDMS Persistence Performance
TigerLogic XDMS Performance
Raining Datas TigerLogic™ XDMS
Raining Data TigerLogic XDMS Extensibility and Data Access
Raining Data TigerLogic XDMS Enterprise-Grade Reliability and Manageability
Raining Data TigerLogic XDMS Platforms
Raining Data TigerLogic XML Query Engine Layer
Raining Data TigerLogic XML Storage Engine Layer
TigerLogic XDMS Security Services
TigerLogic XML Data Management Server For BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform
Raining Data RIXML for Research Access and Distribution
TigerLogic XDMS Empowers XML-Based Financial Information Management
TigerLogic XDMS Features
TigerLogic™ XDMS Approach

Raining Data TigerLogic XDMS XML Storage
DataPower XML Acceleration
DataPower Technology
Model-Based Data Design Environments

DataPower XG3™ Technology
DataPower XML Accelerator
DataPower XA35 XML Accelerator Applications
DataPower XML Accelerator Core Technology
DataPower Open XML IDE
DataPower XSLT

Sarvega XPE Appliances Decouple XML Processing Tasks
Sarvega XPE 2000
Sarvega XML EventStream Operating System (XESOS™) Technology
Sarvega XML XESOS™
Sarvega XESOS™ Services
Sarvega XESOS™ Security Policy
Tarari XML Content Processor

Informatica Metadata Management Software

Progressive Information Technologies Vasont Workflow

Green Pasture Software
Green Pasture Software G5 Document Control Capabilities
Green Pasture Software Life-Cycle Manager
Insurance Industry


Table 1 Content Management Framework Modules
Table 2 Content Management Functions
Table 3 Content Services
Table 4 IBM Content Management Portfolio Features
Table 5 IBM® Content Manager Portfolio Functions
Table 6 IBM® Content Manager Portfolio Integrating Features
Table 7 IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management Features
Table 8 Open Text Livelink Content Management Products
Table 9 Open Text Livelink Content Management Benefits
Table 10 Open Text Livelink Content Management Features
Table 11 Open Text Livelink Content Management Web-Master Features for Content Management SolvingThe Problem Of Bottlenecks
Table 12 Documentum 5 features
Table 13 Documentum Rich Media Management Positioning

Table 14 DocumentumKey Benefits
Table 15 Documentum Key Solution Features
Table 16 Vignette Content Management Positioning
Table 17 Interwoven Content Management Business Benefits
Table 18 Interwoven ContentServices SDK Functions
Table 19 Interwoven Content Services SDK Target Applications
Table 20 Interwoven TeamSite Browser-Based User Interfaces
Table 21 Interwoven TeamSite Content Management Key Features
Table 22 Interwoven TeamSite Content Management Key Functions
Table 23 Interwoven TeamSite Content Management Key Benefits
Table 24 Interwoven Content Management TeamSite Positioning
Table 25 Interwoven TeamSite Components
Table 26 Interwoven Content User Interface Features
Table 27 Interwoven User Interface Template Features
Table 28 Vignette collaboration services functions
Table 29 Vignette Collaboration Services Triggers
Table 30 Stellent Product Set Components:
Table 31 Stellent Universal Content Management Core Services
Table 32 Key Content Application Services
Table 33 Stellent Content Manager Module Features
Table 34 Stellent Content Manager Modules
Table 35 Stellent Conversion Technologies
Table 36 Functions Of Web Content Management
Table 37 Concepts Behind Microsoft Content Management Server
Table 38 Features For Managing Web Content In Microsoft Content Management Server
Table 39 Features Of Delivery In Microsoft Content Management Server
Table 40 Features Of Rapid Time -To-Market In Microsoft Content Management Server
Table 41 Verity Product Functions
Table 42 Verity Product Positioning
Table 43 Verity Product Features
Table 44 Verity Product Information Organization
Table 45 Divine Collaboration Technologies
Table 46 Divine Content Management Advanced Features
Table 47 Ektron CMS300 Content Management Solution Features
Table 48 Progressive Information Technologies Vasont Media Channels
Table 49 Progressive Information Technologies Vasont Target Channels
Table 50 Progressive Information Technologies Vasont Web Functionality
Table 51 Trigo Product Center Features
Table 52 Trigo Target Markets
Table 53 Trigo Product Center Key Capabilities
Table 54 Trigo Product Center Key benefits
Table 55 TigerLogic XDMS Feature Highlights
Table 56 Raining Data TigerLogic XDMS Features
Table 57 Raining Data TigerLogic XDMS architecture
Table 58 Raining Data TigerLogic Connectivity Layer Functions
Table 59 Raining Data TigerLogic XML Query Engine Layer Functions
Table 60 Raining Data TigerLogic XML Data Management Server for the Mid-Tier Supported Operations
Table 61 Raining Data TigerLogic XML Engine Functions
Table 62 Raining Data TigerLogic XDMS Key Benefits:
Table 63 TigerLogic XDMS Data Management Technologies To Aggregate, Transform, And Manage Information
Table 64 TigerLogic XDS Features
Table 65 Raining Data TigerLogic XDMS XML Storage
Table 66 DataPower XA35 Benefits
Table 67 DataPower XML Accelerator core technology
Table 68 Sarvega XPE 2000 Features
Table 69 Sarvega XESOS™ Core XML Functions
Table 70 185Sarvega XESOS™ Core XML Components
Table 71 186Sarvega XML Features
Table 72 190Informatica Power Suite Components
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown