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Crosspoint Switch Top Level Selected Products: Directory & Buyer's Guide

  • ID: 45712
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  • January 2004
  • Region: Global
  • 95 pages
  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
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Demand for Internet services, need for improved copper line conditions, need to extend reach of copper lines, and increases in network traffic are major crosspssoint switch market driving forces. Switch fabric, crosspoint switch, and backplane transceiver markets impact the entire network architecture for communications. These markets are looked as one entity because they address the same issue, how to move packets across the backplane. Two significant market shifts are occurring. The old circuit switch architecture depended on one clock in Denver to create simultaneity for all the logic in all the proprietary circuit switch hardware.

With the Internet cloud architecture, the one clock is gone and all the switches that move packets have different clocks. The shift in architecture puts more stress on the components that create switching capability in the network. These units have to operate at higher speeds and with more flexibility to handle the traffic that is being generated by the Internet. Combined voice, video, and data traffic is moving across the same switches at the same time, creating demand for new types of switch IC.

The transfer of information from the line card or motherboard to the backplane is moving from a parallel to serial architecture. This in turn gives rise to demand for new types of IC. Blade servers are replacing to old circuit switches and the proprietary PBX hardware. Clustered blade servers with carrier grade Linux operating systems create computer industry hardware that can be used with proprietary software. Switch fabric, crosspoint switch, and backplane transceiver markets at $101.2 million in 2003 are expected to reach $579.6 million by 2009. Market growth is expected to be spurred by demand for storage and video capable networks. Higher speeds complement existing infrastructure. Gigabit Ethernet IC markets will drive demand for high-speed communications. Asynchronous IC communications capability provided by crosspoint switches permits design flexibility. Different protocols are supported. Crosspoint switch markets in dollars at $42.2 million in 2003 are expected to reach $321 million by 2009.

Key topics in this report include:
Crosspoint Switch Architecture
Crosspoint Switch Functions
Backplane Transceiver Market Driving Forces
Crosspoint Switch, Switch Fabric, And Backplane
Transceiver Market Shares
Storage And Serial Backplane Products
Crosspoint Switches
Applied Micro Circuits (Amcc)
Topologies For Backplane Architecture
Switch Architectures
Development Of 10 Gbit/S Ethernet
Advanced Switching Interconnect (Asi) Backplane Link

Companies Profiled:
Accelerant Networks
Analog Devices
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation AMCC
Conexant Systems
Dune Networks
Erlang Technology
Fairchild Semiconductor
Infineon Technologies
Marvel Technology
Maxim Integrated Products
Mindspeed Technologies
National Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
TriQuint Semiconductor
Vitesse Semiconductor

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Crosspoint Switch Product Description

Crosspoint Switches
Enterprise Systems
Carrier Systems

Applied Micro Circuits (AMCC)
Applied Micro Circuit Corporation (AMCC) / IBM
Applied Micro Circuit Corporation (AMCC) PowerPRS 16g/C192

Agere Systems
Agere Systems Switching Chip
Agere Low Cost Switching Fabric
Agere LSP2916 16-Channel, High-Voltage Driver

Vitesse Switch Fabric Technology
Vitesse’s London™ Family of Gigabit Switch ICs
Vitesse Semiconductor Gigabit Ethernet Switches, Elstree™ (8-port) and Stansted™
Vitesse Elstree and Stansted Features and Pricing
Vitesse Semiconductor TimeStream family, the VSC9195
Vitesse TeraStream
TeraStream Efficient Bandwidth Utilization
Vitesse TeraStream ® Chip Set (VSC871 & VSC881) 160 Gb/s Intelligent Switch Fabric
Vitesse Semiconductor TeraStream chipset
Vitesse GigaStream ® Chip Set (VSC872 & VSC882) 80 Gb/s Intelligent Switch Fabric Applications
Vitesse GigaStream High Availability
Vitesse Semiconductor Enterprise Ethernet-Switching
Vitesse Integrated Layer 3 GbE Switch / Router ICs

National Semiconductor Comlinear CLC018

Analog Devices
Analog Devices 34-Channel Xstream Synchronous Crosspoint Switch Chip
Analog Devices ADSX34 Crosspoint Devices

Mindspeed Crosspoint Switches
Mindspeed Technologies iScale chipset
Mindspeed Technologies Crosspoint Switches
Mindspeed Low-End Crosspoint Switches
Mindspeed Crosspoint Switch Offerings
Mindspeed Crosspoint Switches for Broadcast and Professional Video Applications
Mindspeed Technologies Semiconductor Networking Solutions Targeted To Communications Applications
Mindspeed Technologies Family Of Crosspoint Switches

Agilent HDMP-3268


Dune Networks

Erlang Technology

Internet Machines

PetaSwitch Solutions


Tau Networks
Tau Switch Fabric


Zagros Networks


StarGen Low-power crosspoint switch

ON Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ECL Crosspoint Switch

Maxim Integrated Crosspoint Switch Products
Maxim Video Crosspoint Switches

Marvell Semiconductor Enterprise Ethernet-Switching
Prestera Switching Architecture
Link Street Switches

Fairchild Crosspoint Switches
Fairchild Semiconductor MSX
Fairchild Semiconductor OCX
Fairchild High Performance Crosspoint Switch

Velio Storage Fabric

Tyco Electronics

ZSF Terabit Switch Fabric


Table 1 Applied Micro Circuit Corporation (AMCC) PowerPRS Product Family
Table 2 Applied Micro Circuit Corporation (AMCC) Feature Comparison Table
Table 3 Agere LSP2916 Features
Table 4 Vitesse Crosspoint Switches
Table 5 Network Features Of Vitesse Elstree and Stansted
Table 6 Vitesse TeraStream Intelligent Switch Fabric Features
Table 7 Vitesse TeraStream Intelligent Switch Fabric Algorithms
Table 8 Vitesse TeraStream Products
Table 9 Vitesse TeraStream ® Chip Set 160 Gb/s Intelligent Switch Fabric Functions
Table 10 Vitesse Semiconductor Switch IC Solutions
Table 11 Vitesse range of Channels and Speeds Supported
Table 12 Varying Uses for Vitesse Chipsets
Table 13 Vitesse GigaStream Applications
Table 14 Vitesse GigaStream High Availability Features
Table 15 National Semiconductor Comlinear CLC018 Features
Table 16 National Semiconductor Comlinear CLC018 Key Specifications
Table 17 National Semiconductor Comlinear CLC018 Key Applications
Table 18 Analog Devices ADSX34 Features
Table 19 Mindspeed Technologies Crosspoint Switches
Table 20 Mindspeed Technologies Crosspoint Switches Device Protocol Support
Table 21 Agilent HDMP-3268 Features
Table 22 Agilent HDMP-3268 Applications
Table 23 ON Semiconductor ECL Crosspoint Switch Features
Table 24 ON Semiconductor ECL Crosspoint Switch Applications
Table 25 Prestera-MX High-Density Gigabit Solution Device Target Markets
Table 26 Fairchild MSX Programmable Crosspoint Switch Features ·
Table 27 Fairchild Semiconductor Programmable Crosspoint Switch Applications
Table 28 Fairchild Semiconductor OCX Features ·
Table 29 Fairchild Semiconductor OCX Applications
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown