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Analyzing the Mining Industry in the United States Product Image

Analyzing the Mining Industry in the United States

  • Published: April 2014
  • Region: United States
  • 140 Pages
  • Aruvian's R'search


  • Argonaut Mine
  • Burra Burra Mine
  • Cortez Gold Mine
  • Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine
  • Monte Cristo Gold Mine
  • Quincy Mine
  • MORE

The United States mining industry is an important contributor to the nation's economy and employs over millions of workers in this great endeavor to utilize the nation's resources for growth and fuelling industry demand for raw materials which they process in order to remain global leaders.

The United States produces a wide variety of commodities from gold to coal. It has a land area of over 9.6 million square kilometers, 19,924 kilometers of coastline, and a population of over 298 million people. It uses 25% of the world's energy reserves and spends more on maintaining its military might than most other country's entire GDP. It is with the support of the mining industry that the US has earned the coveted title of being the world's second largest producer of copper and gold, exporting over $26 billion worth of minerals and materials produced from minerals each year. Further, its mining industry employs over three million people directly and indirectly.

The US is split into ten provinces for geological purposes namely the: Pacific Mountain System; Columbia Plateau; Basin and Range; Colorado Plateau; Rocky Mountain System; Laurentian Upland; Interior Plains; Interior Highlands; READ MORE >

A. Executive Summary

B. Introduction
B.1 One of the World's Oldest Professions – Mining
B.2 Techniques Deployed for Mining
B.2.1 Surface Mining - Strip, Open Pit, Mountain Top, Dredging
B.2.2 Sub-Surface Mining – Long Wall, Room & Pillar
B.3 Mining's Environmental Impact – The Major Culprits

C. A Brief Profile of the Global Mining Industry

D. Looking at the US Mining Industry
D.1 Defining the Industry
D.2 Segmenting the Mining Industry
D.3 Mining- An Important Market
D.4 Economic Impact of the US Mining Energy
D.5 Industry Drivers
D.6 Challenges to Growth
D.7 Future Steady?
D.7.1 Future Trends

E. The Value of the Mining Industry
E.1 The Affect of Changing Markets

F. Analyzing Mining Products
F.1 Aluminum
F.2 Asbestos
F.3 Copper
F.4 Diamond
F.5 Gold
F.6 Iron Ore
F.7 Iron and Steel
F.8 Lead
F.9 Manganese
F.10 Molybdenum
F.11 Platinum Group Metals
F.12 Sand and Gravel
F.13 Silver
F.14 Zinc

G. Overseeing Organizations Active in the Industry
G.1 Managing Worker Health & Safety
G.2 Managing Land Sustainably
G.3 Representative Unions
G.4 Developing Research

H. Intensity of Competition in the US Mining Industry

I. Analyzing the Industry in the PEST Framework
I.1 Political Aspects
I.2 Economic Aspects
I.3 Social Aspects
I.4 Technological Aspects

J. Analyzing the US Mining Industry in Porter's Five Forces Strategy Analysis
J.1 Bargaining Power of Buyers
J.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
J.3 Competitive Rivalry in the Industry
J.4 Threat of New Entrants
J.5 Threat of Substitutes
J.6 Conclusion

K. Stringent Regulations in the US Mining Industry
K.1 Acquiring Land Rights
K.2 Meeting Environmental Compliances

L. Industry Majors
L.2 Anaconda Copper
L.3 Apex Silver Mines
L.4 Cliffs Natural Resources
L.5 Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation
L.6 Compass Minerals
L.7 Doe Run Resources Corporation
L.8 Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc
L.9 Hecla Mining
L.10 High Plains Uranium
L.11 Intrepid Potash
L.12 Kennecott Utah Copper
L.13 Newmont Mining Corporation
L.14 Peabody Energy Corporation
L.15 Stillwater Mining Company

M. Major US Mines Analysis
M.1 Bingham Canyon Mine
M.2 Burra Burra Mine
M.3 Iron Mountain Mine
M.4 New Cornelia Mine
M.5 Quincy Mine
M.6 Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine
M.7 Black Thunder Coal Mine
M.8 Cordero Rojo Mine
M.9 Jacobs Ranch
M.10 Argonaut Mine
M.11 Calhoun Mine
M.12 Cortez Gold Mine
M.13 Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine
M.14 Old Hundred Gold Mine
M.15 Kensington Mine
M.16 Monte Cristo Gold Mine
M.17 Hull-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine
M.18 Sunshine Mine
M.19 Swift's Silver Mine
M.20 Sweet Home Mine
M.21 Red Dog Mine

N. Appendix

O. Glossary of Terms

- Bingham Canyon Mine
- Burra Burra Mine
- Iron Mountain Mine
- New Cornelia Mine
- Quincy Mine
- Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine
- Black Thunder Coal Mine
- Cordero Rojo Mine
- Jacobs Ranch
- Argonaut Mine
- Calhoun Mine
- Cortez Gold Mine
- Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine
- Old Hundred Gold Mine
- Kensington Mine
- Monte Cristo Gold Mine
- Hull-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine
- Sunshine Mine
- Swift's Silver Mine
- Sweet Home Mine
- Red Dog Mine

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