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Global Advances in Semiconductor Microlithography Technologies

  • ID: 515305
  • June 2007
  • Region: Global
  • 126 Pages
  • Frost & Sullivan

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Global Advances in Semiconductor Micro-lithography Technologies provides analyses of optical lithography, maskless lithography, electron-beam lithography, nanoimprint lithography and so on, along with key drivers, challenges, restraints, analysis and forecasts of the technologies may shape the of future semiconductor industry.

The following technologies are covered in this research:

- Optical lithography
- Maskless lithography
- Electron-beam lithography
- X-ray lithography
- Nanoimprint lithography

The Semiconductor Industry is facing the limits of Photolithography and the Emergence of Next Generation Technologies

In the last two decades, novel lithographic technologies have been introduced and evaluated for its capacity to meet challenging technological requirements, production throughput and cost-effectiveness. The semiconductor industry has witnessed the evolution of photolithography from contact, proximity, projection, g- and i-line, and 248 nm to the current 193 nm immersion technology. However, many will agree that optical lithography will be replaced eventually.

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1. Executive Summary
-1. Overview of Lithography Technology
--1. Lithography and its Role in Semiconductor Fabrication
--2. Highlights and Key Findings
-2. Scope and Methodology
--1. Scope of the Research Service
--2. Research Methodology

2. The Search for Next Generation Lithography
-1. Why is it Important?
--1. The Need to Support Technological Evolution
--2. Major Issues
-2. Analysis of the NGL Candidates
--1. Trends in NGL
--2. NGL Technologies--A Foresight

3. Optical Lithography
-1. Overview and Current Status of Optical Lithography
--1. Optical Lithography--Overview
--2. Current Status of Development
-2. Immersion Lithography
--1. Immersion Lithography--Overview
--2. Immersion Lithography--Technology Challenges
-3. Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL)
--1. EUVL--Overview
--2. Technology Benefits
--3. EUVL Research Groups
--4. EUVL--Technology Challenges
-4. 157 nm Lithography
--1. The End of 157 nm Lithography?
--2. Technology Challenges
-5. Key Technology Developments--I
--1. High-Power EUVL Source--Powerlase Limited--UK
--2. Effect of Resist Blurring on the Resolution of Arf Immersion Lithography--Canon Inc.--Japan
--3. The Rise of Inverse Lithography Technology--Luminescent Technologies Inc.--USA
--4. Special Routing Technique to Reduce Defect Density--TSMC--Taiwan
--5. 3D Lithography Technology for Nanostructures--Focal Point Microsystems LLC--USA
--6. OPC Simulation to Minimize Cost of Mask Development--Mentor Graphics Corporation--USA
--7. Industry Group to Introduce EUVL for 45 nm--EUVA--Japan
--8. First EUV Exposed Image--A Milestone in Microlithographic Research--University at Albany--USA
--9. Advanced DFM Lithography Solution for 45 nm and below--Nikon Precision Inc. and Synopsys Inc.--USA
--10. Extending the Limits of Photolithography--IBM Almaden Research Center--USA
-6. Key Technology Developments--II
--1. The Merger of Computational and Wafer Lithography--Brion Technologies Inc.--USA
--2. Nanolithograhic Enhancement by Application of Nanoscale Ridge Apertures--Purdue University--USA
--3. The Right Source for EUVL--Cymer Inc.--USA
--4. Leading in Immersion and EUV Lithography--ASML--Netherlands
--5. X-Ray-Based Micro-/Nanomanufacturing--Singapore Synchrotron Light Source--Singapore
--6. Interface Lithography--National Institute for Matter Physics--Italy

4. Electron Projection Lithography and Maskless Lithography
-1. Introduction
--1. Maskless Lithography
--2. Electron Projection Lithography (EPL)
--3. Electron Proximity Projection Lithography
-2. Maskless Lithography
--1. Electron Beam Lithography
--2. O-ML2 and CP-ML2
--3. Ion Beam Lithography
--4. Mix and Match Strategy
-3. Electron Projection Lithography
--1. Current Status of EPL
--2. Technology Challenges and Potential Solutions
-4. Electron Proximity Projection Lithography
--1. Current Status of LEEPL
--2. Advantages and Challenges
-5. Key Technology Developments Related to this Sector
--1. A New Approach using Interference Lithography with Deep Reactive Ion Etching—University of California--USA
--2. A New Way to Create Nanogaps--University of Pennsylvania--USA
--3. Variable-Pressure E-Beam Lithography--Northwestern University--USA

5. Nanoimprint Lithography
-1. Introduction and Technology Description
--1. Introduction
--2. NIL Technologies and Applications
-2. Key Adoption Factors
--1. NIL Technology Benefits
--2. Major Challenges
--3. Technical Requirements and Current Status of NIL
-3. Key Technology Developments Related to NIL Sector
--1. A New Holographic Contact Lithography Approach for Photonic Crystals--National University of Singapore--Singapore
--2. Imprint Lithography--A Viable Alternative for NGL--Molecular Imprints--USA
--3. Major Issue in NIL Resolved--Nanonex Corp and Princeton University--USA
--4. High-Precision Aligner Systems for NIL--EV Group--Austria
--5. Advanced NIL Technique for Research and Industrial Applications--Obducat AB--Sweden

6. NGL--Technology Foresight; Funding Analysis
-1. Future Outlook--Analyst Insights
--1. Overview of NGL Technologies
--2. Future of Optical Lithography
--3. 157 nm Immersion Lithography for 32 nm?
--4. Direct-Write Lithography and Electron Projection Lithography
--5. Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
--6. Nanoimprint Lithography
-2. Major Fundings and Grants
--1. DARPA and NIST Have Ceased Funding for US Maskless Lithography
--2. Four Texan Startups Receive AMRC Funding
--3. US Commerce Department Holds New Funding Competition for High-Risk Industrial Research
--4. University of Albany’s NanoCollege and Vistec Lithography Receive Funding from New York State Office
--5. Veeco Receives Further Funding from SEMATECH for EUVL Mask Tools
--6. Major Funding for El-Mul's Nanotube E-Beam Field Emitter
--7. Multimillion Pound Funding Boost for Research at James Watt Nanofabrication Centre
--8. Molecular Imprints Secures More Funding

7. Key Patents and Contact Details
-1. Recent Patents
--1. List of Key Patents from Market Leaders
--2. Analysis of Patents from Emerging Companies in this Sector
-2. Contact Details
--1. Corporates
--2. Universities and Research Institutes

8. Decision Support Database
-1. Decision Support Database Tables
--1. Global OLED Market (2002 to 2012)
--2. Global LCD Sales (2002 to 2012)
--3. Consumer Electronics Contribution to Electronics Industry--2002 to 2012

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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