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Will Camera-Phones Replace Digital Cameras?

  • ID: 53636
  • Report
  • January 2003
  • Region: Global
  • 50 Pages
  • Future Image Inc
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It's taken digital cameras nearly a decade to put a substantial dent in the sales of traditional film cameras, but the trends are irreversible. Sales of digital cameras are exploding while those of film cameras are inexorably trending downward. Now the recent release of megapixel camera-phones by all three Japanese wireless carriers raises the question: Are camera-phones getting good enough to take significant market share from digital cameras?

The fact is, digital camera manufacturers - while currently riding high - are already beginning to feel the impact in Japan, where there are 25 million camera-phones in use. They will feel it worldwide in 2004 and beyond. Camera-phones are also beginning to impact the sales of single-use cameras, a "sit up and take notice" development for film manufacturers.

There is no doubt that camera-phones will impact the sales of all other cameras. In order to answer the important questions - "How significant will that impact be, and how soon will it be felt?" - this report provides a feature-by-feature comparison of camera-phones and "pure play" digital cameras - particularly compact point-and-shoot models - as imaging devices. The study assesses the advantages and disadvantages of each device in more than 30 separate categories, for both current models and what's just around the corner, and provides weighted scores for each.

The categories examined include: Resolution, Sensors, Optical Zoom, Versatility, Manufacturer's Reputation, Manual Controls, Internal Memory, Removable Storage, Display, File Formats, Shooting Modes, Video/Movie, Macro, Panoramic/stitching, "Motor Drive," Self-timer, Special Modes, Exposure Compensation, Special Effects, Best Shot, Audio Recording/Annotation, Flash, Connectivity, Focusing, Metering, Camera Size & Weight, Ergonomics, Interface, Price/Costs, Versatility, Market Scale, Ubiquity, and Communications.
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I Comparing Performance Characteristics

1 Introduction:Refining the question

2 Advantages of Dedicated Digital Cameras
21 Lens Quality
22 Resolution
23 Sensors
24 Optical Zoom
25 Lens Versatility
26 Manufacturer 's Reputation
27 Manual Controls
28 Internal Memory
29 Removable Storage
210 Display
211 File Formats
212 Shooting Modes
2121 Video/Movie
2122 Macro
2123 Panoramic/Stitching
2124 “Motor Drive”
2125 Self-timer
2126 Best Shot
2127 Special Modes
213 Exposure Compensation
214 Special Effects
215 Audio Recording/Annotation
216 Flash
217 Connectivity
218 Focusing
219 Metering
220 Size &Weight
221 Ergonomics
222 Interface
223 Price/Costs

3Digital Cameras Have The Lead

4 Advantages of Camera-Phones
41 Versatility
42 Market Scale
43 Ubiquity
44 Communication

5 And The Winner Is …

II The Future Image WIRE Forecast

1The Impact of Camera-Phones -Units &Dollars
11 Digital Camera Market Dynamics
12 One-Megapixel and Under
13 Two-Megapixel Models
14 Three-Megapixel Models

2 Bottom Line:Overall Impact on the Imaging Industry
About the Author/About Future Image

Figi - Japanese Digital Camera Production Mix,
2002 -2003 (source:CIPA)iv
Figii -Japanese Digital Camera Production Mix,
H1-2003 (source:CIPA)iv
Fig1 - CMOS and CCD sensors
Fig2 - Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1 w/12x zoom
Fig3 - Pentax Optio Sliding Lens System
Fig4 - Minolta DiMAGE X “folded ”zoom lens
Fig5 - Kyocera Finecam SL300R
Fig6 - Concord EyeQ 3340z
Fig7 - Concord “folded ”zoom lens
Fig8 - Minolta Micro Zoom Camera (MCZ)
Fig9 - FDK/Macnica FMZ10
Fig10 -1 Limited 's piezoelectric ‘fabric 'deployed as a
micro-motor for repositioning lens elements
Fig11 -1 Limited Helimorph
Fig12 -1 Limited mini-camera
Fig13 -LG-KH5000 with lens mounted in hinge
Fig14 -Canon EOS Lenses
Fig15 -Digital camera menus
Fig16 -UScamera-phone interface screens
Fig17 -Removable media formats
Fig18 -Sharp J-SH53
Fig19 -Kodak EasyShare LS633 OLED display
Fig20 -Sanyo A5306ST Sub-Display
Fig21 -Sharp SH251iS 3D display explained
Fig22 -Kyocera A1401K MovieMail handset
Fig23 -NEC N504iS macro lens
Fig24 -Canon EOS-1v (film)with motor drive
Fig25 -Mitsubishi D251iS shooting modes (left to right):normal,
‘beauty white,'‘sunburn,'letter,and night scene
Fig26 -“Fun frames ”
Fig27 -Photo Chara Kobo service from KDDI
Fig28 -Nikon Coolpix 2100 with built-in flash
Fig29 -Camera-phone photo lights
Fig30 -Sony Ericsson MPF-10 Phone Flash
Fig31 -Toshiba J-T51 with Mobile Flash
Fig32 -Kodak EasyShare CX4200 docked
Fig33 -Olympus C-21Tcommu with phone
Fig34 -Shooting with the Sony Ericsson SO505i
Fig35 -Shooting with the Panasonic P2102V
Fig36 -Canon S200 controls
Fig37 -Casio A5401 controls (note camera button)
Fig38 -Digital Camera Advantages Scorecard
Fig39 -Camera-phones as compared by NPC:SO505i
(upper left),D505i (upper right),A5401CA
(lower left),and J-SH53 (lower right)
Fig40 -Japanese camera-phone interface screens
Fig41 -Clip-on covers (Sony Ericsson A1101S)
Fig42 -Nokia 3300 “music phone ”
Fig43 -Nokia gaming cover
Fig44 -Nokia N-Gage “gaming ”handset
Fig45 -Pentax Optio S in Altoids tin
Fig46 -Casio Exilim:“No visible camera lines”
Fig47 -Minolta DiMAGE X:“Always Ultra-Slim ”
Fig48 -SMaL Ultra-Pocket
Fig49 -SiPix StyleCam Blink
Fig50 -Che-ez!Snap*is sold with a neck chain
Fig51 -Camera-Phone Advantages Scorecard
Fig52 -Digital Camera Sales Growth 2002 -2006
Fig53 -Worldwide Digital Camera Sales:Units,
2002 -2006 (IDC)
Fig54 -Worldwide Digital Camera Sales:Dollar Value,
2002 -2006 (IDC)
Fig55 -Camera-phone erosion of worldwide 2MP digital
camera sales:units,2003 -2006
Fig56 -Camera-phone erosion of worldwide 2MP digital
camera sales:$,2003 -2006
Fig57 -Camera-phone erosion of worldwide 3MP digital
camera sales:units,2003 -2006
Fig58 -Camera-phone erosion of worldwide 3MP digital
camera sales:$,2003 -2006
Fig59 -Camera-phone +digital camera sales:units, 2003 -2006
Fig60 -LACameras,Chambersburg,PA
Fig61 -Digital image capture device sales,2005
Fig62 -Digital images,2005
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Sharp
- Kodak
- Sanyo
- Sharp
- Kyocera
- Canon
- Mitsubishi
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown