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Fixing the Fighting - A Guide to Using Mediation in Settling Disputes and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

  • ID: 544621
  • June 2003
  • 145 Pages
  • Oak Tree Press
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The Irish workplace of today is undergoing profound change. While these changes are often producing more efficient organisations, this efficiency is frequently achieved at the expense of the human element of work life. There is a resultant increase in the level of conflict, which ultimately affects the overall and long-term effectiveness of these same organisations.

This increasing level of conflict is not confined to commercial organisations, but is found in many organisations whose remit is of a social or service nature, rather than a purely monetary one – hospitals, community groups, charities, arts and heritage, education.

While many books have been written about change in the workplace, this is the first one to focus exclusively on one aspect of this change – the resolution of conflict and disputes in the Irish workplace through the use of mediation.

The reader will notice that both conflict and disputes are mentioned. Disputes tend to be easer to spot as they are known about and usually involve entrenched positions, which may well be moved on, depending on how well negotiations take place. Conflict, on the other hand, can often be below READ MORE >

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1 How Lies the Land?

2 What is Mediation?

3 The Benefits of Mediation

4 The Mediation Process

5 Case Studies

6 Why Does Conflict Exist in Organisations?

7 The Greatest Conflict Buster Ever!

8 The Go-betweens

9 Suitability for Mediation



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