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Electronic Online Music Market Opportunities, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2004 to 2009

  • ID: 54569
  • Report
  • May 2004
  • Region: Global
  • 283 pages
  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
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Music is universal. Everyone loves music. Doctors, lawyers, kids, moms, daddies, old people, babies, everyone loves music. Most people prefer listening to music than to making music. Online music downloading has been enormously popular. The industry has struggled a little to reign in illegal music downloading. That battle appears to have been won.

Online music markets are set to grow. By making music accessible and with prices set at a reasonable cost, defacto industry standards are being put in place. The defacto industry standards are coming from Apple, Real, and Microsoft. Service providers have 500,000 songs available for download. Celebrity play lists are one way of attracting listeners to a site. Online music providers feature exclusive tracks from major artists.

Online music single costs range from$.79 per song to $0.99 per song and $10 for an album. People can compose their own albums. As prices for songs drop to $0.29 per song by 2009, markets will achieve new growth. The music industry is set to take some lessons from the DVD industry. The broad acceptance of the Internet is creating demand for a means of music media content delivery. Digital music media is set to leverage the Internet transmission system. Consumer markets have accelerated demand for sophisticated communications transmission.

Apple has achieved a dominant position in the music industry by making downloadable music easily available. The company now accounts for one percent of the music industry revenue. It is well positioned to address growth in online music. Virtually all music will be downloaded by the end of the forecast period. Traditional retail outlets have failed to address the changes brought by the Internet. A market of downloadable music services includes Apple iTunes service. Hewlett Packard is including Apple music software on its machines. HP is positioned to help Apple expand its online music service beyond Macintosh computers to the PC market that uses Windows.

Rhapsody offers unrestricted access for file-sharing. People can listen to hundreds of songs or hundreds of albums for the same low price. That flexibility is helping make Rhapsody the leading online music service for consumers. Rhapsody has an unlimited listening approach designed to encourage subscribers to explore a wide variety of musical artists and styles. By paying $9.95 for unlimited access to the service library of 28,000 albums, people get a bargin.

Napster offers a free trial to get people to try the fee-based music downloading service. Napster features top streams. Napster offers access to tracks. Napster premium permits listening to and downloading 500,000 tracks for $10 per month.
500,000 songs from all genres of music are available. Napster seeks to make the digital music experience is easy and fun for all music consumers. Integrating popular devices with the service allows Napster to make it easy to move digital music onto a device directly. Napster focus is on consumer choice. The nucleus of the digital music service is positioned to ensure that music fans have high-quality experiences. Individual needs are a priority. Over 60 devices from a variety of manufacturers are available that support WMA. Napster provides music in WMA format. This gives Napster customers the combination of device, a music service, and a flexible, high quality music format. Markets at $359.1 million in 2003, are expected to be $14.7 billion by 2009.

Key Topics In This Report Include:
- Online Music Markets
- Online Music Forecasts
- Revenue Model
- Restructuring Networks For Advanced Multimedia Services
- Information Sharing Between Different Environments
- Music Is Universal
- Streaming Media Segments
- Digital Online Music Standards
- Oktv® Child Health Controls
- Recording Industry Association Of America
- Ip Network Delay And Congestion
- Network Strategy
- Telecom Market Structure
- Challenge Of Broadband
- Media Hosting
- Operating System Focus On Media Delivery

Companies Profiled in this report include:
- Market Leaders
Online Music
Apple Computer
Online Music Subscription Services
Apple Computer
Online Music Advertising
Real Networks
Apple Computer

- Other Market Participants
BuyMusic.com Cisco
CNET Networks Hewlett Packard
Liquid Audio Liquid Digital Media
Loudeye Macromedia
Matsushita Electric Industrial MontVista Software
Music Choice Musicmatch
Music Now/Full Audio MP3.com
Music Net Roxio/Napster
Sonic Solutions Viewpoint
Wal-Mart Stores Zoran
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Music Is Universal
Market Driving Forces
On Line Music Markets
On Line Music Market Shares
RealNetworks Rhapsody Usage Jump s As Service Moves From PC To Living Room
On Line Music Market Forecasts
1.1 Online Music Services
1.1.1 RIAA Civil Lawsuits
1.1.2 Creating A Culture
1.1.3 Internet Delivery of Music Content
1.1.4 Homes Leveraging The Internet
1.1.5 Consumers Use The Internet
1.2 Restructuring the Network for Advanced Multimedia Services
1.2.1 Hosted Applications
1.2.2 Convergence Of Voice And Data
1.3 Challenge Of Broadband
1.3.1 Organizing Digital Information
1.4 Information Sharing Between Different Environments
1.4.1 Streaming Media Platforms
1.4.2 Seamless Computing
1.4.3 Speech Technology
1.4.4 Signal Availability
1.4.5 Hard Disk Drive
1.4.6 Ease Of Web Customization
1.5 Market Environment And Strategic Direction
1.5.1 Market Environment
1.5.2 Market-Driven Organizations
1.5.3 Key Business Drivers
1.6 Online Music Advertising Market Outlook
1.6.1 Professional, CD Broadcast-Quality Music
1.7 Need For Broadband Communications
1.7.1 Network Infrastructure And Transmission Methods
1.8 Distribution
1.9 Operating System Focus On Media Delivery
1.10 Media Hosting
1.11 Electronic Commerce And Subscription Services
1.12 Revenue Model
1.13 Internet Access Personal Devices

2.1 Music Is Universal
2.1.1 Market Driving Forces
2.2 On Line Music Markets
2.2.1 On Line Music Market Shares
2.2.2 Apple
2.2.3 Apple Music iPod
2.2.4 RealNetworks Rhapsody Usage Jumps As Service Moves From PC To Living Room
2.2.5 Napster
2.2.6 Musicmatch
2.2.7 On Line Music Market Forecasts
2.3 Music and Game Media Subscriber Services Market
2.3.1 Music and Game Media Subscriber Services Market Shares
2.3.2 RealNetworks Digital Media Services
2.3.3 Roxio / Napster
2.3.4 Music and Game Subscriber Services Market Forecasts
2.3.5 Music Download Market Forecasts
2.4 On Line Music and Media Advertising Markets
2.4.1 On Line Music and Media Advertising Market Shares
2.4.2 On Line Music and Media Advertising Market Forecasts
2.5 Streaming Media Markets
2.5.1 Windows Media
2.5.2 Apple IPods
2.5.3 Linux
2.6 Music Market Forecasts 2
2.6.1 Planned Merger Of The Music Divisions Owned By Sony And Bertelsmann
2.6.2 Time Warner Music Group Sale To A Consortium
2.6.3 Tower Records Chain, MTS, Files For Bankruptcy Protection
2.7 Streaming Media Regional Market Revenue Analysis
2.8 Internet Analysis
2.8.1 Internet
2.9 Media Streaming Market Categories

3.1 Real Networks Rhapsody
3.1.1 Rhapsody
3.1.2 Real Networks Rhapsody Usage
3.1.3 RealNetworks Online Music Subscription Business
3.1.4 Real / Rhapsody
3.1.5 Rhapsody Top 10 Artists
3.1.6 Real / Rhapsody System Requirements
3.1.7 Real Rhapsody Prepaid Card At 7-Eleven
3.1.8 Rhapsody / Rockford Omnifi
3.1.9 Rhapsody / PrismIQ
3.1.10 Rhapsody - AT&T PrePaid Web Cents® Service
3.2 Apple
3.2.1 iPod Compact
3.2.2 iTunes Music Store
3.2.3 Autosync iPod mini with Mac and Windows
3.2.4 iTunes
3.2.5 Apple iTunes Technology
3.2.6 iTunes Languages
3.2.7 iTunes Positioning
3.2.8 Apple / HewlettPackard To Resell iPod
3.2.9 Defacto Industry Standards In Digital Music
3.3 Microsoft
3.3.1 Microsoft Positions As A Music Content Provider
3.3.2 Windows Media Software Plays Audio And Video Files
3.3.3 Windows Media For Organizing Music
3.4 Napster
3.4.1 Napster Internet Music Positioning
3.4.2 Personal Music Stockpile
3.4.3 NapsterLive
3.4.4 Napster System Requirements
3.4.5 Plus MP3 Audio Converter
3.4.6 Napster Gets Agreement With Eastman School Of Music For Online Music Service to Students
3.4.7 Napster Choices For Digital Music Consumers
3.4.8 Samsung Napster
3.4.9 Online Collection Of Music
3.4.10 Napster Targets European Growth
3.4.11 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Mca Catalog Exclusively On Napster
3.4.12 Napster Catalog Of Exclusive Music
3.4.13 Music Choice Broadband Music Service / Napster Partnership
3.4.14 Napster Premium Service
3.5 Buymusic.com
3.5.1 BuyMusic.com Music Download Store
3.5.2 Buymusic.Com™ Download Store For PC Users
3.5.3 Buymusic.Com Pricing
3.6 Musicmatch
3.6.1 Musicmatch / Coca-Cola
3.6.2 Musicmatch 99 Cent Downloads For The Pc
3.6.3 Musicmatch Downloads Service
3.7 America Online (AOL)
3.7.1 AOL Online Music Technology
3.7.2 AOL Music Positioning
3.8 Sony
3.8.1 Sony Musiclub Uses Cookies
3.8.2 Sony Musiclub Is Free
3.9 Walmart
3.9.1 Walmart.com System Requirements For Music Downloads
3.9.2 Microsoft Windows Media Player
3.9.3 Music Downloads Windows Media Audio (WMA) File Formats
3.9.4 Download To A Portable Player
3.9.5 Walmart Downloadable Music Positioning
3.10 Dell
3.11 Liquid Audio
3.11.1 Liquid Digital Media Retail Integration and Fulfillment System (RIFFS)
3.11.2 Liquid Audio Resources
3.11.3 Wal-Mart / Liquid Digital Media
3.12 mmO2
3.12.1 Siemens AG Makes The O2 Device
3.12.2 AAC Plus Compression Technology
3.13 MusicNow

4.1 Streaming Media Products And Services
4.2 Streaming Media Segments
4.2.1 Consumer Use of Streaming Media
4.2.2 Enterprise Use of Streaming Media
4.2.3 Media Creation
4.3 Digital Online Music Standards
4.3.1 Real Networks RealPlayer / Rhapsody
4.3.2 Apple Technologies
4.3.3 HewlettPackard Uses Apple Digital Online Music Standard
4.3.4 Japanese Digital Online Music Standard
4.3.5 Linux In Consumer Devices
4.3.6 Microsoft Streaming Media
4.4 High-Speed Internet Connection
4.5 OKTV® Child Health Controls
4.5.1 OKTV® Service Positioning
4.5.2 www.parentalguide.org
4.5.3 TV Ratings and V-Chip
4.5.4 Monitoring The Music Children Listen To
4.5.5 UK Mobile Operators Joint Code Of Practice For New Forms Of Content
4.6 Recording Industry Association of America
4.6.1 531 More File Sharers Targeted In RIAA Legal Efforts
4.7 Internet Industry Standards
4.8 IP Architecture 4
4.9 IP Network Delay And Congestion
4.9.1 Change In Telecommunication Network Architecture
4.9.2 MPLS
4.10 Internet As A Massive, Critical Communications Network
4.10.1 MPLS
4.10.2 ATM For Aggregating And Carrying Traffic Reliably From (DSL, LMDS) Broadband Access Networks
4.10.3 Key Drivers Influencing Telecom Operator Network Strategies
4.11 Network Strategy
4.12 Network Strategy Drivers
4.12.1 Mobile Traffic Growth
4.13 Value Creation and Business Model
4.14 Service Bundling Strategy
4.15 Regulatory Environment
4.16 Telecom Market Structure
4.16.1 IP Telephony For Long Distance

5.1 Apple Computer
5.1.1 Apple Computer Business Strategy
5.1.2 Apple Computer Retail Positioning
5.1.3 Apple Computer Education Positioning
5.1.4 Apple Positioning
5.1.5 Apple Revenue
5.1.6 Apple Computer Revenue
5.2 BuyMusic.com
5.2.1 BuyMusic.com Music Selection
5.2.2 BuyMusic.com Services
5.2.3 BuyMusic.Com Strategic Partnership With Sobe Beverages
5.2.4 BuyMusic.com Positioning
5.3 Cisco
5.3.1 Cisco / Latitude
5.4 CNET Networks
5.5 HewlettPackard
5.5.1 Hewlett Packard Leading Global Provider Of Information Technology Products
5.5.2 HP Business Segments
5.5.3 HP Storage Technologies
5.5.4 Hewlett Packard Services
5.5.5 Hewlett Packard Consulting And Integration
5.5.6 HP Financial Services
5.5.7 HP Segment Revenue
5.6 Liquid Audio
5.7 Liquid Digital Media
5.8 Loudeye
5.9 Macromedia
5.9.1 Macromedia Revenue
5.9.2 Macromedia Shockwave Player
5.9.3 Macromedia Acquisition Of eHelp
5.9.4 Macromedia Design/Development
5.9.5 Macromedia Mobile
5.10 Matsushita Electric Industrial
5.11 Microsoft
5.11.1 Microsoft Client Segment
5.11.2 Microsoft Server and Tools
5.11.3 Microsoft Revenue
5.11.4 Microsoft Second Quarter FY 2004 Revenue
5.11.5 Microsoft / RealNetworks Legal Action
5.12 MontaVista Software
5.13 Music Choice
5.14 Musicmatch
5.14.1 Musicmatch Digital Music Management Jukebox Software
5.15 Music Now / Full Audio
5.16 MP3.com.
5.17 MusicNet
5.18 RealNetworks
5.18.1 RealNetworks Strategy
5.18.2 RealNetworks Platform Solutions
5.18.3 RealNetworks Platform Strategy

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown