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Mobile Multimedia Messaging - 2003

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  • Report
  • January 2003
  • Region: Global
  • ADKiT Ltd (SCS Reports)
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Multimedia Messaging (MMS) technology means cellphones can now be used to offer a massive new range of services and products.Mobile email, ringtones, mobile video, mobile downloads, games and accessories are becoming everyday products.

As cellular operators ramp up their MMS marketing campaigns, other industries are sitting up and listening. At the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association's annual Las Vegas bash in October, Jay Samit, VP of New Media at music distribution giant EMI declared "the music industry will save wireless…and wireless will save the music industry". Can cell phones which download music video clips with high quality sound effects, handset recording and storage, really pave the way for a completely new mass media?

Major equipment vendors are backing MMS, keen that these new services should drive demand for their high-speed data infrastructure. MMS, according to Annsi Vanjoki, executive vice president of Finland's Nokia is the "foremost media platform that we can see". No minor statement from a company that holds a 35% share of the global handset market.

Yet operators have adopted wildly different ways of promoting multimedia messaging. In the rush to get this new technology to market, many operators have missed the point entirely - they have dished up the same bland diet of hype and poor services that went round with the failure of WAP in 1999. Even NTT DoCoMo, which took the market by storm with i-mode in Japan, has totally failed to spread its i-mode brand abroad. Its marketing of 3G services has been even less impressive.

But others have got the message spot on. Vodafone's global marketing campaign has shifted into gear like never before. Operators from Italy to the U.S., have pushed carefully planned messages into the market, slowly getting users familiar with the new services and taking a softly, softly approach to cultivating user demand.

This Strategic Case Study looks at how MMS has changed operator marketing campaigns for the better. With case studies from Japan, Europe and the U.S., our report looks at how operators are building up a market for multimedia messaging

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1. Introduction

2. Where Is Multimedia Messaging Today?

3. Mms Is A Launch Pad To 3g Services
Mms Commercial Launches

4. Phones Are In The Market But Is It Too Expensive?
Mms Compatible Phones
Camera Phones (Phones Already Launched Or Announced. Some Phones Are Not Mms Compatible)

5. Building On A Mobile Data Explosion (Ntt Docomo And Vodafone J-Phone)
Japan Mobile Operators - Market Share
Mobile Internet Subscribers In Japan
Case Study Ntt Docomo - Showcasing New Services
Case Study Ntt Docomo Mixing New Brands And New Services
Case Study J-Phone - Using New Services To Build A Brand

6. Can I-Mode Go Global? (E-Plus, Germany And Bouygues Telecom, France)
Case Study - E-Plus Germany
Main E-Plus I-Mode Content Partners
Case Study Bouygues Telecom, France
France: Number Of Mobile Subscribers

7. Creating A Vibe - Vodafone Launches Vodafone Live!
Case Study - Vodafone Early Local Campaigns
Case Study - Launch Of Vodafone Live!

8. Using New Technology To Gain Market Share (Wind, Italy)
Italian Mobile Market - Number Of Subscribers
Case Study - Wind, Italy

9. Targeting Different Market Sectors (Movistar, Spain And Sprint Pcs, Usa)
Case Study - Telefonica Moviles (Movistar), Spain
Case Study - Sprint Pcs, Usa
Sprint Pcs Vision Phones And Retail Prices

10. Allowing Users To Experiment (O2, Uk And Orange, Uk)
Case Study - O2, Uk
Case Study - Orange, Uk

11. Too Early, Too Intense - T-Mobile Germany, Uk And Usa
Other Deutsche Telekom-Backed Networks

12. Forecasts

13. Glossary Of Related Terminology

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Below is a list of Operator TV Commercials. Details provided are:
- Operator
- Advert details
- Country

1 NTT DoCoMo
Animation In Cellphones
Animated figures are seen on celfone screens

2 NTT DoCoMo
Couple's Picture
People pose in the outdoors. A couple looks at a picture. They take a picture of themselves

3 NTT DoCoMo
Curious Fish
A lady uses a celfone beside a big aquarium

4 NTT DoCoMo
Dancing Cat
A cat imitates a dancer on the celfone. She sees a cat and falls in love with it.

5 J-Phone (Vodafone)
Giggling Lady
A lady giggles while holding a celfone. Her friend smiles.

6 J-Phone (Vodafone)
Leg Cast
A man holds a celfone before three other men. A man with a leg cast sees them on his celfone

7 E-Plus
Multi Media Mobile
Can e-mail up to 1000 characters and send photos. I mose offers this and other things.

8 E-Plus
German Launch
Shot of I-Mode mobile phone on orange background. Male voice explains advantages of I-Mode.

9 E-Plus
Sexy Car Wash
Animated monkey takes young guy to sexy car wash with girls in bikinis.

Bouygues Telecom
10 Bouygues Telecom
Close-ups of various clothes, focusing on pockets, almost in the style of fashion magazines.

11 Bouygues Telecom
Mickey Mouse
Imode mobile WAP service

12 Bouygues Telecom
Boyfriend Meets Best Friend
A young man proves to be a bit dimwitted during a conversation with his girlfriend and her best friend about mobile internet.

13 D2 Vodafone
E. T. Is Back
Scenes from the new E. T. recut film. E. T. game is available for down load from Vodafone.

14 D2 Vodafone
Kai Ebel
Kai Ebel plays with his phone's Formula 1 game downloaded from D2 Vodafone.

15 D2 Vodafone
James Bond Technology-Live
Scenes from new James Bond film and a mobile phone.

16 D2 Vodafone
Vodafone Guys Competing On The Pull
Three guys at different nightclubs

Vodafone Live
17 Vodafone
Vodafone Live - David Beckham
Different people using their mobile phone for different reasons

18 Vodafone
4 Guys Walking, Scanner, Meeting Office
A group of friends walk along the city, a pigeon messes the top of one of them so they send a picture message.

19 Wind
Travellers - Brothers' Pictures
Man & woman on a date. Woman shows man a picture of herlittle brother, on her mobile.

20 Wind
Always Summer
Father Christmas rings bell despite summer heat; woman serves turkey on beach, man takes picture of family & sends it to his wife.

Telefonica Moviles
21 Telefonica Moviles (Movistar)
Friends Playing Roulette With Mobile
Some friends are gathered around the table playing roulette with the phone.

22 Telefonica Moviles (Movistar)
Man Dressing Wife Up As Tourist
A woman posing for a photo dressed up is surprised to hear some strange noises, a man takes a picture with the phone.

Sprint PCS
23 Sprint PCS
PCS Vision - Footballs
Two men standing outside office. People appear quickly and leave quickly to deliver infromation footballs pour out of the officebuildings.

24 Sprint PCS
PCS Vision - Dentist
The patients in the waiting-room perform antics to the surprise of the dentist and the staff.

25 O2
Invent Your Own Language-4 Dumped
Invent Your Own Language-4 Dumped

26 O2
Invent Your Own Language-3
Invent Your Own Language-3

27 Orange
Free Photo Messaging.
Woman talks abouot making sure your images are ready for the photograph and you are not moving. Free photo messaging.

28 T-Mobile (T-D1)
Photo Messaging - Baby
Mysteriously, face of baby is seen on posters, newspapers, T-shirts & stadium's mega screen.

29 T-Mobile (T-D1)
Father Takes Picture Of Daughter's Football Game
Father takes picture of football playing and scoring daughter and sends it via mobile to mother who is still in a business meeting.

30 T-Mobile (T-D1)
Download games
Brief scenes from past football matches. Download games.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown