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Orthopedic Surgery - Customer Value Drivers: Understanding the Value Drivers that Determine Surgeons' Product Preferences

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  • Report
  • December 2006
  • Region: Global
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  • Aesculap
  • ArthroCare
  • ConMed Corp / Linvatec
  • DePuy Mitek
  • Ethicon
  • Smith & Nephew Endoscopy
  • MORE
Methodology and Purpose of this Research
102 American Medical Association (AMA) board certified orthopedic surgeons were randomly selected from a list of 16,100 surgeons to participate in a self-administered questionnaire (SAQ) featured on the internet. Upon completion of the SAQ, 10 of the participants were selected to participate in a follow-up depth interview conducted via the telephone.

The purpose of the study is to measure experience, satisfaction and loyalty with a variety of products.

The results feature a summary of surgeons’ product use and loyalty. Included is a multivariate derived metric estimating the relative value of brands in comparison to competitive products. In addition to the loyalty measure, the report also features a satisfaction measure for each of the featured products.

The results of the data analyses reveal significant market dynamics regarding cross-use of competitive brands and brand switching within some of the product categories.

A clear and strong relationship between product use, loyalty and satisfaction is identified. As might be expected, the products used most frequently have the highest satisfaction and loyalty ratings. The relative positioning of products, based on loyalty and satisfaction, identifies the leading companies within various product categories. In spite of the relationship between loyalty and market share there are a select group of companies that have a small number of very satisfied and loyal users. Qualitative commentary provides strategic direction for companies to increase loyalty among their customers.

The information has applicability to advertising, sales, communications, product launches, product development, and strategic planning, as well as other business functions.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Aesculap
  • ArthroCare
  • ConMed Corp / Linvatec
  • DePuy Mitek
  • Ethicon
  • Smith & Nephew Endoscopy
  • MORE
Introduction & Report Overview
Measurement Objectives
-Sample Design & Distribution
-Measurement & Data Collection Design
-How to read this report
Executive Summary & Key Findings
Detailed Findings

I. Orthopedic Surgeons Product Use
a. 3 most frequently used products / brands by orthopedic surgeons
b. Loyalty and satisfaction ratings for those products used by orthopedic surgeons
c. Derived value of products/brands used most frequently by orthopedic surgeons
d. 3 most important products / brands used by orthopedic surgeons
e. Most frequently used product by product type of procedure for orthopedic surgeons

i. Skin closure products (in minimally invasive procedures)
ii. Skin closure products (in open/invasive procedures)
iii. Fixation products
iv. Knee implant products
v. Hip implant products
vi. Post-op pain therapy products

II. Orthopedic Surgeons Product Experience

Orthopedic Surgeons experience with featured products
i. Power tools
1. Aesculap (OrthoPilot Navigation System)
2. Arthrex tools (OPES, Retrodrill, other)
3. ConMed Corp / Linvatec (Envision, IM3200, other)
4. Corin Group PLC (LARS, Wayfinder, other)
5. Smith & Nephew Endoscopy (EFLEX)
6. Smith & Nephew Orthopaedic (PowerPlus)
ii. Instruments
7. Arthrex instruments
8. ArthroCare instruments
9. DePuy Mitek instruments
10. DePuy Orthopaedic instruments
11. Smith & Nephew Endoscopy instruments
12. Zimmer instruments
iii. Anchors / Fixation
13. Arthrex (Bio-transfix, RetroScrew, other)
14. ArthroCare (Bilock)
15. ConMed / Linvatec (Bio Mini-revo, Ultrsorb, other)
16. DePuy Mitek (Milagro, Intrafix, other)
17. DePuy Orthopaedic (Polyax, TK2, other)
18. Smith & Nephew Endoscopy (Bioraptor, Twinfix, other)
19. Stryker Orthopaedic (Wichita)
iv. Skin Closure
20. Arthrex (Tissue tak, TigerWire, other)
21. DePuy Mitek (Orthocord)
22. Dermabond topical skin adhesive
23. Ethicon sutures
24. Indermil topical skin adhesive
25. Smith & Nephew Endoscopy (UltraBraid, DuraBraid)
26. Tyco / U.S. Surgical / Davis & Geck sutures
v. Knee Implants
27. Biomet (Oxford, AGC Total Knee, other)
28. J&J / DePuy
29. Smith & Nephew Orthopaedic (Oxinium, Journey, other)
30. Stryker Orthopaedic (Duracon, Scorpio, other)
31. Zimmer (NexGen, Natural Knee II, other)
vi. Hip Implants
32. Biomet (Balance Hip System, M2-a, other)
33. J&J / DePuy
34. Smith & Nephew Ortho (Birmingham, Conquest, other)
35. Stryker Ortho (Trident, X3, other)
36. Zimmer (Apollo, FracSure, other)
vii. Shoulder Implants
37. Biomet (Bi-angular Bi-Polar, other)
38. Smith & Nephew Orthopaedic (Cofeild, Neer 3)
39. Stryker Orthopaedic (Solar)
40. Wright Medical Group (Olympia)
41. Zimmer (Anatomical shoulder, other)

III. Orthopedic Surgeons Product Loyalty 39

a. Loyalty and satisfaction ratings 40
i. Continued Use Scale: 1= Very Unlikely to continue use…5= Very Likely to continue use
b. Loyalty and satisfaction positioning 44
i. Satisfaction Scale: 1= Very Dissatisfied…5= Very Satisfied

Suggested Analysis
About the Author

Table of Figures

Figure A-1 Geographical Spread of Respondents
Table 1-1 Most Frequently Used Products
Figure 1-1 Percentage Indicating Products Used Most Frequently
Table 1-2 Most Frequently Used Products/Brands by Manufacturer (unaided)
Table 1-3 Loyalty and Satisfaction Ratings
Figure 1-2 Loyalty and Satisfaction Ratings
Table 1-4 Most Important Products Derived Value
Figure 1-3 Derived Standardized Scores for Products Used Most Frequently
Table 1-5 Three Most Important Products
Figure 1-4 Percentage Indicating Most Important Products
Table 1-6 Three Most Important Products – Derived Values
Figure 1-5 Relative Importance Derived Standardized Scores
Table 1-7 Most Frequently Used Skin Closure Products – Minimally Invasive Procedures
Table 1-8 Most Frequently Used Skin Closure Products – Open Procedures
Table 1-9 Most Frequently Used Fixation Products
Table 1-10 Most Frequently Used Knee Replacement Products
Table 1-11 Most Frequently Used Hip Replacement Products
Table 1-12 Most Frequently Used Post-Op Pain Therapies
Table 2-1 Product Experience
Table 2-2 Product Experience (continued)
Table 3-1 Product Loyalty and Satisfaction Ratings
Table 3-2 Product Loyalty and Satisfaction Ratings (continued)
Table 3-3 Product Loyalty and Satisfaction Ratings (continued)
Figure 3-1 Satisfaction & Loyalty with Manufacturer’s Instruments
Figure 3-2 Satisfaction and Loyalty with Manufacturer’s Fixation Products
Figure 3-3 Satisfaction and Loyalty with Manufacturer’s Closure Products
Figure 3-4 Satisfaction and Loyalty with Knee Implant Products
Figure 3-5 Satisfaction and Loyalty with Hip Implant Products
Figure 3-6 Satisfaction and Loyalty with Shoulder Implant Products
Figure 3-7 Satisfaction and Loyalty with Leading Manufacturer Product Categories
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Aesculap
  • ArthroCare
  • ConMed Corp / Linvatec
  • DePuy Mitek
  • Ethicon
  • Smith & Nephew Endoscopy
  • MORE
There is no single manufacturer or product brand dominating the orthopedic surgery market. The market includes a number of manufacturers with products used by a significant number of surgeons. Perhaps the single exception to this is Ethicon sutures which is clearly dominant in the skin closure category. Other product categories such as hip and knee replacement inserts or anchors/fixation feature two or more manufacturers with a significant number of users.

The manufacturers’ products mentioned most frequently include: Zimmer, Biomet, Stryker, DePuy, Arthrex and Smith & Nephew. The following companies have products that are currently used by over 50% of orthopedic surgeons: Arthrex, ArthroCare, DePuy Mitek and Ethicon. Cross-use, or the use of competitive products by the same surgeon, varies by product category. In some product categories, such as anchors and fixation, more than half of the surgeons typically use multiple brands. In other categories, such as knee replacements, use of multiple brands is the exception.

The switching dynamics of the market also varies by product category. For some categories such as tools and anchors, switching is relatively rare; however, for hip and knee replacement there is a great deal of switching. J&J / DePuy have been especially dynamic, as approximately 25% of surgeons have discontinued use of their implants and switched to another brand.

Switching is motivated by a number of factors, but certainly, product performance and sales reps are very influential.

“Newer, better products come out that are easier and/or more efficacious. The reps are important too; I need good customer support.”

“Dissatisfaction with functionality with the product or dissatisfaction with the sales rep not being on time, not bringing the right product, not coming in on time. Especially with joint implants, they have got to get them to me immediately and be available.”

The greatest deterrent to switching is product improvement.

“Improving the product or coming up with or doing the same thing with better results, less recovery time, easier to do, less surgery time, etc.”

Motivation for trying new products comes from a number of sources, including new product technology, sales reps and colleagues.

“I’m motivated by new, easier, better quality products. I also consider products when colleagues recommend products and when reps come in to show me, as well as journals, conventions... all that.”

“Reps certainly have an influence. The product must be efficient and result in a cost savings. These days we have to do more volume to make up for insurance reimbursement.”
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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-ConMed Corp / Linvatec
-Corin Group
-Smith & Nephew Endoscopy
-Smith & Nephew Orthopaedic
-DePuy Mitek
-DePuy Orthopaedic
-Stryker Orthopaedic
-Tyco / U.S. Surgical / Davis & Geck
-J&J / DePuy
-Wright Medical Group (Olympia)
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown