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The Fast Consumer: Living for the Moment - How Speed Living Impacts on Consumer Markets Product Image

The Fast Consumer: Living for the Moment - How Speed Living Impacts on Consumer Markets

  • Published: July 2007
  • 70 Pages
  • Euromonitor International


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The world is becoming increasingly “fast” as employers operate in a more competitive environment, more women participate in the workforce, people work longer hours and travel longer distances to work, and technology allows for instant messaging and entertainment.

A decline in the size of the average household, including an increase in the numbers of people living alone and of DINKS (double income no kids), has meant that the burden of household care has increased for many individuals.

The range of leisure opportunities has also increased dramatically, with rising disposable incomes and technological developments. This leaves less time for eating and chores.

Eating habits are changing fast, as families become more atomised and people no longer have time to prepare meals from scratch. Breakfast is often skipped altogether, lunches taken at desks and dinners in front of the TV or “on the go” between commitments.

Executive Summary
Summary 1 Fast Living Trends
Consumer Market Trends
Chart 1 Global Sales of Selected Time-Saving Appliances 2001/2006
Chart 2 Global Sales of Selected Convenience Products 2001/2006
Chart 3 Global Sales of Selected Fast Consumer Foodservice 2001/2006
Retail Developments
Chart 4 Sales Through Convenience Retail Channels 2001/2006
Summary 2 Opportunities and Challenges

Introduction: A Fast World
The Drive for Convenience

Labour Patterns
Table 1 Employed Female Population as a % Total Employed Population Country 2001-2006
Chart 5 Working Hours by Country
Changing Household Structures
Table 2 Average Age of First Time Mothers 2001-2006
Changing Eating Habits
Food Packaging Developments
Summary 3 Food Convenience Packaging Developments 2005-2006
Convenience Versus Health
The Role of Technology
Chart 6 Growth in On-line Population iIn Top 15 On-line Countries January 2006 – January 2007
Chart 7 Top 15 Countries by Internet Users 2007
Table 3 Number of Mobile Phone Users by Country 2001-2006
Fast Tourism
Table 4 Length of Trips in Selected Markets by Country 2005
Domestic Help
Table 5 Leading Markets for Expenditure on Domestic Services 2001-2006
The Environmental Cost of Convenience

Impact on Consumer Markets
Household Goods and Appliances
Table 6 Global Sales of Time-Saving Domestic Appliances 2001-2006
Table 7 Global Sales of Wipes 2001-2006
Table 8 Global Sales of Time-Saving Food 2001-2006
Consumer Foodservice
Table 9 Global Sales of Time-Saving Consumer Foodservice 2001-2006

Impact on Retail Environment
Table 10 Convenience Shopping Channels 2001-2006
One-stop Shops
Convenience Stores
Non-store Retailing

Market Snapshots
Table 11 China: Sales of Convenience-Related Products 2001/2006
Table 12 France: Sales of Convenience-Related Products 2001/2006
Table 13 Germany: Sales of Convenience-Related Products 2001/2006
Table 14 Italy: Sales of Convenience-Related Products 2001/2006
Table 15 Japan: Sales of Convenience-Related Products 2001/2006
Table 16 Time Spent on Main Activities by Gender 2005
Table 17 UK: Sales of Convenience-Related Products 2001/2006
Table 18 American Consumer Time use 2005
Table 19 USA: Sales of Convenience-Related Products 2001/2006

Future Outlook
Trends To Watch
Table 20 Forecast Global Sales of Convenience Products 2006-2011

- Dyson
- LG
- Kellogg's
- Otsuka Pharmaceuticals
- Ready Pac
- McDonald's
- Campbell's
- Nestle
- New Covent Garden Food Co.
- Elgidio Galbani
- Emerald
- Gerber Products
- McVitie
- Heinz
- Nagatanien Co. Ltd.
- Smithfield Food
- Pennant Foods
- QP Corp
- Coberco
- Häagen-Dazs
- Coca-cola
- Walgreens
- Take Care Health Systems
- Google
- Hindustan Lever Limited
- SK Communications
- General Electric (GE)
- Bosch
- Kraft Foods
- Walkers
- Kettle Crisps
- Frito-Lay
- Birds-Eye

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