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Continental Goldfields Ltd 2007 Annual Report - Product Image

Continental Goldfields Ltd 2007 Annual Report

  • ID: 559961
  • June 2007
  • Global Reports, LLC
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An Annual Report provides a detailed look at the financial results for the prior twelve months of operations. Reporting requirements vary by country, but almost every Annual Report will include:
- Chairmans Statement
- Income Statement
- Cash Flow Statement
- Balance Sheet
- Notes to the Accounts
- Auditors Report.

Annual Reports may also include a marketing/product segmentation section, organizational charts and graphs.

Filing dates vary by country, as does the date by which the report must be filed by. For example, many U.S. and European companies have a year-end filing date of December 31, and their Annual Reports tend to be filed between April 1 and June 30. Japanese companies tend to file their report during the month of July, and Australian companies file starting September 15th.

We have history as far back as 1996 for the publicly traded companies in the database.

Financial filings from the Global Reports Library offer some significant benefits to researchers:

- Timeliness: Using web crawler technology, proprietary tracking systems and an experienced document acquisition team, we are able to update 90% of the documents in READ MORE >

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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