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Jingtian Industrial Company, Daqing Oilfield Product Image

Jingtian Industrial Company, Daqing Oilfield

  • ID: 566310
  • March 2007
  • 5 pages
  • Reports from China

This report is a company overview containing contact and financial summary data. This company is one of the 175 key enterprises in China oil and natural gas extracting industry.

China’s energy needs are growing with incredible speed, and the Chinese government knows it. By 2030 natural gas will surpass oil to become the worlds number one energy resource, especially in the power generation industry. According to government forecasts, China will need to invest over 220 billion RMB in natural gas infrastructure, pipelines, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities between 2002 and 2020. Opportunities will be created in the reconstruction and expansion of old power plants as well as in refitting existing power generation equipment. In coal bed gas exploration, foreign investment and advanced technologies will be key. Natural gas in China offers attractive prospects for investment. In the near future, it will become one of the most vibrant areas of cooperation between China and foreign countries.

The demand for natural gas, as a clean and efficient fuel, is expected to reach 200 billion cubic meters by 2020. With demand growth outpacing supply, China will have a supply READ MORE >

1. Administrative and contact details

Corporate entity code
Corporate entity name
Legal agent (person in charge)
Administrative regional code
Province (autonomous zone, direct-jurisdiction municipality)
Region (district, city, state, league)
County (region, city, inner Mongolia county)
Rural (town)
Street (village), address
Street office
Community (residential committee), village community
Area code
Telephone number
Fax number
Postal code
Email address
Web site
Main business activity (or main product) 1
Main business activity (or main product) 2
Main business activity (or main product) 3
Industrial and commercial registration code
Date—operation started (established) year
Date—operation started (established) month
Total number of employees working at year end
Number of female employees working at year end

2. Financial
Total business revenue for entire year
Of which: Main business revenue
Total assets
Total value of business production (at current year prices)
Of which: new products price
Total sales (at current year prices)
Of which: Value of goods exported
Yearly average number of total employees
Added business value
Total liquid assets
Of which: Short-term investments
Accounts receivable
Of which: Finished goods
Total remaining liquid assets for the year
Long-term investments
Total fixed assets
Original price of fixed assets
Includes: Products used in manufacturing operations
Accumulated depreciation
Includes: Depreciation this year
Remaining value of fixed assets at the end of the year
Intangible assets
Total business assets
Total liquid liabilities
Includes: Accounts payable
Total long-term liabilities
Total liabilities
Total rights and interests
Includes: Net receipts
State capital
Collective capital
Corporate capital
Individual capital
Hong Kong Macao Taiwan capital
Foreign enterprise capital
Main business revenue
Main business costs
Main business taxes and attachments
Other business revenue
Other business profits
Operating expenses
Management expenses
Of which: Taxes
Property insurance premium
Office expenses
Professional education expenses
Financial expenses
Of which: Interest payments
Business profits
Investment revenue
Subsidy revenue
Non-business revenue
Total profits
Total losses
Total profits and taxes
Income taxes due
Advertising expenses
Research and development expenses
Labor, unemployment insurance premiums
Pension insurance and medical insurance premiums
Housing provisions and housing subsidies
Total wages payable this year (amount of credit accumulation)
Of which: Total wages payable for main business
Total benefits payable this year (amount of credit accumulation)
Of which: Total benefits payable for main business
Added value taxes due this year
Income taxes this year
Sales taxes this year
Total intermediate business investment
Of which: Direct materials
Intermediate investment in manufacturing expenses
Intermediate investment in management expenses
Intermediate investment in operating expenses
Cash inflow produced by business activities
Cash outflow produced by business activities
Cash inflow produced by capital investment activities
Cash outflow produced by capital investment activities
Cash inflow produced by fund raising
Cash outflow produced by fund raising

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