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MVNO Niche or Boom: Data, Telemetry, and M2M MVNOs

  • ID: 590278
  • February 2008
  • 53 Pages
  • Mind Commerce LLC

The mobile industry has recently witnessed many high profile MVNO failures. It is almost universally agreed that successful MVNO's will have some combination of scale, branding, and or a particular important niche. DATA MVNOs, some times referred to as Machine-to-Machine or "M2M" MVNO's facilitate communications between various machines with the help of a wireless network. Applications supported by M2M MVNO's are many and varied including telemetry, monitoring, remote asset management, and more. In a world of expanded M2M communications, we believe that Data MVNO's will evolve from a successful niche business into a booming opportunity for vendors and service providers alike.

This publication evaluates the role, function, operation, ecosystem and Data MVNO service providers. The research also explores various M2M solutions and business strategies.

Target Audience

-Mobile operators
-Existing and potential MVNO's
-Core network and specialty infrastructure providers
-Investment community

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Section - I
Section - II
Virtual Work and MVNO
Conceptualization of MVNO
Realism of the Virtual Operation
Section - II
Relationship between MVNO & MMO
Difference between MVNO and MMO
Operations and Applications of Data MVNOs
The Solutions MMOs and MVNOs should offer
Web-based Services
Customer Interaction
Customer Care
Order Management
Campaign Management
Carrier Connectivity
Wireless M2M Services
Business Support System (BSS)
Section - IV
Solutions in the M2M Business Model
Asset Tracking
Areas of application
Benefits of this application
Automatic Metering
Areas of application
Benefits of this application
In-House Consultations
Areas of application
Benefits of this application
Ordinary Telecom Services
Areas of application
Benefits of this application
Security Applications
Areas of application
Benefits of this application
Projections of Service Success Factors
Assessment of Important Solutions
KORE Telemetric
Section - V
Other Players in the Data MVNO World
Software Platform Providers
Application Developers
Mobile Operators
Network Equipment Providers
Application Service Providers
Companies Offering Data MVNO Services to its Clients
Axeda systems inc
Section - VI
Data MVNO Solutions: M2M Solutions
Basics of M2M Operations
Remote Machine installed with a Wireless Communicating Device
Wireless Gateway/link
Back-end Central Server
Wireless Device
Characteristics of M2M Systems
Gathering of Data
Sending of Data
Measurement of Data
Review of Information
Wireless Networks in the M2M Domain
Advantages of Wireless Networks
Disadvantages of Wireless Networks
Solutions for the Disadvantages in the Wireless Networks
Types of Wireless Networks
Wireless LAN
Fixed Wireless Data
Wireless MAN
Servers and Software used in the Wireless M2M Domain
Nprobe series
XGate series
Accessories in the Data MVNO Domain
Section - VII
MVNO Strategy Guideline
Effect on the Market
Section - VIII
The Concept of Sharing Resources
Data MVNO Business Strategy
Low Price
Narrow Focus
Service Differentiation
Service Reselling
International Clustering
Business Regulations for MVNO
Probable MVNOs of the Future
Section - IX
Data MVNO Solutions in Business Sectors
Insurance sectors
Transport sector
Health sector
Banking sector
Facility Management
Oil and Gas
Utility sector
Return of Investment
Revenue and Market Estimation of Data MVNO
Revenue Estimates
Steps in Implementing a Data MVNO
Section - X

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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