Hungary Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q1 2008

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  • February 2008
  • Region: Hungary
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The Hungary Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report provides independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on Hungarys pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry.

Hungary’s parliament has passed the controversial health reform bill in December 2007, which will allow private business into the health insurance market for the first time. Protests from tens of thousands of workers, teachers and health employees ultimately went unheeded, as the parliament voted 204-168 in favour of the bill.

The laws will see 22 new health funds set up nationwide. Private investors will be allowed to purchase up to 49% of the shares in these entities. The minimum prices of shares in the new funds will be HUF12,000 (US$67.92) , with a total of HUF120bn (US$679.18mn) being raised for the state. In order to prevent monopolies forming the funds will be capped at a maximum of 1.5mn members, while profits will be restricted. In order to ensure equitable access, the funds will also be prohibited from members. The reforms have been so controversial that there were fears that the ruling coalition of the Socialists and the Alliance of Free Democrats would split. These seem to have been allayed READ MORE >

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Executive Summary 5
Hungary Pharmaceuticals And Healthcare Industry SWOT 6
Hungary Political SWOT 7
Hungary Economic SWOT 7
Hungary Business Environment SWOT 8
Pharmaceutical Business Environment Ratings 9
Pharmaceutical Ratings - Revised Methodology9
Ratings Overview 9
Table: Pharmaceutical Business Environment Indicators 10
Weighting 11
Table: Weighting Of Components 11
Hungary - Business Environment Rating 12
Table: Central And Eastern Europe Pharmaceutical Business Environment Ratings 12
Limits To Potential Returns 13
Central And Eastern Europe Regional Summary 13
Market Overview15
Table: Leading Pharmaceutical Companies By Ownership 16
Regulatory Regime17
Healthcare Reforms 17
Pricing And Reimbursement Reforms 19
Retail Pharmacy Sector Reforms 21
Hospital Sector Reforms 21
Intellectual Property Regime 23
Pricing And Reimbursement Issues24
Table: Price Reductions In Hungary, 2007 25
Biotechnology Sector 27
Table: Hungarian Biotechnology At A Glance, FY05 27
Contract Research Organisation Sector 28
Industry Forecast Scenario 29
Overall Market Forecast 29
Table: Drug Market Indicator Forecasts, 2006-2012 30
Key Growth Factors - Industry 31
Table: Health Expenditure Indicator Forecasts, 2006-2012 32
Key Growth Factors - Macroeconomic 33
Table: Hungary - Economic Activity 35
OTC Market Forecast 36
Table: OTC Market Indicator Forecasts, 2006-2012 (US$mn unless otherwise stated) 37
Prescription Market Forecast 38
Table: Prescription Drug Market Forecasts, 2006-2012 (US$mn unless otherwise stated) 39
Generics And Branded Markets Forecast 40
Table: Generics And Branded Market Indicator Forecasts, 2006-2012 41
Export/Import Forecasts 42
Table: Import/Export Market Forecasts, 2006-2012 (US$mn) 43
Key Risks To our Forecast Scenario 44
Competitive Landscape45
Company Monitor52
Gedeon Richter 52
Egis Pharmaceuticals (Servier) 56
Eli Lilly 58
Krka 60
BMI Forecast Modelling62
How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts 62
Pharmaceutical Industry 63
Sources 63

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- Egis Pharmaceuticals (Servier)
- Eli Lilly
- Gedeon Richter
- Krka

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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