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Shopper Cards from a Consumer Perspective

  • ID: 594399
  • Report
  • October 2006
  • 65 Pages
  • Hartman Group, The
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Shopper Cards from a Consumer Perspective documents how well consumer attitudes and behaviors align with industry intent and practice. With approximately 30 figures and tables, this report looks beyond transaction size and shopping frequency patterns to begin to unravel the mystery surrounding who holds the key to loyalty: the consumer or the retailer?

This latest Pulse Report examines whether or not consumers buy into the notion that participation in a shopper card program elicits steadfast fidelity to stores offering such programs. In a marketplace saturated with a wide array of shopper card programs, this report presents timely consumer insights on shopper card usage. While retailers say they are rewarding their best customers, consumers hold a vastly different viewpoint. At the same time, however, opportunities do exist for card programs to help differentiate stores in unique and relevant ways.
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Shopper Cards: Reward or Ransom?
A Feudal Notion of Loyalty

Chapter I Key Findings

Chapter II How Shopper Cards are Used
Consumer Use of Grocery Shopper Cards

Chapter III The Concept of Grocery Shopper Loyalty
Loyalty in Today’s Retail Environment Is a Feudal Notion
Shopper Cards and Attitudes Toward Primary Supermarket

Chapter IV Perceptions of Shopper Card Benefits
Shopper Perceptions of Store Cards
Who Really Benefits?
Shopper Perceptions of Instant Coupons

Chapter V Privacy Concerns and Shopper Cards
Perceptions of Privacy and Shopper Cards
Consumer Perceptions of How Supermarket Card Data Are Used
Shopper Perceptions of RFID

Chapter VI Conclusion

Appendix I Methodology
Quantitative Methodology
Demographics of Survey Sample
Qualitative Methodology

List of Figures
Figure 1 How Many Supermarket Shopper Cards Do You Currently Own?
Figure 2 How Many of Your Supermarket Shopper Cards Do You Use Regularly (at Least Once a Month)?
Figure 3 Supermarket Shopper Card Use
Figure 4 Shopper Card Offered at Primary Supermarket: Use It?
Figure 5 Shopper Card Not Offered at Primary Supermarket: Own Others?
Figure 6 Perceptions of Shopper Cards as an Influence to Loyalty
Figure 7 Attitude Toward Primary Supermarket as Friend, Partner, Business or Opponent
(by Whether Store Offers a Shopper Card)
Figure 8 Perceptions of Shopper Cards: Use, Savings and Membership
Figure 9 Perceptions of Shopper Card Benefits: the Shopper Vs the Store and Pricing
Figure 10 Perceptions of Shopper Card Benefits: Exclusivity, Convenience, New Benefits
Figure 11 What is Your Overall Opinion of Instant Coupons?
Figure 12 How Often Do You Use (Redeem) Instant Coupons?
Figure 13 How Do You Think the Content of Instant Coupons is Determined?
Figure 14 Suppose the Content of Instant Coupons Was Tailored to You Based on
Information About Your Long-Term Purchase History…How Would That Make You
Figure 15 “When I Check Out at a Supermarket Using a Shopper Card, I Think About the
Fact That I Might Be Providing Them with Information About My Purchases”
Figure 16 “I Think About Discontinuing My Use of One or More of My Supermarket
Shopper Cards Because of Privacy Concerns”
Figure 17 “I Provide Accurate Information About Myself (Name, Address, Phone Number) When I Register for Supermarket Shopper Cards”
Figure 18 Shopper Concerns About Privacy Vs Benefits of Card Use
Figure 19 Perceptions of How Supermarkets Use Card Data
Figure 20 Perceptions of How Supermarkets Combine or Share Data with Outside Vendors
Figure 21 Likelihood That Shoppers Would Try to Obtain Personal Card Information From Their Grocer if It Were Available
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown