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Indian Vaccines Report Product Image

Indian Vaccines Report

  • Published: March 2008
  • Region: India
  • 143 Pages
  • Cygnus Research


  • Aventis Pharma Limited
  • Eli Lilly India
  • Indian Immunological Ltd
  • Intervet India
  • Panacea Biotech Ltd
  • Shantha Biotechnics
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"Vaccine manufacturers from all over the world have been involved in a stalemate with governments regarding supply and demand. While governments are reluctant to ensure steady demand for vaccines unless the manufacturers can prove their ability to increase their supply, the latter are apprehensive about increasing production without a guarantee of sustained demand from the governments. Meanwhile, developing nations are increasingly demanding vaccines that are no longer included in the immunization schedules of developed countries. These vaccines will have to be provided at very low costs, which will not be feasible unless the demand can compensate for the low margins. Global vaccines market is estimated at USD10 billion in 2007; human vaccine valued at USD8.3 billion contributes major share ie 83% of the total market and rest 17% is occupied by animal vaccine valued at USD1.7 billion.

The US is the leading market, accounting for more than 50% of the global vaccine market. Influenza vaccine is the fastest growing in the adult vaccine segment followed by Hepatitis vaccines.The vaccines market in India in 2006-07 was INR30.53 billion registering a 30.41% growth over the previous READ MORE >



1. Introduction.

2. Market overview
2.1 Global market overview
2.1.1 Introduction
2.1.2 Market scenario segmentation Market trends Major players
2.1.3 Major markets USA Europe
2.1.4 Outlook
2.2 Indian market overview
2.2.1 Introduction
2.2.2 Current Market scenario. Market size Market segment Market trends
2.2.3 Outlook

3 Growth drivers
3.1 Increasing Population in Developing Countries
3.3 Diseases prevention
3.4 Blockbuster Potential of New Vaccines
3.5 Disease Awareness
3.6 India - Future Hub for Paediatric Vaccine Manufacturing

4 Issues and challenges
4.1 Vaccine Funding
4.2 Lack of infrastructure for Trials & Manufactures
4.3 Dependence on government by domestic companies
4.4 Timely Regulatory Clearance
4.5 Vaccine Supply

5 Critical success factors
5.1 Pricing.
5.2 Funding from Government & NGOs
5.3 Distribution network
5.4 Government immunisation programme
5.5 Storage Infrastructure

6.1. Serum Institute of India Ltd
6.2 Panacea Biotech Ltd.
6.3 Venkateshwara Hatcheries Private Ltd
6.4 Indian Immunological Ltd
6.5 GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
6.6 Aventis Pharma Limited
6.7 Shantha Biotechnics
6.8. Eli Lilly India
6.9. Haffkine Bio Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd (HBCL)
6.10. Intervet India

7. Regulatory Environment.
7.1 U.S.A
7.2 Europe
7.3 India

8. Future outlook.

List of Tables
Table 2.1: Global vaccine companies revenue
Table 2.2: Key alliances of Sanofi-Aventis
Table 2.3: R&D pipeline of Sanofi-Aventis
Table 2.4: Segmental revenue in Biopharma sector
Table 2.5: Products segment in the vaccine market
Table 2.6: Top ten vaccine players in India
Table 2.7: Major vaccines
Table 2.8: Vaccines launched in India
Table 3.1: Combination of vaccines
Table 3.2: New combination of vaccines
Table 6.1: Top ten players in India biopharma sector
Table 7.1: Some bio piracy patents based on indigenous knowledge of India

List of Figures
Figure 2.1: Geographical segments of vaccine markets
Figure 2.2: Global vaccine market
Figure 2.3 Sanofi-aventis vaccine segment
Figure 2.4: Glaxo Smith Kline vaccine segment
Figure 2.5: Novartis vaccine segment region wise
Figure 2.6: Merck vaccine segment
Figure 2.7: Segment wise biopharma sales contribution
Figure 2.8: Segment wise biopharma sales contribution
Figure 2.9: Indian vaccine market
Figure 2.10: Segment wise contribution in the animal vaccine market
Figure 2.11: Major players in Indian poultry vaccine market
Figure 8.1: Indian biopharmaceutical market forecast
Figure 8.2 Indian vaccine market forecast

Global vaccines market, comprising human vaccine and animal vaccine, is valued at USD17 billion (2007), growing at a CAGR of 10.1%. The major share is held by human vaccine, which is valued at USD14.1 billion. The animal or veterinary vaccine segment is valued at USD2.9 billion. The US is the leading market, accounting for more than 50% of the global vaccines market. Influenza vaccine is the fastest growing in the adult vaccine segment, followed by Hepatitis vaccines.

In 2006-07, the vaccines market in India was INR30.53 billion, registering a 30.41% growth over the previous year. India’s huge population makes it one of the world’s largest markets for vaccines of all types. There is a growing demand for new generation and ‘combination’ vaccines, such as DPT with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A and Injectable polio vaccine, besides several veterinary and poultry vaccines. Combination vaccines are driving the growth of vaccine market in India.

Vaccine Industry Insight gains significance in the light of the growing demand for vaccines in India. The eight chapters in the report cover the global vaccines market, the different segments and their demand growth, key growth drivers, issues and challenges, critical success factors, brief profile of major players in the industry and their financials, regulations and future outlook. The report is useful to pharma companies, looking for a broad overview of growing vaccines market and its dynamics; banks/financial institutes, extending credit to such industries; global industry analysts and investors, tracking Indian vaccines market; and students tracking the pharma industry.

- Serum Institute of India Ltd
- Panacea Biotech Ltd
- Venkateshwara Hatcheries Private Ltd
- Indian Immunological Ltd
- GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
- Aventis Pharma Limited
- Shantha Biotechnics
- Eli Lilly India
- Haffkine BioPharmaceutical Corporation Ltd (HBCL)
- Intervet India

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