Obstetrics and Gynecology: The Opportunity Index - Capitalizing on Market Gaps

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  • April 2008
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  • Aesculap
  • Berlex Laboratories, Inc
  • Cytyc Corporation
  • King Pharmaceuticals
  • Olympus
  • Richard Wolf
  • MORE

100 AMA-member (American Medical Association) Ob/Gyn respondents were randomly selected from a list of over 24,000 Ob/Gyns to participate in a self-administered questionnaire (SAQ) featured on the internet.

The purpose of the study is to develop an overview of the perceived positioning of 21 featured medical device and 16 pharmaceutical companies, as well as the considerations associated with determining a company’s position.

The results feature a summary of Ob/Gyn surgeons’ perceptions on the importance of specific considerations in evaluating manufacturers. Each featured company is positioned based on their performance on the considerations. The analysis includes a multivariate metric to compare the relative positioning of competing manufacturers. Also included is a positioning of competitive manufacturers based on the perceived strength of association with listed qualities.

The results of the data analysis indicate there are several of leading companies currently servicing Ob/Gyns. Among the device companies, Ethicon’s performance is perceived to be highest on all considerations. Berlex Laboratories is perceived to perform highest on 7 of 10 considerations, relative to the featured pharmaceutical companies.

The information has applicability to advertising, sales, communications, product launches, forecasting, and strategic planning, as well as other business functions.

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  • Aesculap
  • Berlex Laboratories, Inc
  • Cytyc Corporation
  • King Pharmaceuticals
  • Olympus
  • Richard Wolf
  • MORE

Introduction & Report Overview

Measurement Objectives
- Sample design and distribution/Measurement and Date Collection Design
- How to read this report

Executive Summary & Key Findings

Detailed Findings

I. Importance

a. Important considerations influencing product preferences
b. Ratings of importance considerations

II. Awareness & Associations

a. Awareness and experience with featured medical device manufacturers
b. Awareness and experience with featured pharmaceutical companies
c. Top of mind products for featured manufacturers
d. Top of mind manufacturer for featured considerations

III. Performance

a. “Best” overall company
b. “Worst” overall company
c. Medical Device Manufacturer - Performance ratings
d. Medical Device Standardized by Column/Consideration
e. Medical Device Standardized by Row/Manufacturer
f. Medical Device Companies Importance/Performance Gap
g. Medical Device Positioning on Importance/Performance Rating
h. Pharmaceutical Companies-Performance ratings
i. Pharmaceutical Standardized by Column/Consideration
j. Pharmaceutical Standardized by Row/Manufacturer
k. Pharmaceutical Companies Importance/Performance Gap
l. Pharmaceutical Companies’ Positioning on Importance/Performance Rating

Suggested Additional Analysis

About the Author

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Medical Device Companies:

- Aesculap
- American Medical Systems
- AtriCure
- Bard
- Boston Scientific
- Cardinal Health - V. Mueller
- Cook Women's Health
- Cooper Surgical
- Cytyc Corporation
- Davol
- Ethicon
- Gyrus ACMI Corporation
- MedGyn
- Microsulis
- Olympus
- Ortho Women's Health and Urology
- Richard Wolf
- Schoelly Fiberoptic
- Sklar Instruments
- Smith and Nephew Endo
- Stryker Endoscopy

Pharmaceutical Companies:

- Alza Pharmaceuticals
- Barr Pharmaceuticals / DuraMed
- Berlex Laboratories, Inc
- Conceptus
- Elan Pharmaceuticals
- King Pharmaceuticals
- Novo Nordisk
- Organon
- Ortho McNeil
- Pfizer
- Searle Pharmaceuticals
- Solvay Pharmaceuticals
- Warner Chilcott Laboratories
- Watson Pharmaceuticals
- Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
- Yama, Inc

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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