2008 Worldwide Womens Wear Product Lines

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The 2008 Worldwide Womens Wear Product Lines report features 2008 current and 2009 forecast estimates on the sales of womens wear product lines for the 15 retail industries. The report also includes industry definition, 5-year historical trends on product lines sales. Product lines include dresses, coats, outerwear, furs, suits, blazers, slacks, jeans, shirts, blouses, sports apparel, hosiery, socks, bras, panties, lingerie, sleepwear, hats, wigs, accessories, bags, sweat tops, sweatpants, and uniforms.

The Product Lines report features:

- 2008 product line sales totals for each retail industry
- 2008 product line sales by 50 U.S. States for each retail industry
- Product line sales by 7 company size categories (by employee size of company)
- Industry definitions and descriptions

The 2008 Worldwide Product Lines report is an essential reference tool for industry researchers, market analysts, CEOs and leading industry executives.

Managers, planners, and market researchers use this information for a variety of activities:

- Sizing markets and segments – You can estimate the size of the regional markets you sell in and your company’s READ MORE >

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Product lines and distribution channels examined:

Women's Wear - Men's clothing stores
Women's Wear - Women's clothing stores
Women's Wear - Family clothing stores
Women's Wear - Department stores
Women's Wear - Warehouse clubs & supercenters
Women's Wear - Electronic shopping & mail-order
Women's Wear - Book stores

Fur Garments - Women's clothing stores

Dresses - Women's clothing stores
Dresses - Family clothing stores
Dresses - Department stores
Dresses - Warehouse clubs & supercenters

Coats/Outerwear - Women's clothing stores
Coats/Outerwear - Family clothing stores
Coats/Outerwear - Department stores
Coats/Outerwear - Warehouse clubs & supercenters

Suits/Blazers - Women's clothing stores
Suits/Blazers - Family clothing stores
Suits/Blazers - Department stores
Suits/Blazers - Warehouse clubs & supercenters

Slacks/Jeans - Men's clothing stores
Slacks/Jeans - Women's clothing stores
Slacks/Jeans - Family clothing stores
Slacks/Jeans - Department stores
Slacks/Jeans - Warehouse clubs & supercenters

Shirts/Sweaters - Men's clothing stores
Shirts/Sweaters - Women's clothing stores
Shirts/Sweaters - Family clothing stores
Shirts/Sweaters - Department stores
Shirts/Sweaters - Warehouse clubs & supercenters

Sports Apparel - Women's clothing stores
Sports Apparel - Family clothing stores
Sports Apparel - Department stores
Sports Apparel - Warehouse clubs & supercenters

Hosiery/Socks - Women's clothing stores
Hosiery/Socks - Family clothing stores
Hosiery/Socks - Department stores
Hosiery/Socks - Warehouse clubs & supercenters

Bras/Panties - Women's clothing stores
Bras/Panties - Family clothing stores
Bras/Panties - Department stores
Bras/Panties - Warehouse clubs & supercenters

Lingerie/Sleepwear - Women's clothing stores
Lingerie/Sleepwear - Family clothing stores
Lingerie/Sleepwear - Department stores
Lingerie/Sleepwear - Warehouse clubs & supercenters

Hats/Wigs - Women's clothing stores
Hats/Wigs - Family clothing stores

Accessories/Bags - Women's clothing stores
Accessories/Bags - Family clothing stores
Accessories/Bags - Department stores
Accessories/Bags - Warehouse clubs & supercenters

Sweat Tops/Pants - Women's clothing stores
Sweat Tops/Pants - Family clothing stores

Uniforms/Misc. - Women's clothing stores
Uniforms/Misc. - Family clothing stores
Uniforms/Misc. - Department stores

Definitions, Methodology and Terms

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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