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21st Century Mobile Marketing - Insights into the World's Most Advanced Mobile Society: Japan Product Image

21st Century Mobile Marketing - Insights into the World's Most Advanced Mobile Society: Japan

  • Published: April 2008
  • Region: Global, Japan
  • 188 Pages
  • Infinita Inc


  • Google
  • Marlboro
  • McDonald’s
  • Nike
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • MORE

This strategic research report provides detailed insights into the inner workings of mobile marketing and advertising in a country where the vast majority of the population uses mobile Internet services - and where mobile marketing is fast evolving into a standard part of the marketing mix, a scenario soon to become reality in many other parts of the world as well.

With the rapid and widespread introduction of new technologies into the mobile ecosystem, highly personalized and effective forms of marketing are becoming possible, encompassing interaction both on- and offline.

"21st Century Mobile Marketing" provides in-depth business intelligence and expert analysis relevant to markets everywhere, including:

- Current and future developments in mobile marketing
- Key enabling technologies and services
- Detailed data on mobile consumer behaviour
- Marketer perspective
- Campaign best practice case studies
- Drivers and barriers for mobile marketing
- Interviews with key industry players and mobile consumers

Key questions addressed in this report:

- How has mobile marketing evolved into a USD 620 million market in Japan (and again is READ MORE >


1. Japan Mobile Market
Mobile Network Operators Market Share
Operator Subscribers (Net Additions)
Subscribers by Network Technology, 2004-2008
Key Differences
The Secret Sauce
Mobile Internet Ecosystem
All-Round Product Attractiveness Centered on Handsets
Voice and Data ARPU, FY2001-2007
Voice Commoditizing and Data not Making Up for it

2. Japan Mobile Advertising Market
Total Mobile Telecommunications Revenue Distribution (2006)
Value Chain and Ecoystem
Advertising Expenditures for Major Media 2007 and Year-on-Year Changes 2006 (2005)
Mobile Advertising Revenues, 2000-2011
Search-related vs. Non-search-related Mobile Advertising Revenues, 2007-2011
Main Site Metrics
Main Campaign Metrics

3. Key Enabling Technologies, Content and Services
Mobile Browsing
Mobile Content Market Segments, 2003-2006
Mobile Messaging: Email and Decomail
Mobile Music
Mobile Games and other Java/BREW applications
Flash Lite
Mobile Books and Comics
Mobile Shopping and Auctions
Mobile Social Networking
Mobile Search
QR Codes
The Off-Portal Shift
GPS and Location-based Services
Mobile Digital Broadcasting: 1seg
Near-Field Communication: FeliCa
Image Recognition and Visual Search

4. Consumer Attitudes to Mobile Marketing
Mobile Advertising/Campaign Participation
Preferred Types of Mobile Advertising
Subscribing to Mail Magazines
Favorite Content in Mail Magazines

5. Marketer Attitudes to Mobile Marketing
Companies with Permanent Mobile Sites
Mobile Advertising Adoption and Future Intention
Preferred Media Formats in Mobile Advertising
Preferred Compensation Models in Mobile Advertising
Metrics used to judge Campaign Efficiency
Performance-based and Non-performance-based Mobile Advertising Revenues, 2005-2010
Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Advertising

6. Mobile Media and Advertising Formats
6.1. NTT DoCoMo/D2 Communications
Official Site i-Guide
Music i-Guide
Games i-Guide
i-menu Search
Third-party Official Sites on i-mode
Newspapers Text Ads Package (Third-party)
R25 (Third-party)
L25 (Third-party)
goo Mobile (Third-party)
MCN allwords (Third-party)
6.2 au KDDI/mediba
EZweb Menu/Categories
EZweb Search
au Music Player
EZ News Flash
au Auctions
au one GREE
EZ Hot Info
au Style
Third-party Official Sites on EZweb
PC Site Viewer
6.3 SoftBank Mobile/J-Mobile
Carrier Menu Categories
New Arrivals
Newly Arrived Games
Third-party Official Sites on Yahoo! Keitai
6.4. Operator Joint Efforts: Tokusuru Menu and G Guide
Tokusuru Menu
Tokusuru Menu: au KDDI Formats
Tokusuru Menu: SoftBank Mobile Formats
Tokusuru Menu: NTT DoCoMo Formats
Tokusuru Shopping
Tokusuru Travel
TokuNumber/TokuWord System
toku Cross-Operator Bundle
G Guide Mobile (Eletronic Programming Guide)
6.5. Operator-independent Media
mixi: Top Banner Ads 118
mixi: New Blog Entry/Comment posted Confirmation Screen XL Banner Ad
mixi: Message sent Confirmation Screen XL Banner Ad
mixi: “Visitors to my Profile Page” Banner Ad
mixi: Communities Banner Ads
mixi: Header Text Ads
mixi: Footer Text Ads
mixi: Tie-ups and Promotions
Yahoo! Mobile: Banner Ads on Category Top Pages
Yahoo! Mobile: Text Ads on 2nd-Level Pages
Yahoo!: Impression-based XL Banner Ads
mobagetown: Top Page Banner/Games Category Banner
mobagetown: Message sent/Content posted Confirmation Screen XL Banner Ad
mobagetown: Game Exit Page XL banner
mobagetown: Monthly Unique Clicks Text Ads
mobagetown: Email Newsletter Text Ads/Targeted Standalone Email Ads
Pocket Affiliate
Google: Integration on EZweb
Otetsudai Networks

7. Campaign Examples and Case Studies
Pokka Coffee
GATSBY “Music Remix Contest”
AXE “Wake-up Service, Inc.”
Marlboro “Shift Gears”
Vidal Sassoon “Become An Angel”
mobagetown x NIKE
mobagetown x Coca Cola
mobagetown x AEON
mobagetown x UNIQLO
Northwest Airlines “Giant QR Codes”
Shogakukan Comics
LOTTE Koala March
Kaocheki x Resident Evil 2 “Zombie Check/Kaocheki x Pizza Hut “Pizza Check”
Akarium Call Project
NIKE Mobathlon
Navitime x Kirin Beer
McDonald’s Flash Coupons
SOYJOY Suica Posters
gurunavi “Dancing Johan”
Mapion x JR Travel Navigator “Territory Battle”
NTT DoCoMo x NTV x Coca Cola
NTT DoCoMo x TBS x McDonald’s

8. Expert Insights
List of Interview Partners
Note on Mobile Content Filtering

9. Key Findings


- Yahoo
- Google
- Marlboro
- Vidal Sassoon
- Northwest Airlines
- Nike
- McDonald’s

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