China Commercial Banking Report Q2 2008

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  • April 2008
  • Region: China
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The China Commercial Banking Report provides independent forecasts and
competitive intelligence on Chinas commercial banking industry.

Executive Summary

In March 2008, we updated all data for the 59 countries surveyed with official figures, sourced from central banks and regulators. In most cases, we were able to find data that pertained to the end of 2007: in almost all other cases, the data pertains to September 30 2007. As a result, the insights that we derive on particular countries are based on consistently sourced information that is far more current than it had been previously.

Although we gather data for countries such as the US, Japan, Australia and the eurozone, the vast majority of the 59 countries whose banking industries we survey are, or are generally seen as being, emerging markets. For all the widely publicised problems of large banks in developed countries, in the wake of the subprime banking crisis in the US, 2007 was an extremely good year for the banking sectors of the emerging markets. In local currency terms, the median growth in assets was 21% (in Brazil). The median rates of growth in loans to non-bank customers and in deposits were 22% READ MORE >

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Executive Summary
Table: Levels (CNYbn)
Table: Levels (US$bn)
Table: Levels At December 31 2007
Table: Ranking Out Of 59 Countries Reviewed In Q208
Table: Projected Levels (CNYbn)
Table: Projected Levels (US$bn)
Key Issues
Changes To The Commercial Banking Forecast
Commercial Banking SWOT
China Commercial Banking SWOT
China Political SWOT
China Economic SWOT
China Business Environment SWOT
Commercial Banking Business Environment Rating
Table: China Commercial Banking Business Environment Ratings
Table: Asia Pacific Commercial Banking Business Environment Ratings
International Context
Lending Trends And External Accounts
Table: Comparison Of Lending Trends And External Accounts, End-2007
Table: Comparison Of Lending Trends And External Accounts (% of GDP)
Total Assets, Client Loans And Client Deposits
Table: Comparison Of Total Assets, Client Loans And Client Deposits (US$bn)
Per-Capita Deposits
Table: Comparison Of Per-Capita Deposits, Late 2007
Macroeconomic Trends And Developments
Table: China Economic Activity
Industry Forecast Scenario
Table: Annual Growth Rate Projections, 2007-2012 (%)
Table: Projected Levels (bn Units of Local Currency)
Table: Projected Levels (US$bn)
Comment On Developments In 2007
Comment On Forecasts
Comment On Trends And Ratios
Table: Comparison Of Loan/Deposit, Loan/Asset And Loan/GDP Ratios - Asia Pacific, Late 2007
Banks’ Bond Portfolios
Table: Bond Portfolios, Late 2007
Competitive Landscape And Protagonists
Basis Of Projections
Commercial Bank Business Environment Rating
Table: Commercial Banking Business Environment Indicators And Rationale
Table: Weighting Of Indicators

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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