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1:1 (Personalized) Printing: Boosting Profits Through Relevance Q2 2011 Product Image

1:1 (Personalized) Printing: Boosting Profits Through Relevance Q2 2011

  • Published: May 2011
  • Region: Global
  • 66 Minutes
  • DigitalPrintingReports.com

It's a tough marketing world out there. The media mix is fragmenting. Marketers no longer have the freedom to worry only about “the big three”: television, radio, and print. They need to worry about blogs, social networking, search engine marketing, QR codes, and more. As media continue to splinter, consumers expect to be targeted on a demographic, even individual, basis. At the same time that there are more places for companies to spend their marketing dollars, those dollars are coming under closer scrutiny. Marketers are increasingly called onto the carpet to justify their spending decisions. With the U.S. just pulling out of the recession and the economic recovering going more slowly than expected, every decision becomes that much more critical. Fortunately, while the media and the economic environments change, the fundamental rules of marketing don't. Good marketing requires sending the right message to the right target audience at the right time. There are simply more factors and more media to consider in the process.

There has been some question about the role of print in today's increasingly electronic world. When you can zap a marketing message to someone's READ MORE >


Section 1: Personalizing Through Print
- The Role of Digital Print Technology
- Don’t Be Afraid of Databases
- Designing for Personalization
- Who’s Doing 1:1?

Section 2: 1:1 Printing Basics
- Defining 1:1 Printing
- More Complex Forms of 1:1
- Simple Forms of 1:1
- Benefits of 1:1 Personalization
- What About Databases?
- Relevance, Not Volume

Section 3: Evaluating Cost - Benefits
- Examining Some Hypotheticals
- Can 1:1 Save You Money?
- Measuring the Benefits of 1:1 Printing

Section 4: Types of 1:1 Printing
- Methods of Classifying 1:1 Printing
- Classifying by Production Method
- Classifying by Application Categories
- Does It Cost Too Much?

Section 5: Case Studies in 1:1 Printing
- Lead Generation
- Loyalty Programs
- Fundraising Applications
- Direct Sales Applications
- Personalized URLs
- Non-Sales / Customer Relationship Management
- Pre-Filled Response Cards
- Transactional & Transpromotional
- 1:1 on Envelopes
- Personalizing with Handwriting

Section 6: Best Practices for 1:1 Printing
- Critical Lessons From the Field

Section 7: Conclusions
- For Further Reference

About Heidi Tolliver-Nigro 64


HP Digital Print Award Winner, Direct Mail and Transpromo, 2010
Retail Value of the U.S. POD Variable Data Market
Sample: First Market Bank – Ukrop’s Campaign
Sample: Panchero’s Benefits From Mapping
“How Sophisticated Are Your 1:1 Printing Jobs?” (Comm’l/Quick Printers)
Hypothetical #1: ROI for Static Direct Mail Campaign
Hypothetical #2: ROI for 1:1 Personalized Campaign
Hypothetical #3: ROI for Static Vs. Personalized Campaign at 50% Conversion to Sale
Percent of Printers Offering Variable-Data Printing
Sample: Printing Industries of Florida Campaign
Which Type of Hard Copy Mail Would You Prefer to Receive?
Sample: Jay Pontiac Buick 1:1 Campaign
Percentage of Printers Offering Personalized URLs
Sample: Co-Operators Personalized Newsletter
High-Speed Inkjet Imager for Producing 1:1 Printing on Envelopes
Sample: Simulated Handwriting With Logo Swap
Sample: Bazzirk Lumpy 1:1 Mail Campaign

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