Phoenix Generation: Insights Into Chinese Consumers

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  • June 2008
  • Region: China
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“The Phoenix Generation: Insights into Chinese Consumers” is a comprehensive lifestyle study which focuses on Chinese consumers ages 16 to 30. This study covers Internet and technology product adoption and trends; lifestyle trends such as the growth of hip-hop, street basketball and the NBA. The study also provides exclusive consumer segmentation and an analysis of the Chinese middle-class.

Key findings include:

- Popular Trends: Street basketball, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and hip-hop have grown in popularity as Chinese consumers embrace new cultural experiences. The report takes a deep dive into these segments with ethnographic research and how marketers have leveraged these trends to connect with Chinese consumers. Brands such as Nike, Adidas and Li Ning have benefited from this as Chinese youth aspire to look like their favorite sports stars.

- Internet and Online Games Trends – China has more than 210 million internet users making it the largest Internet population worldwide. However, Internet usage in China tends to differ as 100 million of theses users are under the age of 25, thus are more likely to seek out entertainment READ MORE >

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-Introduction to the China Youth Project
-About the China Youth Project
-We First Met Zhu Feng
-Update on Zhu Feng

-Popular Websites
-Websites to Watch

-Basketball in China
-History and Growth of Basketball
-Chinese Streetball: The Harlem Globetrotters with Chinese Characteristics
-Flair-Style-Flash: Why Kobe Bryant Trumps Yao Ming
-Photos From Streetball in Beijing
-Streetball Terms
-Going Global: The NBA in China
-Li Ning Company Limited - Company Profile Snapshot
-Basketball in China: Conclusion

-Chinese Hip-Hop
-Chinese Hip-Hop: “Forget the Message, just listen to the Beats”
-The Face of Chinese Rap: MC HotDog
-Changing Government Attitudes Towards Hip-Hop Fuels Its Growth
-Chinese Hip-Hop: Conclusion

-Online Survey
-Highlights from Our Online Survey
-Key Highlights
-Internet Cafes Usage Varies
-Income is Below 3,000 RMB
-Entertainment Spending Varies Significantly
-Reading is the Most Popular Leisure Activity
-Online Games and Downloads are Top Online Activities
-Significant Portion of Youth are Dual Gamers
-PCs are Major Gaming Platforms
-High Desktop PC and Cell Phone Penetration

-This is My Life: Interview Excerpts
-Tao: “Just Do It”
-Kun: “Enjoy Your Life and Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes”
-Ertan: “You Will Have No Regrets if You Try Your Best” Y. Zisheng: “You Only Have One Chance at Life”4 M. Liwen: “Never Give Up!”
-Qin: “Because It’s Fashionable”

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What is Covered?
-Essential facts and statistics including income levels, shopping and spending patterns on technology and consumer products
- Opinions on fashion, music and technology and celebrities
- Online behavior and technology adoption and usage.
- Attitudes toward their future
- Trend-spotting with a focus on trends that have a business impact. Most importantly, the report provides insights into the origins and implications of these trends.
- Featured interviews with unique individuals.

About This Study
The China Youth Project is a comprehensive and insightful lifestyle study on Chinese youths ages 16 to 30. The study identifies emerging trends, attitudinal shifts and what’s hot in games, Internet, entertainment, technology, fashion, and consumer products. The report is based on more than 200 one-onone interviews and online surveys of Chinese youth. Interviews were conducted in first- and second-tier cities in China, capturing
the differences in income levels and preferences across the country.

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