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United Kingdom Food and Drink Report Q2 2008 - Product Image

United Kingdom Food and Drink Report Q2 2008

  • Published: May 2008
  • Region: United Kingdom, Great Britain
  • 82 Pages
  • Business Monitor International


  • Asda
  • Associated British Foods
  • Cadbury Schweppes Plc
  • Dairy Crest Group Plc
  • Diageo
  • J Sainsbury Plc
  • MORE

The United Kingdom Food Drink Report provides independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on United Kingdom's food and drink industry.

Executive Summary:

The battle between the UK’s online grocery retailers fired up in 2008 after upmarket retailer Ocado, a partner of the John Lewis Group launched an advertising campaign saying it could match market leader Tesco’s prices on all household brands. Tesco responded with its own campaign that refuted these claims and invited consumers to check on an independent price-comparison website. Tesco claimed that it sold 2,500 products at prices lower than Ocado and threatened to make a complaint to the advertising standards authority if Ocado did not withdraw the advert. The spat highlights the growing importance that UK’s retailers are placing on their online presence with the online channel now contributing a significant amount of revenue to three out of the big four supermarket operators.

Ocado is in a newly confident mood after the firm’s directors revealed that 2008 was expected to be the first year that the firm operated at a profit. Founded eight years ago, the firm has posted losses every READ MORE >

Executive Summary 5
Business Environment 7
Table: Regional Food & Drink Business Environment Ratings 10
Global Food & Drink Business Environment Ratings 12

SWOT Analysis 13
Mass Grocery Retail 13
United Kingdom Mass Grocery Retail Industry SWOT 13
Food and Drink 14
United Kingdom Food And Drink Industry SWOT 14

Macroeconomic Outlook 15
Table: United Kingdom - Macroeconomic Forecasts 18
Regional Overview: The ‘Greening’ Of MGR In Western Europe 19
Table: MGR Eco-Friendly Strategies In Western Europe 20
Industry Forecast Scenario 24
Table: Structure of UK Mass Grocery Retail Market – Sales By Format (US$bn) – Historical Data & Forecasts 26
Table: Sales Breakdown By Retail Format Type 26

Industry Developments 26
Market Overview 28
Table: Structure Of The UK's Mass Grocery Retail Market By Estimated Number Of Outlets 32
Table: Structure Of The UK's Mass Grocery Retail Market – Sales Value By Format (US$bn), estimates 32
Table: Annual Average Sales Per Outlet By Format (US$mn) – 2006 33
Food And Drink 34
Regional Overview: Confectionery in Western Europe 34
Table: 2006 Western Europe Market Share (%) 36
Table: Western Europe Confectionery Market Share By Category (%), 2005 38

Industry Forecast Scenario 39
Food 39
Table: Food Consumption Indicators – Historical Data & Forecasts 40
Table: Food Sub-sector Indicators – Historical Data & Forecasts 40
Table: Food, Drink & Tobacco Trade Balance (US$mn) – Historical Data & Forecasts 41
Drink 41
Table: Drinks indicators 41
Table: Alcoholic Drinks Indicators 43

Industry Developments 43
Agriculture 43
Food 44
Drink 46
Market Overview 48

Agriculture 48
Table: United Kingdom Agricultural Sub-Sector Production 49
Table: United Kingdom Dairy Industry Data 50
Table: United Kingdom Organic Agricultural Data 50
Food 50
Drink 51

Industry Forecast Scenario 53
Table: Tobacco indicators 53
Industry Developments 53
Market Overview 54

Competitive Landscape56
Key Players 56
Mass Grocery Retail 56
Table: Key Players In The UK's Mass Grocery Retail Sector – Financial Year 2006/2007 56
Food And Drink 58
Table: Key Players In The UK's Food & Drink Sector – 2006/2007 58
Regional Company Case Studies 59
Drink: The Coca-Cola Company in Western Europe 59
Table: Unit Case Volume Growth (%) 60
Table: Revenue And Income For EU (US$mn) 61
Drink: Diageo In Western Europe 63
Table: Diageo’s Strongest Brands and Future Strategy for Western Europe 65
Mass Grocery Retail: Ahold In Western Europe 66
Table: Ahold Financial Results, 2003-2006 (EURmn) 68

Company Analysis 69
Mass Grocery Retail 69
Tesco 69
J Sainsbury Plc 70
Asda 71
Food 72
Associated British Foods 72
Dairy Crest Group Plc 73
Drink 74
Diageo 74
Cadbury Schweppes Plc 75

Food & Drink Ratings Appendix 76
Introduction: Revised Methodology 76
Ratings Overview 76
Ratings System 76
Indicators 76
Table: Limits Of Potential Returns 77
Table: Risks To Realisation Of Returns 78
Weighting 79
Table: Weighting 79
BMI Forecast Modelling80
How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts 80
Retail Industry 80

- Tesco
- J Sainsbury Plc
- Asda
- Associated British Foods
- Dairy Crest Group Plc
- Diageo
- Cadbury Schweppes Plc

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