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2009 China Media Yearbook & Directory

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  • January 2009
  • Region: China
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Published since 1999, the China Media Yearbook and Directory is the most comprehensive executive guide to the media industries in China.

This English language guide serves top decision making executives at major multinational media corporations, plus 4A advertising, marketing and PR agencies, and investment banks, legal offices, TV libraries, film and TV associations ... and more.

The 2009 China Media Yearbook and Directory is the ideal advertising platform for companies wishing to reach leading international media, advertising, marketing and PR executives, as well as banking and legal professionals active in the Chinese media and advertising sectors.

What's new in 2009:

- Exclusive interviews with industry leaders.
- Special focus on the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 and its impact on the media.
- New statistics on the rapidly growing online games, mobile games and digital music sectors.
- New directory sections on game operators & developers and mobile platforms & content providers.
- Expanded listings with full contact details for all major Chinese media organizations.

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Part One: Yearbook

Chapter 1: Tv Policy & Regulation
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Pay Tv Channels
1.3 Iptv And Mobile Tv
1.4 Tv Dramas
1.5 Entertainment
Box 1.5: Sarft Talent Show Regulations
1.6 News And Current Affairs
1.7 Children And Youth
1.8 Officials, Presenters And Professional Talent
1.9 Advertising
1.10 Intellectual Property Rights And Legal Cases
1.11 Foreign Channels
Box 1.11: Sarft-Approved Foreign Tv Channels
1.12 Looking Forward

Chapter 2: Tv Content
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Channels
2.3 Tv Drama
2.4 Reality & Talent Shows
2.5 Entertainment
2.6 Tv Stars
2.7 News And Current Affairs
2.8 Factual
2.9 Sport
2.10 Olympics
2.11 Children And Youth
2.12 Education
2.13 Overseas Channels
2.14 International Content
2.15 Events & Awards
2.16 Looking Forward
Box 2.16: Interview With Maggie Zhou Of Wings Media

Chapter 3: Tv Networks
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Digital Standards
3.3 Terrestrial Networks
3.4 Digital Cable Networks
3.5 Set-Top Boxes
3.6 Digital Satellite Networks
3.7 Digital Mobile Networks
3.8 Mass Mobile Networks
3.9 Iptv Networks
3.10 Converged Networks
3.11 Hd Networks
3.12 Looking Forward

Chapter 4: Advertising
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Policy And Regulation.
Box 4.2: Advertisements Banned In China
4.3 Celebrity Endorsement .
4.4 Tv
4.5 Print
4.6 Outdoor
4.7 Internet
4.8 Mobile
Box 4.8: Interview With Joshua Maa Of Madhouse .
4.9 Brands .
4.10 Agencies
4.11 Looking Forward

Chapter 5: Print
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Policy And Regulation.
5.3 Publishing Licenses
5.4 Retail, Wholesale And Printing
5.5 Operators
5.6 Public Listings
5.7 News And Current Affairs
5.8 Advertising
5.9 Distribution And Circulation
5.10 Going Global
5.11 Foreign Investment In Chinese Publications
Box 5.11: Interview With Jo Lusby Of Penguin China
5.12 Looking Forward

Chapter 6: Film
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Production
Box 6.2a: Interview With Yang Shu, Freelance Cinematographer
Box 6.2b: High Profile Mainland-Foreign Co-Productions
6.3 Imported Films
Box 6.3: Interview With Wolfgang Wilke Of Action Concept
6.4 Funding
6.5 Projection
6.6 Box Office
6.7 International Participation
6.8 Piracy
6.9 Looking Forward

Chapter 7: New Media
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Policy And Regulation.
7.3 The State Of The Web
7.4 Electronic Commerce
7.5 Online Gaming
7.6 Mobile Applications
7.7 The Developer Factor
7.8 Looking Forward
Box 7.8: Interview With Dan Brody Of Tudou.Com

Chapter 8: Sponsored Articles
Lic In The Olympic Year

Part Two: Statistics

Chapter 1: Tv Statistics
1.1 Tv Facts
1.2 Top 10 Channels By Market Share And Ratings In Beijing, Shanghai And Guangzhou
1.3 Top Genres By Ratings In Beijing, Shanghai And Guangzhou
1.4 Top 5 Programs By Ratings In Beijing, Shanghai And Guangzhou
1.5 Channel Penetration In 11 Cities
1.6 11 Cities Viewing Hours Per Person Per Day
1.7 Channel Share In 11 Cities
1.8 Cctv Share And Ratings In 11 Cities
1.9 Top 5 Provincial Satellite Tv Channels By Reach Nationwide
1.10 Top 5 Provincial Satellite Tv Channels By Reach In 5 Key Cities
1.11 Top 5 Provincial Satellite Tv Channels By Subscribers Nationwide
1.12 Top 5 Provincial Satellite Tv Channels By Subscribers In 5 Key Cities
1.13 Top 10 Viewers' Favorite Program Genres Nationwide
1.14 Top 10 Favorite Program Genres For Men
1.15 Top 10 Favorite Program Genres For Women
1.16 Domestic Tv Dramas Licensed For Distribution By Sarft
1.17 Domestic Tv Animation Production By Province Or Key Institution
1.18 Top 8 Studios Producing Original Tv Animations
1.19 Top 10 Cities Producing Original Tv Animations
1.20 National Animation Industry Bases By Production Output
1.21 Animation Co-Productions Approved By Sarft

Chapter 2: Film Statistics
2.1 Highlights From China's Film Industry
2.2 Total Box Office Receipts (Us$)
2.3 Number Of Domestic Feature Film Productions
2.4 Top 5 Cinema Chains By Box Office Revenue
2.5 Top 10 Domestic Films By Box Office Revenue (Jan. 1, 2007-Jan. 1, 2008)
2.6 Top 10 Imported Films By Box Office Revenue (Jan. 1, 2007-Jan. 1, 2008)
2.7 Overseas Films Licensed For Release
2.8 Co-Productions Approved By Sarft
2.9 Assisted Productions Approved By Sarft

Chapter 3: New Media Statistics
3.1 Size Of The Online Ad Market In China
3.2 Online Adspend By Industry
3.3 Chinese Internet Media Organizations By Market Share
3.4 Internet Ad Formats By Market Share
3.5 Website Formats By Market Share
3.6 Chinese Internet User Numbers
3.7 Internet Access Methods
3.8 Chinese Internet Users By Gender
3.9 Chinese Internet Users By Age
3.10 Chinese Internet Users By Monthly Income
3.11 Broadband Subscribers In China
3.12 Online Video Users Vs Other Netizens
3.13 The Favorite Program Genres Of Online Video Users
3.14 Tv Watching Trends For Chinese Netizens
3.15 Online Game Market Value In China
3.16 Top 15 Online Game Operators By Market Value
3.17 Online Game Operators By Market Share
3.18 China Search Engine Market Value
3.19 Market Value Of Internet Ads By Ad Type
3.20 Search Engine Users In China
3.21 Chinese Search Engines By Ad Market Share
3.22 Chinese Search Engines By Ad Market Share
3.23 Search Engine Penetration Rates
3.24 Chinese Mobile Phone Users
3.25 Popular Mobile Value-Added Services
3.26 Mobile Instant Messaging Service Users In China
3.27 Mobile Push E-Mail Users In China
3.28 Mobile Search Users In China
3.29 Mobile Game Users In China
3.30 Mobile Tv Users In China
3.31 Wireless Search Users In China
3.32 Wireless Search Users By Gender
3.33 Wireless Search Users By Age
3.34 Wireless Search Users By Monthly Income
3.35 Popular Wireless Search Engines By Market Share
3.36 Popular Wireless Search Queries
3.37 Wireless Search Engine User Satisfaction Levels
3.38 Wireless Search Engine User Complaints
3.39 Estimated Iptv User Growth
3.40 In-Vehicle Tv Sets On Public Transport In China

Chapter 4: Print Statistics
4.1 Newspapers And Magazines By Adspend
4.2 Top 10 Newspapers By Adspend
4.3 Top 5 Metropolitan Newspapers By Adspend
4.4 Top 5 It Newspapers By Adspend
4.5 Top 5 Financial And Economic Newspapers By Adspend
4.6 Top 10 Magazines By Adspend
4.7 Top 5 Fashion Magazines By Adspend
4.8 Top 5 It Magazines By Adspend
4.9 Top 5 Finance And Business Magazines By Adspend

Chapter 5: Advertising Statistics
5.1 China Advertising Industry Turnover
5.2 Ad Spend By Province/Municipal
5.3 Top 20 Media Units By Ad Turnover
5.4 Top 10 Ad Agencies By Growth Rate On Turnover
5.5 Top 10 Ad Agencies By Growth Rate On Revenue
5.6 Top 10 Media Companies By Growth Rate On Turnover
5.7 Top 10 Agencies By Ad Turnover
5.8 Top 10 Ad Agencies By Ad Revenue
5.9 Product Categories By Ad Turnover
5.10 Top 10 Outdoor Ad Companies By Outdoor Ad Revenue
5.11 China Adspend Yoy Growth % In Different Media 2005-
5.12 Total Amount Of Cctv Prime-Time Advertising Auction (Rmb)

Part 3 Directory

Chapter 1: General
Media Regulatory Bodies & Industry Associations.

Chapter 2: Broadcast
Tv & Radio Stations
Pay-Tv Operators
Foreign Satellite Channels
Production & Distribution Companies
Game Developers & Operators
Mobile Platforms & Content Providers

Chapter 3: Film
Film Studios & Services

Chapter 4: Print
Publishing Groups

Chapter 5: Advertising & Media Services
Advertising Companies
Media Services

Appendix - Laws & Regulations
Policies On Encouraging Development Of Digital Television Industry
Administrative Provisions On Internet Video Service Providers
List Of Abbreviations

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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2008 Excerpts:

"Total adspend is expected to grow to US$18.4 billion in 2008, up from US$14.7 billion in 2007. China is predicted to surpass the United States as the biggest source of global adspend growth in 2008."

TV Policy & Regulation
"2007 was a year characterized by increased efforts on the part of SARFT to crack down on the elements it views as unhealthy within China's TV industry, while at the same time extending its control into the digital realm with new regulations covering online video and user generated content sites."

"The e-book publishing industry has been gaining momentum, as subscriptions to mobile phone literature and online literature become more popular. Half of all books published will be released in e-book format by 2010."

TV Networks
"The digital cable TV industry grew rapidly in 2007, with more than 2.22 million pay-DTV subscribers by the end of the first half of 2007. New digital cable services are increasingly available to Chinese subscribers, but differentiated content to push these services remains an issue."

New Media
"New Media generated RMB114 billion (US$15.6 billion) in revenues in 2006, one third of total media revenue. China was the world's second-largest Internet market by December, with 210 million registered users. It was the world's single largest mobile market with nearly 500 million mobile users."

TV Content
"At the start of 2007, China had 2,070 accredited TV production companies involved in the production of TV dramas. The animation sector saw the most rapid growth with 82,300 minutes of new content, an increase of more than 92% over the previous year."

"Film production grew for the fifth consecutive year, with a record 402 feature films produced, plus a number of documentaries, cartoons and 122 digital works. Eighty films made it to the big screen, generating RMB3.3 billion (US$455 million) at the box office, or RMB600 million (US$82.9 million) more than in 2006. However, 2007 saw a number of unofficial restrictions come into play hindering Sino-foreign co-productions."

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown