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Satfinder - Satellite Database & Calculation Software Product Image

Satfinder - Satellite Database & Calculation Software

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  • November 2014
  • Satnews

has information on over 500 satellites (orbital location, frequencies, EIRP, G/T, SFD, bandwidth, programming etc.) and 9,000 companies (address, tel, fax, web, products, services and contact names etc.) and 19,000 executives in the commercial satellite industry. Containing a very fast search ability plus over 800 hundred EIRP, G/T & SFD maps in color not published anywhere else

Has full up-down digital link budget calculators with input provision for uplink power control (UPC), ALC, various interferences and multiple carriers. Finds HPA size, uplink power requirements, bandwidth and power usage per carrier. Calculates atmospheric losses and rain fade margins for any desired availability on uplink and downlink. Handles BPSK, QPSK, M-PSK or M-QAM with any FEC code rate. Determines power or bandwidth limited modes and calculates the power equivalent bandwidth, if appropriate. Provision for RS codes or 'Turbo' modems. Option for rain up AND rain down scenarios where uplink and downlink are from/to the same city.

Database Section
Users can search from amongst Company Information, Satellite Details, What's On Satellite, READ MORE >

This section includes information on:

INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES - Government Regulators & Administrators with contact names and addresses for domestic and international public network services; Information on each country's TV & electrical standards, Cabled Household Numbers etc.; State, Provincial & Local Authorities.

SPACECRAFT - Launch Vehicle capabilities and a four year international analysis of planned launch schedules; Manufacturers of Propulsion Systems, Spacecraft, Satellites and Satellite Components.

MANUFACTURERS OF SATELLITE GROUND EQUIPMENT - Amplifiers; Antennas; Baseband Equipment; Cable; Converters; Complete Earth Stations; Feed Systems; Filters; Modems; Modulators; Multiplexers; Positioners; Power Supplies; Processors; Software; Teleconferencing Products; Test & Diagnostic Equipment; Transmitters; VSATs and many other products. Includes descriptive details on the fast growing DBS market

NETWORK SYSTEMS - System Integrators; Corporate & Business Networks; VSAT Systems & Management; Videoconferencing. Global Positioning System; Mobile Telephones, Video & Voice Systems; Transportable Equipment.

USERS AND PROVIDERS OF SATELLITE SERVICES - Satellite Programmers; Broadcasters; Major Cable Systems; Educational & Religious Programmers; Distributors of Hardware; Transmission Services; Transponder Brokers; Common Carriers - all the providers of satellite-delivered video voice and data transmission services.

GENERAL SERVICES - Comprehensive contact and descriptive information on Technical and Consulting Services; Installation and Mainenance Companies, Associations; Legal Services; Insurance Brokers and Underwriters; Research Centers; Financial Institutions; Publishers.

This section includes information on:

SATELLITE OPERATORS - System Operators including Intelsat, PanAmSat, Inmarsat, Intersputnik Telesat Canada, Eutelsat, Arabsat, Palapa, Optus and many others; Complete details on planned satellite systems with full details on their complex operations.

GEOSYNCHRONOUS SATELLITES - Complete information on over 500 satellites including their mass, dimension, location, date of launch, number & type of transponders, users, operators, and many other relevant facts.

EIRP MAPS - Invaluable EIRP, SFD & G/T color maps giving essential engineering & technical information for all operational and most planned satellite systems.

This is a complete guide to all operating satellites. You get the operating frequencies; video, voice or data activity; format used; transponder allocations and FEC.

This is a complete guide to all the companies that provide uplink and transmission services. Includes the location; operator name & address; satellite orientation; capabilities & services provided.

Information on the standars of satellite and broadcasting which are used worldwide. Also includes general telecommunications and other useful information.

Want to create a mailing list? Here are the contact details (which includes what the companies do) on over 19,000 executives. Create a marketing and sales campaign exactly designed for your products or services.

Question Does the product contain EIRP, G/T, and SFD contour maps as detailed as the contour maps found in a Technical User's Guide?
Answer Yes, this is included.
Question Is EIRP, G/T, and SFD information only at a high level?
Answer It is both numeric at min/maximum levels and includes maps of all contours on most satellites.
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