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Glossary and Terms of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

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  • January 2001
  • 70 Pages
  • Petroleum Economist, The
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This is a vital reference book for anyone with an interest in the LNG Industry Contains a complete listing of the important terms used by the Liquefied Natural Gas industry.

Each entry consists of a thorough and detailed explanation of the term and its application within the LNG sector.

The glossary includes the complete vocabulary of the industry.

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Abandoned well: an oil or gas well not in use because it was a dry hole originally, or because it has ceased to produce in paying quantities. Regulations require the plugging of abandoned wells to prevent oil, gas or water seeping from one stratum of underlying rock to another.Able-bodied seaman (AB): a member of an LNG crew, with three years sea service, certified by examination to perform all the duties of an experienced seamen. A typical LNG ship carries five ABs in her crew complement. See CrewingAbnormal peak day (APD): for a utility, the coldest day that could reasonably be expected to occur for planning purposes, and is based on the coldest day on record for a power customer's specific territory. See Peak-day send-out and Peak loadAccess: the legal right to use a gas pipeline for electricity transmission and/or distribution system as a means of transferring natural gas or electric power as set forth by contract.Accumulation: 1) a situation in which a gas market is dominated by buyers that "accumulate" the commodity they are trading; 2) as an exploration term, a reservoir containing anaccumulation of hydrocarbons.

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