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On-Trend' Innovation & Marketing Concepts: The Convenience Mega-Trend

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  • August 2008
  • 43 pages
  • Datamonitor
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Innovation is a major driver of growth yet statistics suggest that around 80-90% of all new products fail and industry executives are generally disappointed in their ability to stimulate innovation. This report is designed to help by effectively aligning NPD activity with substantive consumer trends. It does so by identifying on-trend opportunities that arise from the convenience mega-trend.


- Identifies consumer needs and on-trend product and marketing opportunities that arise from the constantly evolving convenience consumer mega-trend.

- Global coverage: offers examples of on-trend innovation from across the globe both within and outside of consumer packaged goods.

- Detailed recommendations and interpretation offering practical strategies based on the trends and insights uncovered in the report.

- One of a series of six trend specific reports designed to help FMCG companies innovate more successfully.

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One of the major problems associated with innovating successfully is capturing consumers imagination. The annual US based "Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey 2007" found that even among those with READ MORE >

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INTRODUCTION: Using trend frameworks develops the means to boost quality and frequency of insight generation and new product planning 2
There is a funnel approach to identifying the manifestation of trends 3

TREND: Innovation is a major driver of growth but is a challenging process 4
A number of internal problems can lead to ineffective approaches to innovation 4
One of the major problems of innovating successfully appears to be capturing consumers imagination 6

TREND: The hectic lifestyles of contemporary consumers render convenience products essential 8

TREND: Time scarcity has resulted in consumers outsourcing tasks and speed shopping 9

INSIGHT: Time constraints and the unpopularity of domestic chores drive a consumer need for convenience products 10

VERDICT: Successful manufacturers will be those answering consumers desire to limit the time-intensity of less emotionally meaningful or mundane tasks 16

INSIGHT: Goods which simplify consumers lives by offering multiple benefits will increase in popularity 17

VERDICT: Consumers feel more productive if they are solving two problems at once 20

TREND: Superior packaging benefits and alternative delivery formats have changed the dynamics of consumer expectations in all aspects of life 21

INSIGHT: Versatile packaging formats provide consumers with more options in their daily lives 21

VERDICT: Investment in and technological development of packaging plays a central role in facilitating and promoting convenience 25

INSIGHT: Consumers want to alleviate the feeling of stress associated with mealtimes 25

VERDICT: Winning strategies will match reduced complexity of food preparation with consumers particular need states (health & wellness, indulgence/premiumization) 31

INSIGHT: Personal beauty products need to be convenient to stay ahead in a saturated market 31

VERDICT: There is no shortage of convenient beauty products as consumers demand to be pampered away from home 36

TREND: Consumers are becoming more aware of a need for smaller products and highly value product sustainability 37

INSIGHT: Health, storage and environmental issues have increased consumer demand for smaller products 37

VERDICT: Packaging and product has to reflect a change in social attitudes 41

Definitions 42
Methodology 42
Further reading and references 42
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List of Figures

Figure 1: Mega-trends are having a long-term and substantive impact on the marketing landscape and can be grouped into two 2
Figure 2: Consumer behavior and the innovations targeting it inevitably fit into a trend hierarchy 3
Figure 3: There are four different approaches to innovation six kinds of innovativeness rating 6
Figure 4: Attitudes towards innovation vary markedly and influence the inability of new products to capture the imagination of CPG shoppers 7
Figure 5: Convenience pervades all aspects of consumers lives as time, energy, and space-saving benefits are increasingly sought 8
Figure 6: Manufacturers are finding innovative ways of making household chores more bearable 16
Figure 7: Multi-functional products can make use of innovative packaging designs to useful effect 20
Figure 8: Packaging formats are improving in an attempt to offer more versatility to the consumer 24
Figure 9: What does a consumer understand by the term Convenience? 26
Figure 10: Pressures on mealtimes motivate continuation of the convenience trend in cooking behaviors 26
Figure 11: There are new ways of consuming meals, whether they be interesting restaurant experiences, pre-prepared foods, or drive-thru ordering 30
Figure 12: On-the-go beauty is a burgeoning concept expanding at a phenomenal rate 36
Figure 13: Consumers want more from their products as they go become more environmentally and spatially aware 40

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown