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Mastering Business Etiquette & Protocol Product Image

Mastering Business Etiquette & Protocol

  • ID: 651140
  • January 1999
  • Region: United States
  • 40 Pages
  • Business Management Daily

Learn the critical connection between protocol and profit.

Learn the how of it all, including making introductions, writing letters, winning back disgruntled customers, handling meetings and special events properly — and much more!


1. Paving the Way With Your Communications
Choosing the Best Form
Personal notes
Holiday cards
Business announcements
Business cards
E-Mail Protocol
Salutations and signatures
E-mail content
Think twice before you send it
Telephone Etiquette
Answering the phone
Placing a call
Electronic message services

2. Your Attire Counts, Too
For Men: Suits or Khakis?
For Women: Be Conservative
Dress - Down Fridays
Special Occasions
Office parties
Receptions, dinners and special events
Conferences Weekend meetings

3. Meet and Greet
A Proper Introduction
If you forget a name . . .
Business Relationships
Your peers
Upper management
Discretion, Information and Rumor
Roundtable sessions
One-on-one meetings
Meetings outside the office

4. A Winning Way With Clients and Customers
Service Standards
Ethical Dilemmas
When you feel compromised . . .
Business Entertaining

5. Office Occasions, Business Gifts and Invitations
Events for Co-Workers
Baby showers
Illness or retirement
Giving Gifts
Receiving Gifts and Invitations
Acknowledging a gift
Should you accept?
Invitation etiquette
Responding to an invitation
Bring a date?
Say thank you
Strictly business

6. Dining Out
Why Not Do Lunch?
Restaurant Etiquette
Deciphering Menus
Ordering Wine
Tempting . . . But Don’t Order Trouble
Table Manners
Sorting out the flatware
Paying the Bill
Get the Royal Treatment

7. Sexual Conduct in the Workplace
Harassment or Workplace Romance?
If You Are Being Harassed . . .

8. Being Sensitive to Diversity
Communicate Clearly
Out of bounds
Dealing With the Disabled
Male/Female Interactions: Special Concerns
Gender stereotypes and office roles
Standards of courtesy
On the road
The Role of Spouses

9. Business Relations in the Global Marketplace
With Foreign Clients Here and Abroad
Gift Giving Abroad
Business Cards


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