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China TV Shopping Market, 2007-2008

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  • Report
  • September 2008
  • Region: China
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  • Research In China
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Since the legislation in favor of the TV shopping industry with development released in the USA in 1980s, TV shopping has developed prosperously. Global and well-known TV shopping companies like CVN, QVC, and HSN have set up one after another.

Currently, TV shopping accounts for 8% of American's total retail sales, while the figure is only 0.2% in China. China's TV shopping program has also increased rapidly since 2004, from 28,000 hours in 2004 to 93,000 hours in 2007, which is up 82% compared to 2006. The TV shopping programs are usually scheduled at non-prime time like midnight, noon and evening. Local channels are the main platforms for TV shopping programs.

China's TV shopping industry scale was about CNY10.5 billion in 2007, of which the TV direct-sale and shopping-focus channels accounted for 59.1% and 40.9% respectively. With the standardization and support of national policies, a TV shopping industry chain composed of logistics, information flow and capital flow has been formed.

About 10% of TV shopping audiences in key cities fulfilled a purchase. According to our investigation in ten cities, about 71.11% of TV shopping audiences make a phone call to sellers. More than 50% of audiences believe that the product attractiveness, price and product performance are the main reasons to determine whether to buy, while exaggerated advertisement will make them refuse to buy. Moreover, audiences are lacking in confidence in TV shopping, and only 17.65% of audiences have a firm belief in TV shopping.

Household appliances and mobile phones are the best selling products. According to our investigation, the popular products from high to low are as followings: household appliances, mobile phones, beauty products, digital products, computer, sports & healthy products and garment & jewelry. The average shopping expense is about CNY1396.6. The products selling in TV are mainly durable consumables, and fast consumables, however, influenced by the markets of Taiwan, China and South Korea, non-material products, like travel products, financial and insurance products, have also launched moderately.

The sales of China's TV shopping will reach CNY20 billion in 2008. Meanwhile, with the growth of China's total retail sales in the following ten years, TV shopping will account for about 3%, meaning its sales are estimated to increase to CNY500 billion.

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1 Definition, Mode and Channels of TV Shopping
1.1 Definition
1.2 Difference between Family TV Shopping and Traditional TV Shopping
1.3 Difference between TV Shopping and TV Direct-sale
1.4 Learning from Foreign TV Shopping Mode
1.5 China's Current TV Shopping Modes
1.6 Marketing Strategies

2 Status Quo and Competition of TV Shopping
2.1 Status Quo
2.2 Existing Problems
2.3 Problems to be solved
2.4 Competition
2.5 4C Theory of China's TV Shopping Industry

3 Development Environment of TV Shopping Industry
3.1 Macro Economy Environment
3.2 Policy Analysis
3.2.1 Broadcasting, TV & Advertisement Management Standard
3.2.2 Influence of Prohibiting TV Shopping
3.2.3 Development of Non-store Sales Standard Management
3.2.4 New Standards for Medicine Advertisement
3.2.5 TV Shopping Industry is to be standardization

4 Consumer Analyses
4.1 China's Consumables Market
4.2 Consumption Behavior and Motivation
4.3 Investigation of TV Shopping Consumers
4.4 Forming and Influence Factors of Purchase Decision

5 Non-store Sales
5.1 Definition and Classification
5.2 Comparison
5.2.1 Online Shopping
5.2.2 Mail Order
5.2.3 Telephone Shopping
5.3 Non-store Sales Management to be Standardization
5.4 Prospect of Non-store Sales

6 Foreign and Domestic TV Shopping Companies
6.1 QVC
6.1.1 Development History
6.1.2 Operation Characteristics
6.1.3 Products
6.2 Eastern Home Shopping
6.2.1 Development Advantages
6.2.2 Operation Environment
6.2.3 Its Own Shopping Channel Direct Sales Mode
6.2.4 4C Analysis
6.3 Hunan Happy Go
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Establishment Occasion
6.3.3 Development Orientation
6.3.4 Implementation Strategy
6.4 Shanghai Orient CJ
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Ratio of TV Shopping Revenue in SMG
6.4.3 Success Revelation of Shanghai Orient CJ
6.5 China CCTV Shopping Corporation
6.5.1 Company Profile
6.5.2 Development Mode
6.5.3 Brand Development
6.6 BTV TV Shopping
6.6.1 Company Profile
6.6.2 Flow Intruduction
6.6.3 Success Road
6.7 Huanteng Shopping
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Channel Development Advantages
6.8 Acorn International
6.8.1 Profile
6.8.2 Revelation of Going Public
6.8.3 Financial Analysis
6.9 China Seven Star Shopping Co., Ltd
6.9.1 Profile
6.9.2 Status Quo of Development
6.9.3 Financial Analyssi

7 TV Shopping Industry Chain and Platform Constructions
7.1 Product Development and Research
7.1.1 Popular Prodcuts
7.1.2 TV Media and Retail Industry
7.1.3 Home Appliance Industry – TV Shopping Development Hotspot
7.1.4 Sales of Insurance Products
7.1.5 Sales of Mobile Phones
7.2 TV Shopping Programming
7.3 TV Shopping Solution cases
7.3.1 TV Shopping Solution of Beijing Zhengbang Hi-tech Information Technology Co., Ltd
7.3.2 Beijing Interact Technology Co., Ltd launched Telephone Marketing Solution for Small and Medium-size TV Shopping Companies
7.3.4 Digital Home TV Shopping Platform, Epro
7.4 Status Quo and Solutionsof Call Center
7.5 Payment Solutions
7.5.1 Status Quo and Evolvement
7.5.2 Breakthroughs
7.5.3 Online Banking
7.5.4 Payment Solution of Epro
7.5.5 99bill
7.5.6 Homepay
7.5.7 Alipay
7.6 TV Shopping Logistics
7.7 Digital TV
7.7.1 Digital TV Promotes TV Shopping Enter Golden Period
7.7.2 Market Opportunity Brought by Digital TV Popularization

8 TV Shopping Media
8.1 Media Strategy
8.2 TV Shopping Spreading
8.3 Traditional Media
8.4 TV Shopping Media Strategy
8.5 New Media
8.5.1 Mobile Phone TV
8.5.2 Online TV

9 Investment Risk and Prospect
9.1 Prospect
9.2 Investment Risk
9.2.1 Market Competition Risk
9.2.2 Industry Credibility Risk
9.2.3 Social Information System Risk
9.2.4 Uncertain Factors in Digital TV Development
9.3 Key factors for Success of TV Shopping Channel

List of Tables

Difference between TV Shopping and TV Direct-sale
Overview of Joint Venture TV Shopping Channels since 2003
Investment of South Korea TV Shopping Companies in China
Total Retail of Social Consumables, 1995-2007
Disposable Revenue of Urban Citizens Per Capital, 1995-2007
Economy Growth Forecast, 2008
Characteristics of China's Lady Cosmetics Market
Classification and Characteristics of Store Retailing
Classification and Characteristics of Non-Store Retailing
Online Shopping Classification
Five Channels of Eastern Home Shopping
Operation Characteristics of QVC
Operation Characteristic of Hunan Happy Go
Hunan Shopping Channel
Operation Characteristic of Shanghai Orient CJ
Revenue Structure Forecast of Shanghai Media Group
Operation Characteristic of Huanteng Shopping
TV Direct-sale Products of Acorn International
Performance of China Seven Star Shopping Co., Ltd,
Balance Sheet of China Seven Star Shopping Co., Ltd
Consolidated Profit and Loss Account of China Seven Star Shopping Co., Ltd
HONESTEL's Main Clients in China
Comparison between Traditional Payment and Telephone Payment
Market Share by Channel
Top 20 Satellite Channels
Top 20 China's 50 Satellite Channels by Activities
Top 20 China's 50 Satellite Channels by Program Innovation
Main Characteristics of Top Ten Popular Channels
Top Ten Popular Brand Programs
Top Ten Popular Brand News Programs
Top Ten Popular Brand Entertainment Programs
Forecast of Mobile Phone TV Market
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- Huanteng Shopping
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- Alipay
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown