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Network Digital Signage: Infrastructure, Displays, Technology

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  • November 2008
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  • MultiMedia Intelligence
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Digital signage networks are a new, compelling communications platform between storefronts, advertisers, and shoppers. Digital displays supplant static ink-and-paper signage because the advertising is more vibrant, and because of IP connectivity, the advertising copy can be changed dynamically. Revenues from digital signage opportunities abound for infrastructure providers and installers, wireless semiconductor manufacturers, digital display manufacturers, end-to-end software providers, content creators, and advertisers.

As the digital signage network ecosystem grows and innovates, there are nonetheless questions.

- How do recent global economic conditions affect the industry?
- What display form-factors are most popular in digital signage networks?
- Ethernet is the most common digital display interconnect; will wireless connections between displays ever take hold?
- What differentiates the major software providers?

Like many technologies, digital signage is the sum of the growth of many applications. One of the key observations that MultiMedia Intelligence makes is that there has to be consolidation among software providers before the focus moves from winning business to innovating and customizing digital signage software suites.

It is an exciting time in digital signage, as networks become increasingly dynamic. Analytical tools are being integrated into digital displays and have the potential to change a message or promotion depending READ MORE >

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  • Global Display Solutions
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Executive Summary


Digital Signage: The Big Picture
- Digital Signage Ecosystem
- Digital Signage Inhibitors
- Lack of ROI Tools
- Fixed Media Spend
- A Need for Signage Darwinism
- A Need for Interconnect and Technology Maturation
- Here Comes the Gloom- General Economic Conditions
- Digital Signage Growth Accelerators
- Narrowcasting
- Digital Signage Is Scalable
- Digital Signage Is Versatile
- Most of the Significant Technology has been Developed

Outdoor Digital Billboards
- Digital Billboards, Mixed Feelings and US Regulations
- The True Cost of Digital Billboards
- Return on Investment for Digital Billboards
- Alternatives to LED displays in Digital Billboards
- Bigguhn Scalable Printer
- Digital Ink
- High-Gain Projection
- Video Mesh

Digital Signage Networks – From the Perspective of Displays
- Plasma versus LCD
- Projectors
- Displays Specifically made for Digital Signage
- Screens and Integration Trends
- A $55,000 Digital Sign
- Networked Digital Sign Display Forecasts
- Unit Shipments of Displays
- Display Revenue by Region
- 3D and Holographic
- Encasings
- G-BOND Process for Outdoor Signage

Devices That Play Content
- The Case for Customer Premise Equipment
- Applications Specific for Digital Media Players
- Digital Signage Storage—Hard Disk versus Solid State
- Digital Signage with Integrated Digital Tuners

Wireless Integration with Customers
- Cellular
- Bluetooth
- Wi-Fi

- Wired Networks
- Connectivity Options: HDMI vs IEEE 1394
- Connecting Four Ports
- Extending the Wired Network
- Digital Display Forecasts by Wired Interconnect Type
- Wireless Connectivity of Devices in the Network
- 3G Cellular

- Estimating Installation Costs

Software Operator Systems

Software- Network Integration, Management and Content Tools
- Cisco
- Scala
- Keywest Technology
- Westinghouse
- Simple Assumptions for Estimating the Size of the Proprietary End-to-End Digital Signage Software
- Opportunity
- Software as a Service
- Free Platforms
- Comparison of Total Software Service Providers
- How Total Software Providers are Compared (What the “X” mean?)

Next Generation Digital Signage Features
- Analytics
- GestureTek
- Touch Screen
- The Other Senses
- Scents
- Audio

IP Surveillance in Digital Signage Networks

List of Tables

Table 1 Estimated Installation Costs By Averaging per Display in Digital Signage Networks ($US Thousand)
Table 2 Global Economic Snapshot at the Close of Markets on October 10, 2008
Table 3 Worldwide Number of Digital Billboards and Revenues for the Digital Billboard Manufacturers (Units as Number, and Revenues in US$ Millions)
Table 4 Semiconductor Revenues from LED Drivers
Table 5 A Partial List of Regulations or Suggested Practices that Moderate US Digital Billboards
Table 6 First Year and Recurring Costs of a Digital Billboard Project in the United States
Table 7 Total Number of Displays Consumed by Region (LCD Monitors, Plasma, etc) (Units Thousands)
Table 8 Retail Value of Displays by Region (LCD Monitors, Plasma, etc) (US$ Millions)
Table 9 Types of Displays (LCD Monitors, Plasma, etc-Units Thousands)
Table 10 Average Size of Displays (LCD Monitors, Plasma, etc-Units Thousands)
Table 11 Average Number of Displays per Location (Units Thousands)
Table 12 Number of Integrated Displays, Set-Top Boxes, PC (Units Thousands), ASP, Revenues (US$ Millions)
Table 13 Number of Central Servers (Units Thousands), ASP, Revenues (US$ Millions)
Table 14 Number of 3D Displays (Units Thousands), Addition Costs to Add Software and Cameras ($US) and Total Worldwide Revenue Cost to Upgrade to 3D ($US Millions)
Table 15 Total Number of Holographic Systems (Units Thousands), Total Cost of Average Unit ($US), and Total Retail
Value of Holographic Displays ($US Millions)
Table 16 Commercial Display Screen Encasing Industry (Units Thousands; ASP; and Revenues US$ Millions)
Table 17 Shipments of Digital Displays by Device Display Driver (Digital Media Players, PCs and Device-free) in Digital Signage Networks (Units Thousands)
Table 18 Hard Disk Drives and Solid-State Drives in PCs or Digital Media Players (Units Thousands; ASP; Revenues US$ Millions)
Table 19 Type of Tuners in Set-Top Boxes or Displays by Regional Use (Units Thousands)
Table 20 Percentage of Networks that Communicate With Customers Using Different Forms of Wireless Integration (RFID, Cellular, etc)
Table 21 Percentages of Digital Displays Using Cabling and Connectivity Hardware
Table 22 Number of Cables or Hardware Used in Digital Signage Installations (Units Thousands)
Table 23 Average Cost per Cable or Hardware (US$)
Table 24 Total Revenues of Cabling and Hardware in Digital Signage Applications (US$ Millions)
Table 25 Number and Percentage of Digital Signage Networks that are Predominantly Wireless Connected (Units Thousands)
Table 26 Estimated Installation Costs By Averaging per Display in Digital Signage Networks ($US Thousand)
Table 27 Percentage of New Operating Systems in Digital Signage Networks
Table 28 New Software Spends For End-to-End Solutions by Region (Revenues $US Millions)
Table 29 Type of Software Platforms (One-Time, SaaS, Free) by Percentage
Table 30 New Software Spends to Software as a Service by Region (US$ Millions)
Table 31 Comparison of Total Software Service Providers
Table 32 Total Software Service Providers Major Deployments, Partners, and Features
Table 33 Total Cost of Analytics in Digital Signage Networks (Units Thousands, % Install, ASP, and U$$ Millions)
Table 34 Total Cost of Touch Screens and Software (Units Thousands, % Install, ASP, Revenue in $US Millions)

List of Figures

Figure 1 New Total Software Solutions Spends by Region (US$ Millions)
Figure 2 Evolution of Digital Signage
Figure 3 The Seedlings of a New Technology
Figure 4 A Common Equipment Distribution of Digital Signage Networks
Figure 5 Basic Structure of Digital Signage Network
Figure 6 Differentiating Digital Signage Hardware
Figure 7 Simple Wiring Diagram of a 4 x 4 HDMI Matrix Switcher

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- Titan Outdoor Advertising
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- NTT Communications
- TouchTunes
- Daktronics
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- TruMedia
- Digital Recall
- Panasonic
- Trusonic
- Philips
- Vivetek
- POD Digital
- watchFire Technology
- EnQii
- Prairie Meadows Racetrack
- Westinghouse
- Gefen
- Premier Retail Network
- Westlake Software
- GestureTek
- Provision Interactive Technologies
- Wireless Ronin Technology
- Global Display Solutions
- Pulse LINK
- Wirespring
- Harris
- InfoCenter PumpTopTV

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown