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Rapid Thermal Processing and beyond: Applications in Semiconductor Processing

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  • September 2008
  • 448 Pages
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Special topic volume with invited papers only.

Heat-treatment and thermal annealing are very common processing steps which have been employed during semiconductor manufacturing right from the beginning of integrated circuit technology. In order to minimize undesired diffusion, and other thermal budget-dependent effects, the trend has been to reduce the annealing time sharply by switching from standard furnace batch-processing (involving several hours or even days), to rapid thermal processing involving soaking times of just a few seconds. This transition from thermal equilibrium, to highly non-equilibrium, processing was very challenging and is still a field ripe for further development.

This special-topic book, “Rapid Thermal Processing and Beyond: - Applications in Semiconductor Processing” focuses on various aspects of Rapid Thermal and Millisecond Annealing and is arranged so as to follow the major processing steps involved in high-performance transistor fabrication, without claiming to be a complete catalogue of all of the Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) steps currently in use.

Starting with the silicon wafer-material itself and emphasizing various READ MORE >

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Preface of Wilfried Lerch, Juergen Niess v

Personal Memories of István Bársony vii

Zsolt Nényei: An Early Pioneer in Rapid Thermal Processing of Fred Roozeboom xi

Dedication about Dedication of Bob MacKnight xiii

Chapter 1: Historical RTP Review

The Expanding Role of Rapid Thermal Processing in CMOS Manufacturing
J. Nakos and J. Shepard

Evolution of Commercial RTP Modules
B. Peuse

Chapter 2: Wafer Parameter Tuning and Defects

Fast Diffusion in Germanium and Silicon Investigated by Lamp-Based
Rapid Thermal Annealing
N. Stolwijk, L. Lerner, A. Giese and W. Lerch

Rapid Thermal Processing and the Control of Oxygen Precipitation Behaviour
in Silicon Wafers
R. Falster and V. Voronkov

High Temperature RTP Application in SOI Manufacturing
C. Maleville, E. Neyret, D. Delprat and L. Ecarnot

Chapter 3: Surface Preparation and Gate Dielectrics

Cleaning of Silicon Surfaces for Nanotechnology
O. Senftleben, H. Baumgärtner and I. Eisele

Heavy Water in Gate Stack Processing
A.E. Pap, C. Dücso, K. Kamarás, G. Battistig and I. Bársony

Advanced Gate Dielectric Development for VLSI Technology
Y. Ma

A Growth Kinetics Model for the Radical Oxidation of Silicon
O. Storbeck, W. Pethe and R. Hayn

Investigation of Ultra Thin Thermal Nitrided Gate Dielectrics in Comparison to Plasma Nitrided Gate Dielectrics for High-Performance Logic Application for 65nm
M. Trentzsch, C. Golz, K. Wieczorek, R. Stephan, T. Mantei, B. Bayha, S. Ohsiek,
M. Raab, Z. Nenyei, W. Lerch, J. Niess, W. Dietl, C. Kirchner and G. Roters

High-K: Latest Developments and Perspectives
A.J. Bauer, M. Lemberger, T. Erlbacher and W. Weinreich

Production Worthy ALD in Batch Reactors
A. Gschwandtner

Chapter 4: USJ Formation and Metrology

Ultra Shallow Depth Profiling with SIMS
H.-U. Ehrke

Implant Annealing – An Evolution from Soak over Spike to Millisecond Annealing
S. Paul and W. Lerch

A Light-Induced Annealing of Silicon Implanted Layers
B. Lojek

Laser Annealing of Implanted Semiconductor Layers - One Bridge to Nano-Processing
H.D. Geiler

An Overview of ms Annealing for Deep Sub-Micron Activation
J.C. Gelpey, S. McCoy, D. Camm and W. Lerch

Extended Defects Evolution in Pre-Amorphised Silicon after
Millisecond Flash Anneals
F. Cristiano, E.M. Bazizi, P.F. Fazzini, S. Boninelli, R. Duffy, A. Pakfar,
S. Paul and W. Lerch

Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Annealing Processes
A. Martinez-Limia, P. Pichler, C. Steen, S. Paul and W. Lerch

Vacancy Engineering - An Ultra-Low Thermal Budget Method for High-Concentration 'Diffusionless' Implantation Doping
N.E.B. Cowern, A.J. Smith, N. Bennett, B.J. Sealy, R. Gwilliam, R.P. Webb,
B. Colombeau, S. Paul, W. Lerch and A. Pakfar

Ultra-Shallow Junction Formation Using Rapid Thermal Processing
A. Jain

Ultra-Rapid Thermal Process for ULSIs
K. Suguro

Advanced Millisecond Annealing Technologies and its Applications and Concerns on Advanced Logic LSI Fabrication Processes
M. Kase, T. Yamamoto and T. Kubo

Doping Strategies for FinFETs
B.J. Pawlak, R. Duffy and A. De Keersgieter

Chapter 5: Advanced Silicides Formation

RTP Requirements for CMOS Integration of Dual Work Function Phase Controlled Ni- FUSI (Fully Silicided) Gates with Simultaneous Silicidation of nMOS (NiSi) and pMOS (Ni- Rich Silicide) Gates on HfSiON
A. Lauwers, J. Kittl and K. Maex

Chapter 6: Pattern Effects

A Short History of Pattern Effects in Thermal Processing
P.J. Timans

Conduction Heating in RTP Fast, and Pattern-Independent
E. Granneman

Advanced Annealing Schemes for High-Performance SOI Logic Technologies
T. Feudel

Chapter 7: Temperature Measurement Model Based Measurement in Advanced Rapid Thermal Processing
C. Merkl and R. Bremensdorfer

Chapter 8: Flash Annealing for ULSI and Beyond Si Short Time Thermal Processing: From Electronics via Photonics to Pipe Organs of the 17th Century
W. Skorupa .

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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