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Gmpls Market Development

  • ID: 6739
  • July 2002
  • 36 pages
  • Pioneer Consulting
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This report module examines the market for Gmpls applications. It specifically focuses on service provisioning and activation trouble-shooting and restoration, traffic engineering, resource management and capacity planning, voice support, value-added services and limitations and obstacles. Also included is a discussion of Gmpls standardization, Gmpls alternatives(such as Mpls, G.Astn, O-uni and O-nni and Pnni). Vendor standard endorsements and optical equipment segments (IP routers and ATM switches, digital cross connects and ADMs, Dwdm equipment, OXCs) are also examined. This report is absolutely necessary for anyone seeking an understanding of the Gmpls market and its key developments.

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<P>Chapter 4: GMPLS Market Development <BR>4.1 GMPLS Applications and Benefits <BR>4.1.1 Service Provisioning and Activation <BR>4.1.2 Trouble-shooting and Restoration <BR>4.1.3 Traffic Engineering <BR>4.1.4 Resource Management and Capacity Planning <BR>4.1.5 Voice Support <BR>4.1.6 Value-Added Services <BR> Optical VPNs <BR> Dynamic Bandwidth-on-Demand (BOD) Services <BR> Tiered Services and Service Level Agreements <BR>4.1.7 Limitations and Obstacles <BR>4.2 Current Status of GMPLS Standardization <BR>4.3 GMPLS Alternatives <BR>4.3.1 Proprietary Solutions and De Facto Standards <BR>4.3.2 Alternative or Related Standards <BR> MPLS <BR> G.ASTN and G.ASON <BR> O-UNI <BR> O-NNI and PNNI <BR>4.4 Vendor Standard Endorsements <BR>4.5 Optical Equipment Segments and GMPLS <BR>4.5.1 IP Routers and ATM Switches <BR>4.5.2 Digital Cross-Connects and Add-Drop Multiplexers <BR>4.5.3 DWDM Equipment—Wavelength Switches and Muxes <BR>4.5.4 OXCs—Optical and Photonic Switches <BR>4.5.5 GMPLS and OSS <BR>4.5.6 Multi-Vendor Equipment Issues <BR><BR>List of Exhibits <BR>Exhibit 4.1: Applications and Benefits of GMPLS <BR>Exhibit 4.2: Metro POP Architecture <BR>Exhibit 4.3: Service Provisioning Cost Savings <BR>Exhibit 4.4: Traditional vs. Enhanced Service Layers <BR>Exhibit 4.5: Comparison of Tiered Restoration Service Models <BR>Exhibit 4.6: Optical Management Software Examples <BR>Exhibit 4.7: Current Status of MPLS Deployment <BR>Exhibit 4.8: G.ASTN/G.ASON and GMPLS <BR>Exhibit 4.9: Hybrid Architectural Models <BR>Exhibit 4.10: Vendor Standard Endorsements <BR>Exhibit 4.11: GMPLS-Compliant Vendors <BR>Exhibit 4.12: Optical Equipment Segments <BR>Exhibit 4.13: GMPLS-Enabled Photonic Service Switching Architecture <BR>Exhibit 4.14: Metro Network Overlays <BR>Exhibit 4.15: The Intelligent Optical Network The report module is a section of the full report on GMPLS.</P><BR><P> </P>

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown