Gmpls Technology Primer

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  • July 2002
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This chapter provides an explanation of the emergence of the optical control plane and focuses on peer versus overlay networks and the evolution of Mpls/Gmpls. Also included is a discussion of the goals of Gmpls, resource discovery, topology/state information dissemination, path selection and link management, routing and LSP hierarchy issues signaling, protection and restoration issues and future functionality. Anyone seeking a clear, concise understanding of Gmpls technology will be well served by this report module.

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<P>Chapter 3: GMPLS Technology <BR>3.1 The Emergence of the Optical Control Plane <BR>3.1.1 Peer vs. Overlay Networks <BR>3.1.2 MPLS/GMPLS Evolution <BR>3.2 Key Functionality of GMPLS <BR>3.2.1 Introduction—Goals of GMPLS <BR>3.2.2 Resource Discovery <BR>3.2.3 Topology/State Information Dissemination <BR>3.2.4 Path Selection and Link Management <BR>3.2.5 Routing and LSP Hierarchy Issues <BR>3.2.6 Signaling, Protection and Restoration Issues <BR>3.2.7 Future Functionality <BR><BR>List of Exhibits <BR>Exhibit 3.1: Overlay vs. Peer Networks <BR>Exhibit 3.2: MPLS, GMPLS and UNI <BR>Exhibit 3.3: MPLS and GMPLS Comparison <BR>Exhibit 3.4: GMPLS Framework <BR>Exhibit 3.5: GMPLS Protocols <BR>Exhibit 3.6: Goals of GMPLS <BR>Exhibit 3.7: LSP Hierarchy <BR>Exhibit 3.8: Network-to-Network Interface Dependencies <BR>Exhibit 3.9: Shared Risk GroupsThis report module is a section of the full report on GMPLS.</P><BR><P>IMPORTANT PRODUCT NOTE: If you decide that after purchasing a chapter that you would like to order the entire report, just contact us and we'll simply bill you for the difference.</P><BR><P> </P>

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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