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Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VII

Selected, peer reviewed papers from 7th International Conference on Fracture and Damage Mechanics, FDM 2008, 9-11 September, 2008, Korea

This volume is made up of contributions from researchers in 22 countries. It aims to promote exchange of the latest experimental and theoretical results on structural integrity, durability and failure analysis; with the emphasis on fracture and damage mechanics.

It covers a wide range of topics: Fracture Mechanics, Failure Analysis, Corrosion, Creep, Non-Linear problems, Dynamic Fracture, Residual Stress, Environmental Effects, Crack Propagation, Repair Techniques, Composites, Ceramics, Polymers, Metallic and Concrete materials, Probabilistic Aspects, Risk Analysis, Damage Tolerance, Fracture Control, Computer Modelling Methods (Finite Elements, Boundary Elements and Meshless), Microstructural and Multiscale Aspects.

This work therefore presents an up-to-date overview of the latest developments in the fields of fracture and damage mechanics, and will be essential reading for anyone having an interest in this key research field.
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Preface vii

A Consideration of Cleavage Crack Propagation in Fe2Si Steel
F. Sorbello, P.E.J. Flewitt, A.G. Crocker and G.E. Smith

Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Analysis in a Titanium Alloy
A.M. Korsunsky, D. Dini and M.J. Walsh

A Criterion for Crack Kinking Out of an Interface
D. Leguillon and S. Murer

Geomatrically Nonlinear Analysis of Cracked Stiffened Curved Panels by DBEM
P.M. Baiz and M.H. Aliabadi

A Finite Element Analysis of Scarf Joint for Controlling the Triaxiality Function
in Adhesive Bonding
I. Hilmy, M.M. Abdel Wahab, I.A. Ashcroft and A.D. Crocombe

A Study of the Dynamic Plane Strain Fracture Toughness of Concrete by SHPB
J. Qu and G.P. Zou

About the Effects of Residual Stress States Coming from Manufacturing Processes on the Behaviour of Riveted Joints
F. Caputo, G. Lamanna and A. Soprano

Failure Analysis of Diesel Engine Intake Valve
A. Göksenli and B. Eryürek

An Analysis of Aging Characteristics of Tilting Train under Accelerated Aging Environment
J.P. Nam, S.H. Yoon, Y.E. Hwang, H. Li and Q.F. Li

Analysis for Mechanical Properties of Spiral Accumulating Core Used for
Permanent Magnet Motor
N.A. Noda, B. Zhang, K. Yonemaru, S. Higo and Y. Takamatu

Test Analysis for RC Beams Strengthened with Externally Bonded
Prestressed CFRP Laminates
S.Q. Cui, J.S. Wang, Z.Z. Pei and Z. Liu

Analysis of Critical Damage of Thin Plate Subjected to Contact Explosions
S. Wang, J. Zhang and X.H. Shi

Assessment of Extrinsic Crack Tip Shielding in Austenitic Steel near Fatigue Threshold
J. Pokluda, Y. Kondo, K. Slámecka, P. Šandera and J. Horníková

Cavity Dynamic Formation and Bifurcation of the Rubber-Like Sphere
G.H. Wu, Y. Wang, L.Q. Tang and Y. Yang

Contact Fatigue Behaviour of PVD-Coated Spur Gears
S. Baragetti, A. Terranova and F. Tordini

Cement Loop Damage Mechanism in the Process of Repairing Casing
L.Q. Tang, S.Z. Sun, C.C. Wu and X.M. Yu

Computational Program for Non-Equilibrium Grain Boundary Segregation Kinetics
J. Wang, Q.F. Li and E.B. Liu

Crack Development in Concrete, Part 1: Fracture Experiments and CT-Scan Observations
E. Schlangen

Crack Development in Concrete, Part 2: Modelling of Fracture Process
E. Schlangen

The Rationale of Adhesive Postinstalled Method to Estimate the Concrete Strength
S.Q. Cui, J.S. Wang, X.W. Kong and H.W. Li

Cracking Cohesive Law Thermodynamically Equivalent to a Non-Local Damage Model
F. Cazes, A. Simatos, M. Coret, A. Combescure and A. Gravouil

Crushing Behaviour of CFRP Composite Structure
H. Ghasemnejad, H. Hadavinia and E. Lewis

Crack Spacing and the Flow Stress in NiTi Thin Films Deposited on Cu Substrate
Y.H. Li, F.L. Meng, C.S. Liu and Y.M. Wang

Crack Width of SRC Members Based on Fracture Mechanics
B. Wang, S.S. Zheng, M.Z. Wu, L. Li and L. Zeng

Damage Analysis of the SRHSHPC Frame Columns under Low Cyclic
Reversed Horizontal Loading
S.S. Zheng, L. Zhang, B. Wang, L. Li and L. Zeng

Dynamic Growing Crack Tip Field in Visco-Elastic Compressible Material
Y. Yang, L.Q. Tang, Y. Wang and C. Feng

Dynamic Stress Intensity Problem of SH-Wave by Double Linear Cracks near a Circular Hole
H.L. Li, H. Li and Y. Yang

Effect of Supporting Conditions on the Fatigue Life of Shaft Based on
Product Lifecycle Management
Y.T. Li, P. Ma and M. Song

Effects of Microstructure and Humidity on Fatigue Strength of Maraging Steel
M. Miyazono, N. Kawagoishi, Q.Y. Wang, E. Kondo and T. Nagano

Effects of Rim and Web Thickness on Gear Tooth Root, Rim and Web Stresses
G. Marunic

Electrochemical Behavior of Cu-Bearing CrMo Steel in H2S Saturated Aqueous Brine Solution
Q.C. Tian, X.M. Dong and Q.A. Zhang

Numerical Investigation of Stress Singularities in Cracked Bimaterial Body
L. Náhlík, L. Šestáková and P. Hutar

Evaluation of Perforation Resistance of Magnesium Alloy by Hypervelocity Impact
R. Kubota, A. Shimamoto, D. Numata and K. Takayama

Fatigue Resistance Assessment of Slurry Coating Steel Substrate Compounds
under Cyclic Loading
K.G. Anthymidis, C. David and D.N. Tsipas

Excavation Damage in Unsaturated Porous Media
C. Arson and B. Gatmiri

Experimental Investigations on the Effects of Thermal Residual Stresses on the Efficiency of Repaired Panels with Glass/Epoxy Composite Patch
H. Hosseini-Toudeshky, M. Shamboli and B. Mohammadi

Experimental Study on Seismic Damage Model of the SRHSHPC Composite Frame Columns
S.S. Zheng, L. Zhang, L. Li, B. Wang and M. Xie

Experimental Study on the Shear Behaviors of the SRHSHPC Composite Frame Columns
L. Zhang, S.S. Zheng, Q.N. Li, L. Li and B. Wang

Numerical Characterization and Validation of Vehicle Collisions
A. Grimaldi, A. Soprano and F. Caputo

Far Field Solution of SH-Wave Scattered by a Circular Cavity and a Mode III Crack
in Half Space
B.T. Sun, P.L. Yan and Z.L. Yang

Fatigue Strength of Maraging Steel at Elevated Temperatures
T. Iwamoto, N. Kawagoishi, N. Yan, E. Kondo and K. Morino

Fatigue-Cumulative Damage Model of RC Crane Girders Strengthened with FRP Strips
S.S. Zheng, B. Wang, L. Li, L. Zhang and P.J. Hou

FEM Analysis for Sealing Performance of Hydraulic Pressure Brake Hose Caulking Portion
H. Kawahara, S. Yoshimura and N.A. Noda

Fitness-For-Service Assessment of the Pipelines with Localized Geometric Imperfections such as Buckles and Wrinkles
Z.M. Yang, S.B. Kumar and J.P. Tronskar

Fracture Behavior and Microstructure of Ti 3AlC2 Ceramics Prepared by SHS/PHIP Method
Z.Y. Ren, C. Li and Q.F. Li

Theoretical Approach to Calculate Surface Chloride Content Cs of Submerged Concrete under Sea Water Laden Environment
I.S. Yoon

High Cycle Fatigue Properties and Failure Mode in Ni-Cr-Mo Steel Tempered
at Low Temperature
Y. Mochizuki, M. Nakajima and T. Shimizu

Inference Engine and Explanation Mechanism in the Expert System of Fracture Mechanics Analysis for Component Design
S.F. Zhu, Q.F. Li and Z.H. Yu

Influence of Anisotropic Properties Upon Stress Intensity Factors under Biaxial Stress
A. Shimamoto, H. Ohkawara and J.H. Nam

Influence of Grain Size on Notch Sensitivities in Fatigue of Carbon Steel
T. Kanemaru, N. Kawagoishi, E. Kondo, Q.Y. Wang and Y. Ohzono

Investigation into Damage of Aluminum Multi-Wall Shield under
Hypervelocity Projectiles Impact
G.S. Guan, B.J. Pang, R.Q. Chi and N.G. Cui

Failure of Polyurethane Foams under Different Loading Conditions
L. Marsavina, T. Sadowski, D.M. Constantinescu and R. Negru

Low-Cycle Fatigue Life Prediction by a New Critical-Plane Method
D. Jin, J.H. Wu and Y. Zhang

Mechanical Behaviors of Torsion Actuator of Shape Memory Alloy
B. Zhou, Z.Q. Wang, S.H. Yoon and G.P. Zou

A New Method to Calculate Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor for V-Notch in a Bi-Material Plate
Y.T. Li, Z.Y. Rui and C.F. Yan

Micromechanics Method to Evaluate Fatigue Life of Ni-Based Superalloys
during Morphological Evolution
W.P. Wu, Y.F. Guo and Y.S. Wang

Effect of Recessing Length in Adhesive Layer on the Cleavage Joints
M. You, Z. Li, X.L. Zheng and Z.M. Yan

Non-Linear Step-by-Step Seismic Response and the Push-Over Analysis Comparison of a Reinforced Concrete of Ductile Frames 15 Level Building
J.A. Ávila and E. Martínez

Numerical Simulation on Mixed Mode I-II Crack Propagation Process in Concrete
Q. Xu, W. Dong and Z.M. Wu

On the Evaluation of the Service Life of Shaft-Bushing Tribosystems at Low Speed
A. Calabrese, P. Morelli, A. Morri, G. Sambogna and F. Tarterini

On the Tensile and Compressive Fatigue Behaviour of Notched CFRP Laminates
G. Minak and P. Morelli

On the Growth, the Arrest and the Restart of a Crack during a Dynamic
Brittle Fracture Experiment
D. Grégoire, H. Maigre and A. Combescure

Optimum Dimensions of Thin Walled Tube on the Mechanical Performance of Super Stud Bolt
Y. Xiao, M. Kuhara, N.A. Noda, K. Saito, M. Nagawa, A. Yumoto and A. Ogasawara

Postbuckling Analysis of Laminate with Delamination Based on the Improved
Damage Model of 2-D
G. Yang, A.F. Zhang, H.B. Wang and P. Niu

Reliability Analysis of Structure System Considering Failure Modes of Strength,
Fatigue and Buckling
W.G. An, H. An and Y.Y. Zhang

Reliability-Based Structural Optimization of Stochastic Structure Systems Considering Stability
X.C. Yan

Research on Performance of Reduced Web Connections in Steel Frame
Y.S. Shao, L. Jin, H.B. Liu and L.L. Xie

Risk-Based Research on Failure Mode of High-Arch Concrete Dam
Z.T. Chen

Scattering of SH-Waves and Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor by an Interacting Mode III Crack and a Lining Structure in Half Space
Z.L. Yang, M.J. Xu and B.T. Sun

Damage Evolution of Laminated Composites Using Continuum Damage Mechanics Incorporate with Interface Element
B. Mohammadi, H. Hosseini-Toudeshky and M.H. Sadr-Lahidjani

Simple Approach for Computing Chloride Diffusivity of (Non)Carbonated Concrete
I.S. Yoon

Statistical Analysis for Fatigue Life of Concrete
D.F. Zhao, W.W. Kong and X.R. Song

Studies on Expansion Properties in Concrete Containing Waste Glass, Silica Fume, Rice Husk Ash and Polypropylene Fibers
A. Sadrmomtazi, O. Alidoust and A.K. Haghi

On Fracture Mechanics Testing Technique Based on Compliance of Specimens
L.X. Cai, L. Jin and C. Bao

Crack Propagation Behavior of Asphalt Concrete; Part I: A Study into Influence
of Different Materials
T. Xie, Z.Z. Jiang, Y.J. Qiu and B. Lan

Crack Propagation Behavior of Asphalt Concrete; Part II: A Study into Influence
of Loading Rates
Z.Z. Jiang, T. Xie, Y.J. Qiu and B. Lan

Study on Restrained Expansive Deformation of Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-Stressing Concrete
H.A. He and C.K. Huang

Studying on the Synchronization of a Mechanical Centrifugal Flywheel Governor System
Y.D. Chu, J.G. Zhang, X.F. Li and Y.X. Chang

The Directly Damaged Identification Method of Frame Structures Based on Residual Force Vector
W.J. Zou and W.L. Qu

The Effect of the Singularity Induced by the Free Surface on Fatigue Crack Growth
in Thin Structures
P. Hutar, L. Náhlík and Z. Knésl

The Elastic-Viscoplastic Field at the Mixed-Mode Crack-Tip under Compression and Shear
W.Y. Liang, Z.Q. Wang, B. Zhou and H.Q. Lv

The Influence of Stiffness Decay on Fatigue Reliability of Truss System
H. An, W.G. An and Y.Y. Zhang

The Mesoscopic Investigation on Moduli Prediction in Visco-Elastic Particle Reinforced Composites
X.Z. Ding and L.Q. Tang

Application of Mesh Free Method to Evaluation of Woven Fabric Composite Elastic Moduli
P.H. Wen and M.H. Aliabadi

Flexural Toughness and Crack Strength of Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composite
A. Sadrmomtazi, F. Zerafatangiz, O. Alidoust and A.K. Haghi

Fatigue Crack Monitoring Using Image Correlation
P. López-Crespo, A. Shterenlikht, E.A. Patterson, J.R. Yates and P.J. Withers

Review of Experimental Models for Confirmation of Mathematical Models of Gears
B. Aberšek and J. Flašker

Flexural Performance of U-Shaped Precast Concrete Beams with Non-Contact Lapped Splice
S.S. Ha and S.H. Kim

Bending and Shear Strength of I-Slab with Polystyrene Forms
S.H. Kim, K.K. Lee, H.S. Lee, K.J. Lee and I.S. Kang

The Effect of Mechanical Stress on Barkhausen Noise from Heat-Treated Permalloy Plates
H. Nishihara, K. Kojima, S. Taniguchi, T. Sagae, M. Harada, T. Ogino, S. Matsumoto, H. Maeda, Y. Shindo and N. Ohtsuka.

Real-Time Measurements on Crack-Tip Deformation Fields of LY12 Samples
under Impact Tension
S.Y. Chen, T. Lan, X.M. Chen, W.G. Kong and G.Q. Ni

Stress Analysis of Composite Plates with Non-Circular Cutout
J. Rezaeepazhand and M. Jafari

Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Crack Closure
P. López-Crespo, D. Camas-Peña, A. González-Herrera, J.R. Yates, E.A. Patterson and J. Zapatero

Dynamic Damage Analysis of SRC Frame Structure under Earthquake Action
S.S. Zheng, B. Wang, L. Zhang, L. Li and W. Wang

Buckling of Perforated Plates Repaired with Composite Patches
J. Rezaeepazhand and H. Sabori

Experimental Study on Compressive Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
W. Wang, H. Ling, X.N. Wang, T. Xia, D.Z. Wang and Y.B. Jiang

Corrosion Behavior and Mechanism of a Cu-Ni Alloy in Marine Environment
Q.F. Li, C.H. Li and Y.J. Qiao

Dynamic Anti-Plane Behaviors of a Semi-Infinite Piezoelectric Medium with a Circular Cavity and a Crack near the Surface
T.S. Song, D. Li, X.W. Wang and S.L. Dong

Blade Failure in Second Stage Turbine
K. Mohammadi and A.K. Haghi

Effect of Humidity on Fatigue Strength of Squeeze Cast Al Alloy
Y. Sofuku, N. Kawagoishi, M. Adachi, K. Okutani and Y. Maeda

Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation of the Failure of a Gas Turbine Compressor Blade
N. Nourbakshnia, S. Ziaei-Rad, A. Kermanpur and H. Sepehri Amin

Thermal Fatigue of Thermal Barrier Coatings by Atmospheric Plasma Spraying
H.Y. Qi, H.Q. Ma, X. Li, X.G. Yang and D.Q. Shi

A Comparison of Two Direct Methods of Generalized Stress Intensity Factor Calculations of Bi-Material Notches
J. Klusák, T. Profant and M. Kotoul

Welding Behavior Analysis of Stiffened Stainless Steel Structure
H. Li and H.L. Ren

A Numerical Analysis of Double Notch on Stress Distribution in Single Lap Aluminium Joints
X.L. Zheng, Z. Li, M. You, S. Yu and M.R. Zhao

Study on Enhancement of Mechanical Strength by Knotted Shape Memory Alloy Fiber in TiNi Fiber Composites
Y.L. Zhao, J. Li and M. Jin

Effect of Nitrogen on Creep Properties of 22Cr-25Ni Austenitic Heat-Resistant Steels
Y.U. Kim, W.S. Jung, Y.H. Chung and S.I. Kwun

Comparison of Impact Properties of Sn-9Zn and Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu Lead-Free Solder Ball Joints
I. Shohji, S. Shimoyama, H. Ishikawa and M. Kojima

Effect of Thermal Cycle Conditions on Thermal Fatigue Life of Chip Size Package Solder Joint
I. Shohji, T. Tohei, K. Yoshizawa, M. Nishimoto, Y. Ogawa and T. Kawano

Approximate Method for Predicting Inelastic Displacement of SDF Systems
M.S. Bae, J.B. Kim and S.W. Han

Mechanical Properties of Scandia Stabilised Zirconia with Alumina Addition
W. Araki, H. Norigoe and T. Adachi

Wood Fibre Reinforced Cement Matrix: A Micromechanical Based Approach
M.G. Sierra Beltran and E. Schlangen

Crack Size Dependency of Shear-Mode Fatigue Crack Threshold in Bearing Steel
S. Muramoto, H. Matsunaga, S. Moriyama and M. Endo

A Study of Crack Propagation in BCC Iron by Molecular Dynamics Method
Y. Gao, C. Lu, G. Michal and A.K. Tieu

Atomic Simulation of Effect of Stacking Fault and Dislocation on Fracture
Behavior in Fe Crystal
C. Lu, Y. Gao, H.T. Zhu and A.K. Tieu

Pore Properties of Eco-Material for Erosion Control of Slope and its Fractal Features
J. Wang, Z.L. Hu, J.R. Zhang and M.Z. Zhang

Stability Maps of a Cracked Timoshenko Beam Resting on Elastic Soils under
Sub-Tangential Forces
E. Viola, A. Marzani and W. Hasan

Investigation of Static and Dynamic Response of Graphite and Carbon Fiber Modified
Conductive Asphalt-Based Composite
N. Li, S.P. Wu and C.H. Liu

Temperature Sensitivity of Asphalt-Aggregate Adhesion via Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
S.P. Wu, Y. Xiao, Q.T. Liu and T.W. Cao

Thin Liquid Crystal Film for Corrosion Sensing
F. Kossivas and A. Kyprianou

The Effect of Ageing on Rheological Properties and Chemical Conversions of Asphalts
S.P. Wu, L. Pang and G.J. Zhu

Contributions in the Study of Hybrid Layered Composites under Static and Variable Loads
N. Constantin, V. Anghel, M. Gavan and S. Sorohan

Experimental Investigation on Fracture and Tensile Characteristics of Micro-Surfacing Containing Crumb Rubber
Z. Chen, S.P. Wu, T. Zhang and L. Pang

Influences of Aging History on Low Temperature Performance of Asphalt Concrete
S.P. Wu, G.J. Zhu, L. Pang and C.H. Liu

Preparation of Amido Modified Silicone in Microemulsion
J.S. Liu, S.Q. Huang and S.P. Wu

Investigation of Flow Instability in High Temperature Deformation of INCONEL Alloy 783 Using Processing Map Approach
J.T. Yeom, E.J. Jung, J.H. Kim, J.K. Hong, N.K. Park, S.S. Choi and C.S. Lee

Effect of Strain-Induced Martensitic Transformation on Coaxing Effect of
Austenitic Stainless Steels
J.W. Jung, M. Makajima, Y. Uematsu, K. Tokaji and M. Akita

Characteristics of Deformation-Induced Transformation in Steel 2.25Cr1Mo
Q.F. Li and H.B. Chen

Stress Analysis for Shrink Fitting System Used for Ceramics Conveying Rollers
Hendra, M. Tsuyunaru, N.A. Noda and Y. Takase

A Study of Residual Stresses in Al/SiCp Linear Friction Weldment by Energy-Dispersive Neutron Diffraction
T.S. Jun, F. Rotundo, L. Ceschini and A.M. Korsunsky

Mathematical Model for Compressive Stress-Strain Curve of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
W. Wang, L.J. Yang and X.N. Wang

Equivalent Stress Intensity Factor of Pre-Northridge Connections
L. Ding, H.B. Liu, Y.S. Shao and C.H. Zhai

Fast Analytical Algorithm for Fatigue Crack Life Estimations of Integrally Stiffened Metallic Panels
S.M. Häusler and P. Horst

Application of Artificial Neural Network to Forecast the Tensile Fatigue Life of Carbon Material
X.L. Liao, W.F. Xu and Z.Q. Gao

Study on the Fatigue Behavior of Carbon/Carbon Composites
X.L. Liao, W.F. Xu and Z.Q. Gao

On the Inclined Surface Crack Terminating at the Orthotropic Bimaterial Interface
T. Profant and M. Kotoul

Fatigue Behavior of Non-Crimp Fabrics
P. Horst and S. Adden

Fatigue Analysis on a Full Scale Fuselage Panel
A. Apicella, E. Armentani and S. Priore

Fatigue Properties Improvement of Notched Structural Steel Sheets
N. Hattori, K. Nakayama, M. Zhang and S.I. Nishida

Sensitivity of Fatigue Crack Growth Data to Specimen Geometry
S. Seitl, P. Hutar and Z. Knésl

Electro-Mechanical Admittance-Based Damage Detection Using Extreme Value Statistics
C.P. Providakis

Evolution of Relevant Parameters on Fretting Fatigue Tests
M. Buciumeanu, A.S. Miranda and F.S. Silva

The Thermoelectromechanical J-Integral and the Thermal Permeability of Cracks
A. Ricoeur and M. Kuna

Stress Singularity of Thermal Stresses in Three-Dimensional Bonded
Structures with an Interlayer
H. Koguchi and A. Taniguchi

Generalized Quasi-Variational Principles and Application in Nonlinear Non-Conservative Elasto-Dynamics
T. Fan and H.Y. Song

Low Cycle Fatigue of Cast Superalloy Inconel 738LC at High Temperature
K. Obrtlík, A. Chlupová, M. Petrenec and J. Polák

Stress Fields near Mode II Interface Crack Tip of Two Dissimilar Orthotropic Composite Materials
S.Q. Zhang, H.S. Yao and J.L. Li

Damage Evaluation Based on Electrical Resistance Measurement
L.J. Yang, B.X. Sun and Y.M. Guo

An Experimental Study on the Fatigue of Structural Steels with Various Welding Details
B.C. Goo

Numerical Simulation of Temperature Stress on Asphalt Pavement of Concrete
Bridge Deck in Cold Region
H. Wang, S.P. Wu, B. Li and C.H. Liu

Investigating Vibration Sources of Faulty Gear Units
A. Belsak and J. Flasker

Experimental Study on the Development of New Corrosion Inhibitor Contained a lot of Ca(No2)2 Using Concrete Structure
B.C. Moon, H.S. Lee and Y.J. Kim

Structural Similitude for Buckling of Delaminated Beams
J. Rezaeepazhand

Experimental Study on the Adhesion Properties of Zn-Al Metal Spray
Method for Steel Structures
J.H. Jin and H.S. Lee

The Analytical Trial Function Method (ATFM) for Finite Element Analysis of Plane
Crack/Notch Problems
X.R. Fu, S. Cen, Y.Q. Long, X.G. Jiang and J.S. Ju

Reliability Assessment of Corrosion Initiation of Harbor Concrete Structure Using FOSM
S.H. Han and W.S. Park

A Study on the pH Value Changes of Blended Cement Paste According to the Carbonation
S.H. Lee and H.S. Lee

Numerical Simulation of Autogenous Shrinkage in High-Performance Cement Paste Based on a Multi-Component Hydration Model
S.M. Lim, H.S. Lee and X.Y. Wang

Prediction of the Carbonation Depth of Concrete with a Mortar Finish
H.S. Lee and X.Y. Wang

Mechanical Property of Porous Titanium Produced by Spark Plasma Sintering
Y. Sakamoto, S. Moriyama, M. Endo and Y. Kawakami

An Analysis of the Behavior of Small Fatigue Cracks Emanating from Stress Concentrators
S. Ikeda, D. Koyanagi, M. Endo and Y. Sakamoto

A Study on the Fatigue Test of Bogie Frame by Stress Measurement
S.C. Yoon, C.S. Jeon, W.K. Kim, J.G. Kim and S.H. Chang

Fatigue Life Evaluation of Automotive Engine Mount Insulator
C.S. Woo, W.D. Kim and S. Hur

Structural Safety Assessment of Railway Freight Car during Static Loading
J.G. Kim, S.C. Yoon, J.W. Seo and S.T. Kwon

An Integrated Approach to Durability Design of Steel Structures against Atmospheric Corrosion
L. Cascini, R. Landolfo and F. Portioli

Analysis of Chloride Diffusion in Cracked Concrete
X.Y. Wang and H.S. Lee.

An Experimental Study on the Application of Cathodic Protection Method Applying Zn-Al Metal Spray on the RC Structure
M.H. Han and H.S. Lee

Thermographic Investigation of Hot Spots in Railway Brake Discs
J.G. Kim, B.C. Goo, S.C. Yoon and S.T. Kwon

Experimental Study on the Flexural Fatigue Damage Evolution of Layered
Fiber Reinforced Concrete
J. Wang, M.Z. Zhang and X.C. Fan

Analytical Study on the Chloride Ion Permeation of Reinforced Concrete Repaired
by Finishing Material
S.Y. Yun, S.H. Shin and H.S. Lee

Experimental Study on the Water Penetration into Mortar under Water Pressure Condition
J.Y. Yoo, H.S. Lee and Y.J. Kim

Crash Tests of Tension Bolts in Light Safety Collision Devices
J.S. Kim, H. Huh, W.M. Choi and T.S. Kwon

Analysis of Heat Generation during Fracture in Ceramic Matrix Composites
J.G. Kim

Modeling of a Long-Term Creep Curve of Alloy 617 for a High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor
W.G. Kim, S.N. Yin, I.H. Jung and Y.W. Kim

Mechanical Properties of Ductile Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites for Rehabilitation on Concrete Structures
G.S. Ryu, K.T. Koh, S.T. Kang and J.J. Park

The Influence of the Amount of Silica Fume on the Mechanical Property of Ultra-High Performance Concrete
J.J. Park, G.S. Ryu, S.T. Kang and S.W. Kim

Creep Curve Modeling to Generate the Isochronous Stress-Strain Curve of Type
316LN Stainless Steel
S.N. Yin, W.G. Kim, I.H. Jung, Y.W. Kim and S.J. Kim

Fracture Model for PT Flat Plate Connections under Seismic Loading
K.H. Moon, H.B. Jin and S.W. Han

Study on Calculation Method of Fracture Parameters of the Tubular Based on 3D VCCT
Q.Y. Wang, Y.J. Liu, X.G. Zeng and H.Y. Chen

Study on the Optimum Mixing Condition for Control of Spalling in High Strength Concrete by a Orthogonal Array
M.H. Lee, Y.H. Kim and J.C. Lee

Effects of Equal Channel Angular Pressing and Heat Treatment on Low Cycle Fatigue
Properties of 6005 Al Alloy
W.H. Kim, H.H. Cho, J.H. Cha, S.I. Kwun and D.H. Shin

The Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Equal-Channel Angular Pressed Al 5052 Alloy
J.H. Cha, H.H. Cho, W.H. Kim, S.I. Kwun and D.H. Shin

Application Technique of PZT Sensors to Detect Structural Damage
Y. Hong, S.H. Hwang, G.P. Wang and D.P. Hong

Fracture Analysis of an Oblique Crack Propagation in a Pre-Stressed Glass-Epoxy Composite
E.M. Craciun, A. Carabineanu and N. Peride

Computational Fracture Analyses of a Compact Tension Shear (CTS) Specimen with an Inclined Crack Plane
Q.F. Li, G.Y. Qi, S.Y. Yan and F.G. Buchholz

Impact Properties of Sn-0.75Cu Lead-Free Solder Ball Joint
I. Shohji, T. Osawa, T. Okashita and H. Watanabe

Evaluation of the Failure Elongation of Steel Sheets for an Auto-Body at the
Intermediate Strain Rate
S.B. Kim and H. Huh

Investigation of Rheological Properties of Asphalt Binders Containing Conductive Fillers
S.P. Wu, B. Li, J.F. Huang and Z.F. Liu

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Modeling of Chloride Penetration in Surface Treated Concrete
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Weibull Stress Analysis for an Embedded Crack in Reactor Pressure Vessels under
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The Effect of Volume Fraction of Steel Fiber on the Tensile Softening Behavior in
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A. Lamik, H. Leitner and W. Eichlseder

Dynamic Stability of Lateral Vibration of Bottom Hole Assemblies
G.H. Zhao and Z. Liang

Shape Optimization of Metal Welded Bellows Seal Based on the Turing Reaction-Diffusion Model Coupled with FEM
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A Study on Shear Reinforcement of Exterior Joints for Flat Plate
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Finite Element Modelling of Piezoelectric Sensors for Damage Identification
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Nondestructive Estimation of Fracture Toughness Using Instrumented Indentation Technique
K.W. Lee, H.U. Kim, S.W. Park, J.S. Lee, K.H. Kim and D.I. Kwon

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