Best Practices of Academic Library Technology Directors

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  • February 2005
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This study is based on interviews with IT directors and assistant directors of leading college and university libraries and consortiums, including The Research Libraries Group, Vanderbilt University, the University of Texas, Lewis & Clark College, Salt Lake Community College, the University of Washington, the California Institute of Technology, Hutchinson Community College and Australia's Monash University.

Among the many topics covered are:

investment in and maintenance of workstations, implementation of wireless access, policies towards laptops in the library, digitizing special collections, establishing digital depositories, preserving scholarly access to potentially temporal digital media, use of Ebooks, services for distance learning students, use of url resolvers, web site development and management, use of virtual reference, investment in library software, IT staff size and staff skill composition, range of IT staff responsibilities, use of outsourcing, relations between Library and general University IT staff, uses of PHP programming, catalog integration with the web, catalog enhancement software and services, web site search engine policies, use of automated electronic collection management software, technology education and training, development of technology centers and information literacy, library printing technology and cost reimbursement, and other issues of concern to library information technology staff directors.

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Summary Of Main Findings

Lewis & Clark College
Technology Staff And Budget
Electronic Reserves
Printing Technology
Virtual Reference Services:
Ur Resolver
Technology Investment
Library And Instructional Technology Center
Web Site
Advice To Other Libraries

The Research Libraries Group
Description Of The Research Libraries Group
The Preservation Of Digital Materials
How Close To The Search Engines Is Too Close?
A Book Is A Book Is A Book
Formal Relations Between The World Of Scholarship And The Search
Searching And Translation
Enhanced Image Searching And Presentation
Red Light/Green Light

University Of Texas At Arlington
General Description Of Ut Arlington
Role Of Wireless
Electronic Outreach
Library It Department Staff
Help Desk
Digital Media Classroom
Digital Library Services
Information Literacy Staff
Electronic Course Reserves
Printing Technology
Automating Electronc Collections Management
Advice To Other Libraries

The University Of Washington, Seattle
About The Library
Virtual Reference Services
Wireless Access
Url Link Resolver
Electronic Course Reserve System
Budget Priorities
Digital Initiatives
Upgrading Worksations
Printing Technology
Separate Technology Budget And Staff
Special Technology-Related Disbursements From The Unversity
Unified Search Interface
Web Site
Fate Of “My Library” Applications

Vanderbilt University
General Description
Virtual Reference
Digital Initiatives
Organization Of The Library Information Technology Services Group
Url Resolver
Wireless Access
Library Staff Training
Student Technology Training

California Institute Of Technology
Description Of The California Institute Of Technology
Library Dimensions
Dimensions Of The Library Staff
Devlelopment Of Depositories
Digital Initiatives
Unified Search Interface
Technology Education
Lending Out Of Laptops
Impact Of Wireless Access
Url Resolver
Virtual Reference
Software For Electronic Collection

Salt Lake Community College
Description Of Salt Lake Commmunity College
Size & Composition Of The It Department
Online Catalg
Web Site
Url Resolver
Wish List
Virtual Reference
Wireless Access
Computer Lab
Technology Training For Students

Hutchinson Community College And Area Vocational School
Description Of The Hutchinson Community College And Area Vocational
New Library Site
Five Factors In Better Technology Training
Web Site Management
Help Desk
Digital Reference
Electronic Books
Hutchinson's Top Ten Ebooktitles

Monash University
General Description Of Monash University
Database Licensing
Information Literacy
It Staff
Printing Technology
Virtual Reference
Wireless Access
Web Site
Search From The Website
Url Resolver
Electronic Course Reserve
Digitization Of Special Collections
For The Future

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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