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Emerging Trends in Mass Data Storage Devices

The research service discusses emerging trends in mass data storage devices.. It discusses in detail, development and adoption trends of advanced technologies in magnetic, optical and solid state discs storage domains.. It further highlights the new developments in this sector.

Technology Overview

Green Storage Solutions Hog the Limelight in Enterprise Data Storage Sector

Mass data storage technologies have been developing at a furious pace with numerous dimensions to their evolution. As environment-friendly initiatives are intertwined with business growth in the data storage device industry, green storage has become the latest buzzword. Every contributor along the value chain is striving hard to provide solutions aligned with the needs of this environment-conscious space. While power efficiency has been projected as a benefit of a number of solutions, global environmental awareness and associated regulations are pushing technologies to be energy efficient. Thus, growth in the mass data storage sector has been multipronged.

However, as market participants hop on to the green bandwagon in the enterprise storage sector, the challenge is to formulate specific standards that gauge the performance of these various solutions on a common platform. "As most participants feel that energy savings is just all about power management, they try to project innovative power management solutions that definitely contribute substantially to power efficiency but essentially need not map cumulatively to green standards," notes the analyst of this research service. "While going green is a vision of the enterprise industry, there are numerous challenges around the identified key enabling areas of focus that include virtualization, online data backup. tiered storage, de-duplication, and data compression."

Market Participants Must Develop Application-specific Data Storage Solutions

Trends indicate that the next generation of data storage solutions is expected to be application-centric rather than generic. Companies are paying special attention to mission-critical applications, identifying performance needs of specific sectors and customizing existing platforms to suit applications. Presently, Blu-Ray, flash SSD, and green storage solutions have had a huge impact on the markets they are designated to serve. The next generation of solutions must be tailormade to fit the requirements of the aerospace, defense, and medical devices sectors. Online data storage is emerging as a suitable solution for small enterprise data centers. However, the data security aspect must be given serious consideration to enable deeper market penetration of the platform. Uptake of Blu-Ray technology has been high in the entertainment industry, especially in the aftermath of Hollywood’s decision to adopt this format. As far as the enterprise domain is concerned, magnetic storage solutions are expected to continue their domination of the industry. Flash SSD, on the other hand, is hugely popular in the consumer electronics space.

"Research efforts are progressing actively in the academia and research labs worldwide, providing whole new dimensions to data storage technologies," notes the analyst. "The storage density these solutions promise indicates that a number of existing platforms and processes have to change totally to enjoy the fruits of these prospective performing innovations."

- Scope and Methodology
- - 1. Scope
- - 2. Methodology

Research Overview and Key Findings
- - 1. Research Overview
- - 2. Key Findings


- Magnetic Data Storage Devices--Technology Viewpoint
- - 1. Magnetic Data Storage--A Technology Snapshot
- - 2. Changing Outlook and Emerging Trends
- - 3. Magnetic Data Storage Devices--Looking Beyond Capacity

- Optical Data Storage Devices
- - 1. Optical Storage Technologies--Technology Snapshot
- - 2. Optical Data Storage--A Scenario Analysis
- - 3. Looking Beyond the Blu-Ray

- SSD Data Storage Devices
- - 1. SSD Data Storage--A Technology Snapshot
- - 2. SSD for Consumer Electronic Applications
- - 3. SSD for Reliable Applications


- Mass Data Storage Devices--Evolution Trends
- - 1. Digital Media and its Role in Technology Evolution--An Impact Analysis
- - 2. Green Data Storage--A Scenario Analysis
- - 3. Notable Innovation from Startups

- Mass Data Storage Technologies--Looking Beyond Data Capacity
- - 1. Funding Scenario in Mass Data Storage
- - 2. Analysis of the Development Chain
- - 3. Mass Data Storage Devices--A Futuristic Outlook


- Corporate--World
- - 1. Advanced Enterprise MAID Solutions--USA
- - 2. Innovative Storage Solutions for Hostile Environments--USA
- - 3. Innovative CNT Memory Devices--USA
- - 4. Innovative Nanochip Storage Devices for Next Generation Storage Systems--USA
- - 5. Next Generation Multi-Terabyte Optical Storage Technology--USA
- - 6. Holographic Technology for Next Generation Optical Enterprise Storage Systems--USA

- Academic--World
- - 1. An Innovative Technique to Enhance Optical Storage Capacity--USA
- - 2. Innovative Laser-Based Data Transfer Technique--Netherlands
- - 3. Ultrafast Quantum Dot Data Storage--Germany
- - 4. Three-Dimensional Data Storage--France


- Patents
- - 1. Patents I
- - 2. Patents II

- Key Contacts
- - 1. Corporate
- - 2. Academic and Research Labs


- Decision Support Database Tables
- - 1. Total DVD Players Installed Base--World (2002 to 2012)
- - 2. DVD Player Sales--World (2002 to 2012)
- - 3. Digital Camera Sales--World (2002 to 2012)
- - 4. Number of Internet Subscribers--World (2002 to 2012)
- - 5. Total PC Installed Base--World (2002 to 2012)
- - 6. Total Laptop Installed Base--World (2002 to 2012)
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