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Expertise Locator Systems

  • ID: 70435
  • February 2004
  • 143 pages
  • American Productivity & Quality Center, APQC
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As organizations become more complex and more globally dispersed and as expertise becomes more specialized, leaders are looking for methods to help employees determine where to search and find answers. To minimize the amount of time employees spend looking for information and to design and deploy effective approaches to find expertise, organizations are turning to expertise locator systems. This benchmarking report details how this integrated approach to people, process, technology, and content can connect people, assist in career development, and provide support for teams and communities of practice.

The report is organized around the key steps in the process of designing, deploying, maintaining, and measuring an ELS. It begins with a description of these various steps and best practices and then proceeds through the detailed descriptions of partners’ approaches and design choices.

The first section of this report provides an overview of the study findings and best practices in all aspects of ELS. It begins with a discussion of the various perspectives regarding what constitutes “expertise,” which was a defining characteristic of the partner approaches. READ MORE >

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Tab 1 - KTS Presentation (CD: ELS – KTS Presentation.ppt)

CD only - Sponsor and Partner Organizations*
A listing of the sponsor organizations in this study, as well as the bestpractice “partner” organizations that were benchmarked for their performance and practices in expertise locator systems.

CD only - Executive Summary*
An overview of the study, presenting key findings, and the methodology used throughout the course of the study. The findings are explored in detail in the following section.

CD only - Key Findings*
An in-depth look at findings of this study. The findings are supported by qualitative examples of practices employed by the partner organizations.

Tab 2 - Partner Organizational Profiles
Background information on the partner organizations, as well as their innovative practices to drive expertise locator systems. (CD: ELS – Partner Profiles.pdf)

Tab 3 - Eli Lilly Presentation (CD: ELS – Eli Lilly.pdf)

Tab 4 - Rockwell Collins Presentation (CD: ELS – Rockwell Collins.pdf)

Appendix - Supplemental Project Materials
Overview of partner FTE requirements for their ELS, Partner
responsibilities and roles in ELS, Summary of partners ELS cost, and Summary of survey questions (CD: ELS – Appendix.pdf)

* ELS - Final Report.pdf is located on the CD included with this binder.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown