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How Will IT Budgets Hold Up in 2009? (Customer Focus)

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  • February 2009
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  • Datamonitor
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After a tumultuous year in which the financial industry crumbled and demand in the global economy slumped, enterprises and vendors are approaching 2009 with a sense of foreboding. To address this uncertainty, Datamonitor has surveyed 520 IT decision makers in H2 2008 to gauge confidence levels among enterprises and provide insight into market opportunities for vendors.


- A detailed analysis of how IT budgets have been affected by the economic downturn.

- Assessment of business priorities for IT investment.

- Evaluation of the opportunities for business process outsourcing during a recession.

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The financial maelstrom which struck the global economy in 2008 has generated high levels of uncertainty in the enterprise technology market. Unfortunately, Datamonitor believes that 2009 is going to be an even harder year for enterprises and vendors.

A comparison of the results of The H2 2008 IT decision maker survey with the results of the H1 survey, reveals that enterprise confidence has deteriorated over the last six months. However, overall growth in IT budgets is set to remain flat in 2009.

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Global action to combat recession may not be enough 2
Technology vendors need to react to economic conditions 2
Enterprise IT expenditure is going to be affected by macroeconomic conditions 3
Total enterprise expenditure is unlikely to decrease significantly 3
Demand for IT solutions is affected by the downturn but is remaining resilient 4
Developed economies entering a recession are unlikely to recover until 2010 at the earliest 5
Australia 6
Benelux and the Nordics 6
Italy 7
Germany 7
France, the UK and the US 7
Stagflation is a possible outcome but deflation is a larger concern 7
Government debt is an important issue which will need to be addressed in the long term 8
Enterprise IT expenditure is affected by falling growth in GDP 8
Understanding vertical markets will maximize IT vendors revenue opportunities 10
Opportunities exist in every vertical market 11
Education 12
Healthcare 12
Manufacturing 13
Retail 13
Retail banking 13
Government 13
Pharmaceuticals 14
Contrary to expectations, business process outsourcing is not a key priority for enterprises 15
Vendors need to analyze opportunities by industry and country 17
Summary 18

Methodology 19
Further reading 19
Ask the analyst 19
Disclaimer 20

List of Tables
Table 1: How did your IT budget change in 2008? How will it change in 2009? 4
Table 2: How do you expect your IT budget to change in 2009? 5
Table 3: Real GDP growth (%) 2007-09 6
Table 4: How do you expect your IT budget to change in 2009? 9
Table 5: How will you formulate your IT budget in 2009 10
Table 6: What are you business priorities for investment in 2009? Rate 1-4 (1=low priority,4=high priority) 11
Table 7: How will your IT budget change in 2009? 12
Table 8: How much of a strategic priority is business process outsourcing? Rating 1-4 (1=low priority) 15
Table 9: Number of contracts recorded over the last six months 16

List of Figures
Figure 1: Enterprises are still planning to invest in IT to improve their competitiveness 3
Figure 2: Enterprises have reduced their IT budget expectations for 2009 in H2 2008 4
Figure 3: 2009 is going to see developed economies falling into recession 5
Figure 4: Enterprises are reacting to market conditions when forming their IT budgets 8
Figure 5: Enterprises are focused on specific projects and requirements when formulating IT budgets 9
Figure 6: Enterprises are more interested in raising efficiency than cutting costs 10
Figure 7: In most industries there are a sizable number of planned IT budget increases 11
Figure 8: Enterprises are not turning to outsourcing to lower costs 15
Figure 9: Understanding vertical markets within each country is crucial 17

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown