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Eastern European Logistics

  • ID: 71943
  • Report
  • February 2003
  • Region: Europe
  • 52 pages
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According to the European Commission, 'enlargement' is one of the "most important opportunities for the European Union at the beginning of the 21st century". Ten countries are on track to become new members: Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus and Latvia.

These nations are aligning their freight transport policies with the European model as part of the accession process. If alignment efforts are successful, it is envisaged that these nations will be granted EU membership in May 2004.

Eastern European Logistics provides information on the activities of domestic (local) logistics providers and European and US based logistics providers operating in the region. It outlines the logistical challenges and opportunities available, as well as providing the necessary background socio-economic and trade data on these countries.

The report is invaluable reading for any logistics provider wishing to understand the 'state of play' in these developing markets.

- Understand which countries offer the most potential for developing logistics services;
- Gain insight into the activities of domestic logistics providers in the region;
- Understand which non-domestic logistics providers have operations in the region;
- Compare and contrast socio-economic and trade data by country and evaluate the logistics infrastructure of the region.
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1.0 Executive Summary <BR>European Union enlargement and logistics development <BR>Investment in Eastern Europe <BR>Infrastructure <BR>Logistics providers <BR><BR>2.0 Introduction <BR><BR>3.0 Opportunities for Logistics Providers <BR>3.1 GDP size and growth <BR>Table 1: GDP growth rate comparison of accession countries, 1999-2001 <BR>Chart 2: Socio-economic data of accession countries <BR>Table 3: Socio-economic statistics of accession countries, 2001 <BR>3.2 Investment case studies of companies expanding in the region <BR>3.3 Sectoral Analysis <BR>Automotive parts and accessories experience significant growth in Poland <BR>Some 498 foreign-owned food companies operate in Poland <BR>Table 4: Largest investments in food, beverage and tobacco in Poland <BR>High growth rates and investment in the Polish electronics sector <BR>Table 5: Leading electronic companies investing in Poland <BR>Chemicals, paints and pharmaceuticals sectors growing between 6% and 7% per annum in Poland <BR>The automotive sector in the Czech Republic stimulates growth <BR>Plastics in the Czech Republic to exhibit strong growth over the next ten years <BR>60% of electronics manufacturers in the Czech Republic are foreign-owned <BR>The automotive sector in Hungary <BR>Table 6: Recent automotive investment project examples in Hungary <BR><BR>4.0 Country Infrastructure and investment Analysis <BR>4.1 Poland <BR>About Poland <BR>Poland has been the main focus for foreign direct investment in the region <BR>Table 7: Leading ten companies investing in Poland <BR>The road network in Poland is poor but expanding <BR>Table 8: Poland’s motorway development plans <BR>Modern warehousing in Poland is being developed by western logistics providers <BR>Table 9: Major industrial warehouse lettings in Poland, 2002 <BR>4.2 Czech Republic <BR>About the Czech Republic <BR>Germany and France are the largest investors in the Czech Republic <BR>Table 10: Leading automotive investment in the Czech Republic <BR>The Czech government plans to double the length of the motorway network <BR>Warehousing stock in the Czech Republic has grown significantly since 1999 <BR>4.3 Hungary <BR>About Hungary <BR>45 of the global top 50 multinationals are present in Hungary <BR>Table 11: Major investors in Hungary <BR>Most attractive warehouse locations are to the southwest of Budapest <BR>4.4 Estonia <BR>About Estonia <BR>Part- or wholly-owned foreign interests account for one-third of Estonian GDP <BR>Table 12: Leading ten investors in Estonia <BR>Domestic transport in Estonia is dominated by road <BR>4.5 Lithuania <BR>About Lithuania <BR>Sweden and Denmark are the largest investors in Lithuania <BR>Table 13: Leading investments in Lithuania <BR>Road construction is underway in Estonia <BR>4.6 Slovakia <BR>About Slovakia <BR>The majority of investors in Slovakia are from Germany, The Netherlands and Austria…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..36 <BR>Construction projects will expand Slovakia’s motorway network <BR>4.7 Slovenia <BR>About Slovenia <BR>Investment in Slovenia is relatively low compared with other Eastern European countries <BR>Table 14: Companies Investing in Slovenia <BR>Investment is underway in 500 kilometres of new motorway in Slovenia <BR>4.8 Malta <BR>About Malta <BR>Foreign Investment <BR>Road Network <BR>4.9 Latvia <BR>About Latvia <BR>Foreign direct investment in Latvia grew 25% in 2001 <BR>Table 15: Companies Investing in Latvia <BR>The majority of freight in Latvia is moved via road <BR>4.10 Cyprus <BR>About Cyprus <BR>Airport and port connections <BR><BR>5.0 Logistics Contract News <BR>5.1 Contract News <BR>Tibbett & Britten awarded long-term open book contract by Csemege-Match of Hungary <BR>GeoLogistics wins contract with Faurecia Fotele Samochodowe sp z.o.o. <BR>Tibbett & Britten wins contracts with Reckitt Benckiser and Delvita in the Czech Republic and Slovakia <BR>General Motors Poland awards Emery Worldwide three-year contract <BR>FM Logistics Polska begins contracts with Auchan, Geant Casion and SCA Hygiene in Poland <BR>Tibbett & Britten expanded operations in Poland with Henkel <BR>TNT Logistics wins contract with TRW in Italy and Poland <BR>5.2 Country Competitive Analysis Case Study - Poland <BR>Table 16: Leading Logistics Providers in Poland, 2001…………………………………………………………..……44 <BR><BR>6.0 Main Logistics Providers in the Region <BR>6.1 Logistics provider summaries <BR>Hays Logistics Poland <BR>FM Logistic <BR>Schenker / Spedpol <BR>Raben Logistics <BR>Fiege Logistik <BR>Wincanton (P&O Trans European) <BR>Emery Worldwide <BR>Groupe Cat <BR>Tibbett & Britten PLC <BR>Ewals Cargo Care <BR>Frans Maas <BR>Volán Tefu <BR>Smarten Limited <BR>MG Logistics <BR><BR>7.0 Contacts <BR>7.1 Institutes and Investment Agencies <BR>7.2 Logistics Providers
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Hays Logistics Poland; FM Logistic; Schenker / Spedpol; Raben Logistics; Fiege Logistik; Wincanton; Emery Worldwide; Groupe Cat; Tibbett & Britten; Ewals Cargo Care; Frans Maas; Volán Tefu; Smarten Limited; MG Logistics
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown