RF Logistics And Home Network Market Analysis, Market Strategies, Market Opportunities, And Market Forecasts, 2000-2006

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New Generation Of Wireless RF Products

The wide availability of the RF wireless unlicensed spectrum has encouraged wireless LAN suppliers to design standard logistics products and solutions that can be marketed and sold globally. The cost of 2.4 GHz products continues to decline through both advanced design integration, volume manufacturing efficiencies, and economies of scale. Market factors causing an expansion in the worldwide market potential for wireless RF LANs relate to supply chain efficiency and the need to share a broadband connection.

Factors Driving Wireless Logistics Market

Emergence of new applications
Emergence new markets
Improved regulatory perspective
Allocation of 2.4 GHz frequency band for unlicensed wireless networks
Allocation of 2.4 GHz frequency band in most developed countries
Wide availability of unlicensed spectrum
Design of standard products
Design of standard solutions
Evolution of products that can be marketed and sold globally
Decline in cost of 2.4 GHz products
Advanced design integration
Advanced volume manufacturing efficiencies
Economies of scale

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<P>1.2 Networking PCs In Home And Small Office Environments 1-1<BR>1.3 Regulatory Environment 1-2<BR>1.4 Concerns About Safety 1-3<BR>1.5 Features Of Home Networking 1-4<BR>1.5.1 2.4 Ghz Wireless LAN Technology 1-5<BR>1.5.2 Home RF Working Group 1-5<BR>1.5.3 10 Mbps Data Rates 1-6<BR>1.5.4 Wireless LAN technology 1-6<BR>1.6 Automated Data Systems Market Forces 1-7<BR>1.7 Warehouses And Logistics Operations 1-7</P>
<P>2. RF LOGISTICS, RF HOME NETWORKING, AND IEEE 802.11B<BR>PRODUCT MARKET FORECASTS 2-1<BR>2.1 Design Standard Products And Solutions 2-1<BR>RF Logistics Systems And RF Home Networking<BR>Market Driving Forces 2-3<BR>2.3 RF Market Challenges 2-16<BR>2.4 RF Market Participants 2-17<BR>Mobile Logistics Management<BR>Computing Systems Market Shares 2-18<BR>2.5.1 Mobile Logistics Infrastructure Systems Market Shares 2-23<BR>2.5.2 Mobile Logistics Terminal Systems Market Shares 2-25<BR>2.6 RF Logistics Market Forecasts 2-27<BR>2.7.1 Home Networking Market Trends 2-32<BR>2.8 Home Networking 2-33<BR>2.8.1 Wireless Home Networking 2-33<BR>2.8.2 Home Networking Market Shares 2-34<BR>2.8.3 Home Networking Market Forecasts 2-35<BR>2.9 Spread Spectrum Market Opportunities 2-38<BR>2.10 Market Size 2-38<BR>2.11 Pricing 2-44<BR>2.12 Windows ® Pen Tablet Market 2-45</P>
<P>3. RF PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 3-1<BR>3.1 Proxim 3-1<BR>3.1.1 Proxim Spread Spectrum Products 3-1<BR>3.1.2 Proxim 2.4 GHz products 3-4<BR>3.1.3 Proxim RangeLAN2 Solution 3-8<BR>3.1.4 RangeLAN2 Family Product Lines 3-8<BR>3.1.5 Proxim Stratum Family 3-10<BR>3.1.6 Proxim Symphony 3-10<BR>3.1.7 Symphony Product Family 3-11<BR>3.1.8 Proxim 900 Mhz Products 3-12<BR>3.1.9 Proxim 5 Ghz Products 3-13<BR>3.2 Intermec Radio-Frequency Identification 3-13<BR>3.3 LXE Handheld Computer Solutions 3-14<BR>3.3.1 LXtreme™ MX1™ 3-15<BR>3.3.2 LXtreme™ MX2™ 3-16<BR>3.3.3 LXtrEme™ MX3™ 3-16<BR>3.3.4 LXE 2325 Handheld Computers 3-17<BR>3.3.5 LXE’s Lxtreme series 3-17<BR>3.3.6 LXtreme MX1 3-17<BR>3.3.7 LXE MX3™ Product 3-18<BR>3.3.8 LXE 6400 Network Products 3-18<BR>3.3.9 LXE 6200 Network Products 3-19<BR>3.4 Telxon 3-19<BR>3.4.1 Telxon Shopkeeper 3-20<BR>3.5 Psion Teklogix 3-21<BR>3.5.1 Teklogix 7030 Fz Hand-Held Terminal 3-23<BR>3.5.2 Teklogix Refrigerated Products Cold Chain Applications 3-23<BR>3.5.3 Teklogix 8055/60 Fz Vehicle-Mount Terminals 3-23<BR>3.6 Cisco WT2750 Multipoint Broadband Wireless System 3-24<BR>3.6.1 Cisco WT2710 Point-To-Point Broadband Wireless System 3-24<BR>3.6.2 Wireless LAN Cisco Aironet 350 Series Access Points 3-25<BR>3.6.3 Cisco Aironet 340 Series 3-25<BR>3.7 Fujitsu 3-25<BR>3.8 Home Networking Products 3-27<BR>3.8.1 3Com Home Networking Products 3-27<BR>3.9 Internet Appliances 3-27<BR>3.9.1 3Com Internet Appliances 3-28</P>
<P>4. RF WIRELESS LOCAL SPECIAL PURPOSE LAN TECHNOLOGY 4-1<BR>4.1 Four Types Of Available Radios 4-1<BR>4.2 RF Single Chip Solutions 4-2<BR>4.3 Verifying The Design Of RF Circuits 4-4<BR>4.4 RF Software Tools 4-5<BR>4.5 FCC RF Regulations 4-5<BR>4.6 2.4 GHz International Spread Spectrum 4-6<BR>4.7 IEEE 802.11b Standard 4-6<BR>4.8 IEEE 5 GHz Wireless LAN Standard 4-7<BR>4.9 Home RF WG 4-8<BR>4.10 Technical Specifications 4-8<BR>4.10.1 Ranges 4-8<BR>4.10.2 Screen 4-9<BR>4.10.3 Home RF WG 4-9</P>
<P>5. RF COMPANY PROFILES 5-1<BR>5.1 3Com 5-1<BR>5.1.1 3Com Strategy 5-2<BR>5.1.2 3Com Spin-Off Of Palm 5-3<BR>5.1.3 3Com Strategic Focus 5-3<BR>5.2 ADC Telecommunications 5-5<BR>5.2.1 Broadband Access And Transport 5-6<BR>5.3 Cisco / Aironet 5-7<BR>5.4 Emperative 5-8<BR>5.4.1 Products 5-8<BR>5.5 EMS Technologies 5-13<BR>5.5.1 EMS Wireless Products 5--13<BR>5.5.2 EMS Revenue 5-14<BR>5.5.3 EMS Strengths And Challenges In The RF Logistics<BR>And Home Networking Market 5-15<BR>5.5.4 EMS Strategy 5-16<BR>5.5.5 EMS Products 5-16<BR>5.5.6 EMS Technologies Strategic Focus 5-16<BR>5.5.7 LXE 5-18<BR>5.5.8 LXE Broad Wireless 5-21<BR>5.6 Fujitsu 5-21<BR>5.6.1 Fujitsu Customer Base 5-22<BR>5.7 Intel 5-23<BR>5.7.1 Intel Organization 5-25<BR>5.7.2 Wireless Communications And Computing Group 5-26<BR>5.8 Lucent 5-27<BR>5.8.1 Lucent Technologies Mobile And Fixed Wireless 5-27<BR>5.8.2 Optimay GmbH 5-27<BR>5.8.3 Lucent Technologies Wireless Infrastructure Positioning 5-28<BR>5.8.4 Lucent Technologies Software Products Group 5-28<BR>5.8.5 Lucent Technologies Competence Centre For Wireless<BR>Communications In Milan Italy 5-29<BR>5.8.6 One.Tel And Lucent 5-30<BR>5.8.7 Lucent Wireless Technology Research Department 5-30<BR>5.9 Metricom 5-31<BR>5.10 Proxim 5-33<BR>5.10.1 Proxim Strengths And Challenges 5-33<BR>5.10.2 Acquisitions 5-34<BR>5.10.3 OEM Specialization 5-35<BR>5.10.4 Proxim Customers 5-35<BR>5.10.5 Proxim Home Networking 5-36<BR>5.10.6 Proxim Partners 5-36<BR>5.10.7 Proxim Revenue 5-37<BR>5.10.8 Proxim Strengths And Challenges 5-38<BR>5.11 Psion Dacom 5-39<BR>5.11.1 Symbian 5-40<BR>5.11.2 Symbian EPOC Release 6 5-41<BR>5.11.3 Symbian's Third Party Development Community 5-41<BR>5.11.4 Strategy 5-42<BR>5.11.5 Psion Strategic Alliances 5-43<BR>5.12 Symbol Technologies 5-44<BR>5.12.1 Symbol Technologies Customers 5-45<BR>5.13 Teklogix 5-48<BR>5.13.1 Teklogix Real-Time Data Collection 5-48<BR>5.14 Telxon 5-49<BR>5.15 Ucentric 5-51<BR>5.16 Unova 5-52<BR>5.16.1 Automated Data Systems Segment 5-52<BR>5.16.2 Unova Revenue 5-53<BR>5.16.3 Intermec 5-57<BR>5.17 Wireless Scientific 5-58</P>
<P>6. MOBILE COMPUTING REAL TIME<BR>INFORMATION MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS 6-1<BR>6.1 Types Of Applications 6-1<BR>6.2 Inventory Automation 6-4<BR>6.2.1 Compaq Wireless Inventory Management Success 6-4<BR>6.2.2 Honeywell 6-5<BR>6.3 Insuranc e 6-6<BR>6.3.1 American General Life And Accident Insurance 6-6<BR>6.4 Health Care 6-7<BR>6.4.1 Visiting Nurse Service Of New York 6-7<BR>6.4.2 University Of Michigan Medical Center 6-8<BR>6.5 Sales Automation 6-9<BR>6.5.1 Gillette Company 6-9<BR>6.6 Market Survey 6-10<BR>6.6.1 Market Opinion And Research International 6-10<BR>6.7 Utilities 6-11<BR>6.7.1 Southern California Edison 6-11<BR>6.8 Inventory Management 6-12<BR>6.8.1 Seamless Data Flow Into ERP Solutions 6-12<BR>6.8.2 LXE Partnership With SAP 6-13<BR>6.9 Transportation 6-13<BR>6.9.1 Port Of Singapore 6-15<BR>6.10 Supply Chain 6-16<BR>6.10.1 Supply Chain Management 6-16<BR>6.10.2 Toyota Parts Center 6-16<BR>6.10.3 Toyota Vehicle Delivery 6-17<BR>6.10.4 Lucent Technologies 6-18<BR>6.11 Cargo 6-19<BR>6.11.1 Georgia Port Authority 6-19<BR>6.12 Refrigerated Storage 6-19<BR>6.13 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers 6-20<BR>6.13.1 Pharmacia &amp; Upjohn Materials Tracking 6-21<BR>6.13.2 Eli Lilly Material Tracking 6-21<BR>6.14 Manufacturing 6-22<BR>6.14.1 Caterpillar 6-22<BR>6.14.2 China Steel 6-23<BR>6.14.3 LEGO 6-23<BR>6.15 Third-Party Logistics 6-24<BR>6.16 Food &amp; Beverage 6-24<BR>6.16.1 American Home Foods 6-24<BR>6.16.2 Del Curto 6-25<BR>6.17 Textiles &amp; Apparel 6-26<BR>6.17.1 Johnson Clothing Brand 6-26<BR>6.18 Government 6-27<BR>6.18.1 US Marine Camp LeJeune 6-28<BR>6.19 Warehouse Management 6-29<BR>6.19.1 Nippon Express 6-29<BR>6.19.2 Rubbermaid 6-30<BR>6.20 Value Added Services 6-30<BR>6.21 Business Travelers 6-31<BR>6.22 Spread Spectrum Applications 6-31<BR>6.22.1 SCADA 6-31<BR>6.22.2 Applications For Commercial Spread Spectrum 6-32<BR>6.22.3 Digital Wireless 6-38<BR>6.23 Multizone Wireless Products 6-39<BR>6.23.1 Lucent Healthcare Applications 6-39<BR>6.23.2 Nortel Wireless Hospital Applications 6-39<BR>6.23.3 Motorola Police Motorola Radio System 6-40<BR>6.23.4 Motorola Astro™ Smartzone™ Solution 6-41<BR>6.23.5 Apco 25 Common Air Interface 6-41<BR>6.23.6 Police Fight Crime On-Line 6-42<BR>6.23.7 Nokia Professional Mobile Radio: Public Safety And Security 6-43<BR>6.23.8 Hong Kong Police To Purchase Digital Nokia Tetra System 6-43<BR>6.23.9 Police Conferencing 6-45<BR>6.23.10 Medical Applications 6-45<BR>6.23.11 Fire Applications 6-46<BR>6.23.12 Spread Spectrum Conferencing Systems 6-47<BR>6.24 Railroad, Western US 6-49<BR>6.25 Offshore Platform, Gulf Of Mexico 6-49<BR>6.26 Remote Tank Level Data Acquisition 6-49<BR>6.27 Refinery, Gulf Coast US 6-50<BR>6.28 Parking Lot Gate Control 6-50</P>
<P><BR>List of Tables and Figures:</P>
<P>Table ES-3 ES-5<BR>Factors Driving Wireless Logistics Market<BR>Table 1-1 1-8<BR>RF System Uses<BR>Table 1-2 1-8<BR>RF Capabilities For E-Commerce<BR>Table 1-3 1-9<BR>Positioning To Support Competitive Pressures<BR>Table 2-1 2-1<BR>Factors Driving Wireless Logistics Market<BR>Table 2-2 2-4<BR>RF Logistics Systems and RF Home Networking<BR>Market Driving Forces<BR>Table 2-3 2-5<BR>Broadband Service Providers<BR>Table 2-4 2-7<BR>Application For Portable Handheld Terminals<BR>Table 2-5 2-8<BR>Market Driving Forces For Logistical RF Wireless LAN Markets<BR>Table 2-6 2-9<BR>Applications For Logistical RF Wireless LANs<BR>Table 2-7 2-10<BR>Principal Competitive Factors In The Wireless<BR>Logistical RF LAN Market<BR>Table 2-8 2-11<BR>RF Market Positioning<BR>Table 2-9 2-12<BR>Principal Technical Factors In The Wireless<BR>Logistical RF LAN Market<BR>Table 2-10 2-13<BR>Principal Design Factors In The Wireless<BR>Logistical RF LAN Market<BR>Table 2-11 2-14<BR>Principal Marketing Factors In The Wireless<BR>Logistical RF LAN Market<BR>Table 2-12 2-15<BR>RF Market Challenges<BR>Table 2-13 2-16<BR>Changes In Markets<BR>Figure 2 -14 2-20<BR>Worldwide Market Shares RF Logistics Infrastructure,<BR>Terminals, and Home Networking, 2000<BR>Table 2-15 2-21<BR>Worldwide Market Shares RF Logistics Infrastructure,<BR>Terminals, and Home Networking, 2000<BR>Figure 2 -16 2-24<BR>Worldwide Market Shares RF Logistics Infrastructure, 2000<BR>Table 2-17 2-25<BR>Worldwide Market Shares RF Logistics Infrastructure, 2000<BR>Figure 2 -18 2-26<BR>Worldwide Market Shares RF Logistics Terminals, 2000<BR>Table 2-19 2-27<BR>Worldwide Market Shares RF Logistics, Terminals, 2000<BR>Figure 2 -20 2-28<BR>Worldwide RF Logistics Infrastructure and<BR>Terminals Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2 -21 2-29<BR>Worldwide RF Logistics Infrastructure Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2 -22 2-30<BR>Worldwide RF Logistics Terminals Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Table 2-23 2-31<BR>Worldwide RF Logistics Infrastructure and<BR>Terminals Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2 -24 2-34<BR>Worldwide Market Shares RF Home Networking Products, 2000<BR>Table 2-25 2-35<BR>Worldwide Market Shares RF Home Networking Products, 2000<BR>Figure 2 -26 2-36<BR>Worldwide RF Home Networking Product Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Table 2-27 2-37<BR>Worldwide RF Home Networking Product Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2 -28 2-39<BR>Worldwide Spread Spectrum Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2 -29 2-40<BR>Worldwide Spread Spectrum and Other Emergency<BR>Conferencing Voice Application<BR>Market Segment Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2 -30 2-41<BR>Worldwide Spread Spectrum Data Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2 -31 2-41<BR>Worldwide Spread Spectrum Market Segments, 2006<BR>Table 2-32 2-43<BR>Worldwide Spread Spectrum<BR>Conferencing Voice, Voice / Data, 1999-2006, 2000<BR>Table 3-1 3-2<BR>Proxim Spread Spectrum Products<BR>Table 3-2 3-3<BR>OEM Uses For Proxim Spread Spectrum Products<BR>Table 3-3 3-3<BR>Proxim Spread Spectrum Product Design Constraints<BR>Table 3-4 3-4<BR>Proxim RangeLAN2 Product Advantages<BR>Table 3-5 3-6<BR>Proxim RangeLAN2 Product Features<BR>Table 3-6 3-7<BR>The Proxim RangeLAN2 Technology Innovations<BR>Table 3-7 3-15<BR>LXE Solutions<BR>Table 3-8 3-22<BR>Teklogix 802.IQ Wireless Data Communication Systems Benefits<BR>Table 4-1 4-2<BR>Four Types Of Available Radios<BR>Table 4-2 4-4<BR>Challenges Brought By Range Of Voltages In RF Circuits<BR>Table 5-1 5-4<BR>3Com Strengths and Challenges in RF Logistics<BR>and Home Network Market<BR>Table 5-2 5-6<BR>ADC Positioning<BR>Table 5-3 5-7<BR>Cisco Strengths and Challenges in the RF Logistics<BR>and Home Network Market<BR>Table 5-4 5-15<BR>EMS Strengths and Challenges in the RF Logistics<BR>and Home Network Market<BR>Table 5-5 5-19<BR>LXE Solutions<BR>Table 5-6 5-20<BR>LXE Products<BR>Table 5-7 5-20<BR>LXE Business Partners<BR>Table 5-8 5-22<BR>Fujitsu Strengths and Challenges in RF Logistics Market<BR>Table 5-9 5-24<BR>Intel Customer Base<BR>Table 5-10 5-25<BR>Intel Strengths and Challenges in the RF Logistics<BR>and Home Network Market<BR>Table 5-11 5-34<BR>Proxim Strengths and Challenges in the RF Logistics<BR>and Home Network Market<BR>Table 5-12 5-38<BR>Proxim Competitive Strengths In The Wireless LAN Market<BR>Table 5-13 5-39<BR>Proxim Challenges<BR>Table 5-14 5-42<BR>Psion Focus Of Efforts On Core Areas Of Competence<BR>Table 5-15 5-44<BR>Psion Strengths and Challenges in the RF Logistics<BR>and Home Network Market<BR>Mobile Internet<BR>Table 5-16 5-46<BR>Symbol Technologies Strengths and Challenges in the RF Logistics<BR>and Home Network Market<BR>Table 5-17 5-49<BR>Teklogix Strengths and Challenges in the RF Logistics<BR>and Home Network Market<BR>Table 5-18 5-50<BR>Telxon Strengths and Challenges in the RF Logistics<BR>and Home Network Market<BR>Table 5-19 5-57<BR>Unova Strengths and Challenges in the RF Logistics<BR>and Home Network Market<BR></P>

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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