Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Market Strategies, Opportunities And Forecasts 2001-2006

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  • January 2001
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Increases in bandwidth are generating a wealth of new ideas and applications. Adsl is offering the biggest increase in bandwidth, to the home user. Connections are secure. The potential of new applications is tremendous and many are yet to be integrated.

DSL is evolving to support converged voice, data, and video markets. Audio is a big application. Internet services are charged by time usage similar to a traditional dialup scenario. One of the benefits of new protocols including PPPoE is the ability to let end users access one of many network services, a function known as dynamic service selection. This enables the service provider to easily create and offer new IP services for end users.

36 percent of the cost of frame relay services is in the price of the access lines. By extending frame relay over lower-cost DSL access lines, a frame relay service provider can save a minimum of $100 per line per month, which would quickly amount to a huge annual savings.

The dramatic cost savings of DSL, combined with the operational savings enabled by system remote diagnostics can fuel the expanded growth of frame relay network services as well as DSL services.


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<P>1. DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER LINE (DSL) MARKET DESCRIPTION<BR>1.1 DSL Technology 1-1<BR>1.1.1 xDSL(Digital Subscriber Line) Group Of Technologies 1-2<BR>1.1.2 Fiber-To-The-Curb 1-3<BR>1.2 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Family Of Technologies 1-3<BR>1.3 Core Networks 1-5<BR>1.4 Variants Of DSL 1-6<BR>1.5 Universal Coverage 1-7<BR>1.6 ADSL Suppliers 1-8<BR>1.7 Competitive Local Exchange Carriers 1-9<BR>1.7.1 Replacing T1 And Dial Up Modems 1-10<BR>1.8 DSL For Business Subscribers 1-10<BR>Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)<BR>Residential Positioning 1-12<BR>1.10 Consolidated Solutions 1-12<BR>1.11 Positioning DSL For Business Markets 1-13<BR>1.12 VDSL The Copper Superhighway 1-14<BR>1.12.1 VDSL Solutions 1-14<BR>1.13 Growing Demand For Broadband Telecommunications 1-16<BR>1.14 Total System Solutions 1-16<BR>1.14.1 DSL Service Connection 1-17<BR>1.15 Global Manufacturing 1-17<BR>1.16 Product Innovation 1-18<BR>1.17 DSL CLEC Market 1-19<BR>1.18 CLECs 1-20<BR>1.19 T1/E1 Access 1-22<BR>1.20 Frame Relay Over DSL 1-25</P>
<P>2. DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER LINE MARKET FORECASTS<BR>2.1 Mission-Critical Internet-Based Applications 2-1<BR>2.2 Traditional Access Solutions 2-4<BR>2.3 T1 services 2-5<BR>2.4 Providers Of DSL Concentrators 2-6<BR>2.5 Broadband Access Technologies 2-8<BR>2.6 Proliferation Of Broadband 2-10<BR>2.7 DSL Lines Shipped 2-12<BR>2.7.1 Number Of DSL Lines 2-12<BR>2.8 DSLAMs 2-15<BR>2.9 ADSL 2-17<BR>2.9.1 ADSL Market Shares 2-18<BR>2.9.2 ADSL Market Forecasts 2-22<BR>2.10 Symmetric DSL (SDSL) 2-24<BR>2.10.1 Sdsl Market Shares 2-24<BR>2.10.2 SDSL DSLAM Market Forecasts 2-28<BR>2.10.3 CLECs and SDSL Growth Potential 2-29<BR>2.11 Modems 2-30<BR>2.12 DSL Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Market Participants 2-30<BR>2.13 DSL CPE Market Shares and Forecasts 2-32<BR>2.13.1 ADSL CPE Market Shares 2-34<BR>2.13.2 ADSL CPE Market Forecasts 2-36<BR>2.13.3 SDSL CPE Market Shares 2-37<BR>2.13.4 SDSL CPE Market Forecasts 2-39<BR>2.14 DSL Regional Market Forecasts 2-40<BR>2.15 DSL Market Forecasts By Segment 2-41<BR>2.16 High Speed DSL (HDSL and HDSL2) 2-43<BR>2.16.1 High-Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line Technology (HDSL) 2-43<BR>2.17 Very High Speed DSL (VDSL) 2-44<BR>2.18 Integrated Network Solutions 2-45<BR>2.19 Frame Relay Subscriber Market Revenue Forecasts 2-45<BR>2.20 DSL Services 2-47<BR>2.21 ADSL, xdsl Subscriber Market Forecasts 2-48<BR>2.22 Cable Modem Subscribers 2-52<BR>2.23 Broadband Wireless LMDS And Wireless IP Solutions 2-55<BR>2.24 The Internet As A Market Force In Telecommunications 2-57<BR>2.24.1 Intensifying Competition On A Global Scale 2-59<BR>2.25 Liberalization Of Carrier Markets 2-61<BR>2.26 Competitive Forces 2-61<BR>2.27 Business Forces Driving Change 2-64<BR>2.27.1 Pace Of Technological And Product Change 2-65<BR>2.27.2 Response To Change 2-66<BR>2.28 Circuit Networks Vs Packet Networks 2-68<BR>2.29 Convergence Of Voice And Data 2-68<BR>2.30 Need For Internet Enabled Equipment 2-70<BR>2.31 Service Provider Deregulation Issues 2-72<BR>2.32 Internet Protocol (IP) Mission Critical Functionality 2-73<BR>2.33 E-Services 2-74<BR>2.33.1 e-Services Partnering 2-75<BR>2.34 Internet 2-85<BR>2.35 Internet Users And Services 2-87<BR>2.35.1 Internet Users 2-88<BR>2.36 Online services 2-92<BR>2.37 Digital Loop Carrier Market 2-96<BR>2.37.1 Market Growth 2-97<BR>2.37.2 DLC Market Driving Forces 2-98<BR>2.37.3 DLC Market Forecasts 2-99<BR>2.37.4 Fiber 2-102<BR>2.37.5 Co-Location 2-102<BR>2.37.6 Types Of Customers 2-103<BR>2.37.7 Accelerated Migration From Circuit-Based Networks 2-104</P>
<P>3. XDSL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AND STRATEGIC POSITIONING 3<BR>3.1 XDSL Strategic Positioning 3-1<BR>3.1.1 Alcatel DSL 3-1<BR>3.1.2 Copper Mountain Solution 3-4<BR>3.1.3 Copper Mountain DSL Full Coverage 3-5<BR>3.1.4 Copper Mountain Interoperability 3-6<BR>3.1.5 Copper Mountain Multiple Services 3-7<BR>3.1.6 Fujitsu 3-7<BR>3.1.7 Fujitsu SDH For The Access Network 3-9<BR>3.1.8 NEC ADSL 3-9<BR>3.1.9 NEC Integrated Hardware/Software Solution For xDSL 3-10<BR>3.1.10 Paradyne DSL Solutions 3-10<BR>3.1.11 Orckit DSL Strategic Positioning 3-12<BR>3.1.12 Orckit Fastinternet™ System Architecture 3-13<BR>3.1.13 ADC / Pairgain Strategy 3-16<BR>3.1.14 ADC / PairGain HiGain Systems. 3-17<BR>3.1.15 ADSL Alcatel Newbridge Common Architecture 3-18<BR>3.1.16 Cisco 2600-DC Series Modular Access Platform 3-21<BR>3.1.17 Cisco 2600 Series Modular Access Routers 3-22<BR>3.1.18 NEC ADSL Multiservice Platform System For<BR>Time Periodic Noise Environments 3-24<BR>3.1.19 Fujitsu's Multi-Service Solution 3-26<BR>3.2 Central Office Equipment DSLAMs 3-26<BR>3.2.1 Alcatel DSL Delivery Platform 3-26<BR>3.2.2 Alcatel DSL Central Office Equipment DSLAM 3-27<BR>3.2.3 Alcatel ADSL DSLAM Support For Flow Of Services 3-28<BR>3.2.4 Alcatel ADSL Open System API 3-29<BR>3.2.5 Alcatel 7350 ASAM Broadband Multiservice Platforms 3-29<BR>3.2.6 Lucent Stinger DSL Access Concentrator 3-30<BR>3.2.7 Paradyne DSLAM 3-30<BR>3.2.8 Nokia DSLAM 3-31<BR>3.2.9 Fujitsu Asymmetric DSL (ADSL) 3-31<BR>3.2.10 Orckit DSLAM 3-31<BR>3.2.11 Orckit Fastinternet™ IP DSLAM System And ADSL 3-32<BR>3.2.12 Orckit Fastinternet™ FR DSLAM System 3-32<BR>3.2.13 Orckit Splitter Shelf 3-34<BR>3.2.14 ADC Avidia System 3-34<BR>3.2.15 Siemens Xpresslink 3-35<BR>3.3 SDSL 3-36<BR>3.3.1 Copper Mountain 3-37<BR>3.3.2 Copperedge 150 DSL Concentrators 3-38<BR>3.3.3 Copperedge DSL concentrators 3-38<BR>3.3.4 Copperedge 200 DSL Concentrators 3-39<BR>3.3.5 Copper Mountain IDSL Line Cards 3-41<BR>3.3.6 Copper Mountain SDSL Line Cards 3-41<BR>3.3.7 Paradyne SDSL 3-41<BR>3.3.8 Fujitsu Symmetric DSL (SDSL, HDSL and VDSL) 3-43<BR>3.4 ADSL Modems 3-44<BR>3.4.1 Siemens / Efficient Networks 3-44<BR>3.4.2 Nortel Networks / Efficient 3-47<BR>3.4.3 3Com modems 3-47<BR>3.4.4 Fujitsu Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) 3-49<BR>3.4.5 Alcatel Speed Touch Pro ADSL Router 3-49<BR>3.4.6 Alcatel DSL Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) 3-51<BR>3.4.7 ADC Avidia Modems 3-52<BR>3.4.8 ADC / Pairgain Megabit Modem 3-53<BR>3.4.9 ADC / Pairgain Megabit Modem CRA 3-53<BR>3.4.10 Orckit HDSL Modem 3-53<BR>3.4.11 Orckit ATU-R xDSL CPE Modem 3-54<BR>3.4.12 Orkcit POTS/UNI Customer Premises Splitter 3-55<BR>3.4.13 ZyXEL Prestige 642 ADSL Router 3-55<BR>3.4.14 Zyxel Prestige 600 Family 3-56<BR>3.5 SDSL Modems And CPE 3-57<BR>3.5.1 Copperrocket Customer Premise Equipment 3-57<BR>3.6 XDSL Network Management3-58<BR>3.6.1 Alcatel xDSL Network Management 3-58<BR>3.6.2 Alcatel Management Platforms 3-59<BR>3.6.3 Copperview Network Management Software Tools 3-59<BR>3.6.4 Fujitsu FDX Multi-Service Broadband Solution 3-59<BR>3.6.5 Fujitsu FDX DSL Access Concentrator 3-60<BR>3.6.6 Paradyne Network Management 3-62<BR>3.6.7 Orkcit Orview Plus Network Management System 3-65<BR>3.7 DSL Wireless Systems 3-66<BR>3.7.1 Alcatel's Speed Touch Wireless ADSL router 3-66<BR>3.7.2 Nokia High-Speed Symmetrical Connection And Wireless LAN 3-67<BR>3.7.3 ADC / Pairgain Network Management Function 3-69<BR>3.8 DLC Feeder Market 3-70<BR>3.8.1 HDSL Efficiency In The DLC Feeder Market 3-70<BR>3.8.2 Pairgain HiGain HDSL Line 3-70<BR>3.8.3 AFC DMAX1120™ Multiservice Access Platform 3-73<BR>3.8.4 ADC / Pairgain Megabit Access Products 3-73<BR>3.9 Positioning For Voice Over DSL 3-74<BR>3.9.1 Paradyne Hotwire Grandslam 3-74<BR>3.9.2 ADC / Pairgain HDSL Line 3-75<BR>3.10 Frame Relay DSL 3-76<BR>3.10.1 Paradyne Command Activated Frame Relay 3-76<BR>3.10.2 Paradyne Framesaver DSL DSU/CSU And Router Versions 3-77<BR>3.11 Central Office DSLAM Operating Systems 3-78<BR>3.11.1 Cisco IOS Software 3-78<BR>3.12 Information Appliances 3-78<BR>3.12.1 Samsung Information Appliances 3-78<BR>3.12.2 Lucent Internet Appliances 3-79<BR>3.12.3 Nokia Desktop Flat Panel Displays 3-81<BR>3.12.4 Lucent Wireless Broadband 3-82<BR>3.12.5 Spyglass Network Appliance Browser 3-83<BR>3.12.6 Intel 3-86</P>
<P>4. XDSL LOCAL LOOP ACCESS TECHNOLOGY<BR>4.1 Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) Technologies 4-1<BR>4.2 Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) Services 4-2<BR>4.3 Development History 4-2<BR>4.4 Types of DSL 4-3<BR>4.4.1 Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) 4-4<BR>4.4.2 Rate-Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line (R-ADSL) 4-5<BR>4.4.3 ADSL Lite 4-5<BR>4.4.4 G.Lite 4-6<BR>4.4.5 IDSL 4-7<BR>4.4.6 ISDN Digital Subscriber Line (IDSL) 4-7<BR>4.4.7 SDSL 4-7<BR>4.4.8 Single-Line Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) 4-8<BR>4.4.9 HDSL-2 4-8<BR>4.4.10 High Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL) 4-8<BR>4.4.11 Very High Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) 4-9<BR>4.4.12 VDSL 4-10<BR>4.4.13 VDSL In The Network 4-11<BR>4.4.14 VDSL System Features 4-12<BR>4.4.15 VDSL Modulation 4-13<BR>4.4.16 ADSL to VDSL Migration 4-14<BR>4.5 OpenDSL 4-16<BR>4.6 End-To-End Service Provisioning For ADSL 4-17<BR>4.6.1 Goals For ILMI-Based Service Provisioning 4-19<BR>4.6.2 Automatic Service Provisioning Flows 4-20<BR>4.7 Automatic Service Provisioning Flows 4-21<BR>4.8 User Service Provisioning 4-21<BR>4.9 Real-Time Session Selection 4-22<BR>4.10 CPE Automatic Service Selection Applications 4-22<BR>4.11 ADSL Modems Work 4-23<BR>4.12 Technology Comparison 4-24<BR>4.13 DSL Modulation 4-25<BR>4.14 Upgrading Digital Loop Carriers (DLCs) 4-25<BR>4.15 Broadband Topology 4-26<BR>4.16 DSL Security 4-27<BR>4.17 Voice-Over-DSL 4-29</P>
<P>5. DSL COMPANY PROFILES 5-1<BR>5.1 Selected Member Companies Of Open DSL Forum 5-1<BR>5.2 3Com 5-6<BR>5.3 Acer 5-7<BR>5.3.1 Acer Netxus Revenue 5-7<BR>5.4 ADC Telecommunications 5-9<BR>5.5 Advanced Fibre Communications (AFC) 5-9<BR>5.6 Alcatel 5-10<BR>5.7 Avaya 5-12<BR>5.8 Cayman Systems 5-12<BR>5.9 Copper Mountain 5-13<BR>5.9.1 Copper Mountain Strategy 5-14<BR>5.9.2 Copper Mountain Major Customers 5-15<BR>5.9.3 Copper Mountain Position In The Business DSL Market 5-15<BR>5.9.4 Copper Mountain Targets<BR>Multi-Tenant Building Deployments 5-16<BR>5.9.5 Copper Mountain Drives Interoperability 5-16<BR>5.9.6 Copper Mountain Addresses<BR>Emerging Opportunities In Residential Market 5-17<BR>5.9.7 Copper Mountain Interoperability Partnerships 5-17<BR>5.9.8 Copper Mountain Strategic Objectives 5-19<BR>5.10 Fujitsu Telecommunications 5-23<BR>5.10.1 Fujitsu Customer Base 5-24<BR>5.10.2 Orckit Communications And Fujitsu Network 5-25<BR>5.11 Lucent Technologies 5-25<BR>5.12 NEC Corporation 5-25<BR>5.12.1 NEC ADSL 5-26<BR>5.12.2 NEC / Wind River 5-27<BR>5.12.3 Pricing And Availability 5-28<BR>5.13 Netopia 5-29<BR>5.13.1 Netopia Revenues 5-32<BR>5.14 Nokia 5-33<BR>5.15 Orckit Communications 5-34<BR>5.15.1 Orckit Strengths And Challenges In DSL Market 5-36<BR>5.15.2 Orckit Revenue 5-38<BR>5.15.3 Orckit Customers 5-38<BR>5.15.4 Dynarc And Orckit Communications 5-39<BR>5.16 Paradyne 5-39<BR>5.17 Samsung 5-40<BR>5.17.1 Samsung - Leader In The Digital Era 5-41<BR>5.17.2 Markets Addressed 5-42<BR>5.17.3 Samsung Semiconductor 5-44<BR>5.17.4 Samsung 5-44<BR>5.18 Siemens 5-45<BR>5.18.1 Siemens Information And Communication<BR>Networks Group (ICN) 5-45<BR>5.18.2 Siemens Broadband Access Xpresslink In Bruchsal 5-46<BR>5.18.3 Siemens’ Solutions For Broadband Access 5-47<BR>5.18.4 Siemens / Efficient Networks 5-47<BR>5.18.5 Efficient Networks’ Sales And Worldwide Presence 5-49<BR>5.18.6 Efficient Network Customers 5-50<BR>5.18.7 Efficient Networks Key Customers 5-51<BR>5.18.8 Efficient Networks 5-52<BR>5.18.9 Efficient Networks Revenue 5-53<BR>5.19 Westell 5-54<BR>5.19.1 Westell Strategy 5-55<BR>5.19.2 Westell Revenues 5-55<BR>5.19.3 Westell Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) 5-57<BR>5.20 Wind River 5-57<BR>5.21 ZyXEL Communications 5-58<BR>5.21.1 ZyXEL Customers 5-59<BR>6. STRATEGIC INITIATIVES AND<BR>APPLICATIONS IN MARKETS 6-1<BR>6.1 Alcatel Rapid Deployment 6--1<BR>6.2 ADSL Applications 6-1<BR>6.2.1 Access To The Internet 6-2<BR>6.3 Video On Demand 6-2<BR>6.4 Video Conferencing 6-3<BR>6.5 Telecommuting 6-3<BR>6.6 Tele Medicine 6-3<BR>6.7 Telelearning 6-4<BR>6.8 Interactive Network Games 6-5<BR>6.9 Broadcast Audio &amp; TV 6-5<BR>6.10 Online Shopping 6-5<BR>6.11 Copper Mountain Hotel Initiative 6-6<BR>6.12 Fujitsu Multi-Service Access Controller For<BR>xDSL Enabled Set-Top Boxes 6-7<BR>6.13 Samsung Internet Box 6-8<BR>6.14 Avaya Paradyne's Hotwire® Grandslam To Provide DSL Solutions 6-9</P>
<P>7. SERVICE PROVIDER POSITIONING FOR DSL<BR>7.1 Types Of And Issues Relating To High Speed Access 7-1<BR>7.2 RBOC Strategic Positioning For DSL 7-3<BR>7.3 Qwest 7-3<BR>7.3.1 KPNQwest 7-4<BR>7.4 SBC 7-4<BR>7.5 SBC Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) 7-7<BR>7.5.1 BellSouth Digital And Data 7-8<BR>7.6 Verizon 7-11<BR>7.7 Cisco Powered Network Program 7-13<BR>7.8 Alltel Communications 7-14<BR>7.9 Axxent Corporation 7-14<BR>7.10 Babyxl 7-14<BR>7.11 C1 Communications 7-15<BR>7.12 Cable &amp; Wireless 7-15<BR>7.13 Capital Networks 7-15<BR>7.14 Chunghwa, Taiwan 7-16<BR>7.15 Cincinnati Bell 7-16<BR>7.16 Colt Telecom Group plc 7-16<BR>7.17 Conectiv Communications 7-18<BR>7.18 Digital Broadband Communications 7-18<BR>7.19 Dynarc 7-19<BR>7.20 Estonian Telephone Company, Ltd. 7-20<BR>7.21 First Telecom, Germany 7-20<BR>7.22 Harvardnet 7-21<BR>7.23 i2020 7-21<BR>7.24 Infohighway Communications 7-21<BR>7.25 IP Services 7-21<BR>7.26 Kuopio Telephone Flexible Homeworking 7-22<BR>7.27 LMKI Communications 7-22<BR>7.28 MCI Worldcom 7-22<BR>7.29 Mobilcom City Line GmbH 7-23<BR>7.30 Netstream Corporation 7-23<BR>7.31 New Edge Networks 7-23<BR>7.32 Ntegrity USA 7-25<BR>7.33 NTT / Verio 7-25<BR>7.34 Pathnet Telecommunications 7-26<BR>7.35 Pointshare 7-26<BR>7.36 Powernet Global Communications 7-26<BR>7.37 Request DSL 7-27<BR>7.38 Rhythms 7-27<BR>7.39 Telecom Italia 7-27<BR>7.40 Telint Global 7-28<BR>7.41 Telus Planet Internet Services 7-28<BR>7.42 Telia 7-28<BR>7.43 Vectris Communications 7-29</P>
<P><BR>List of Tables and Figures:</P>
<P>Table 1-1 1-8<BR>xDSL Supplier Categories<BR>Table 1-2 1-11<BR>DSL Equipment For Business Subscribers<BR>Table 1-3 1-15<BR>VDSL Solutions<BR>Table 1-4 1-21<BR>Margin Analysis For A Narrowband ISP<BR>Table 1-5 1-25<BR>A Cost And Performance Comparison Of A<BR>Two-Mile Connection For The Three Types of T1 Deployment<BR>Table 2-1 2-1<BR>DSL Applications For Businesses<BR>Table 2-2 2-2<BR>Businesses Use Of The Internet<BR>Table 2-3 2-3<BR>DSL Target Markets<BR>Table 2-4 2-5<BR>Relative Efficiency Of The Various Transmission Methodologies<BR>Table 2-5 2-7<BR>Principal Competitive Factors In DSL Market<BR>Table 2-6 2-8<BR>Broadband Access Solutions<BR>Table 2-7 2-11<BR>DSL Lines Installed, ILEC, CLEC, IXC, Worldwide 2000<BR>Table 2-8 2-14<BR>DSL Lines Shipped, ILEC, CLEC, IXC, Worldwide 2000<BR>Table 2-9 2-15<BR>DSL Market Forecasts, Units, By Segment, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-10 2-16<BR>Worldwide DSLAM Market Shares, 2000<BR>Table 2-11 2-17<BR>DSL DSLAM Market Shares, Worldwide, 2000<BR>Figure 2-12 2-19<BR>ADSL DSLAM Market Shares, Worldwide, 2000<BR>Table 2-13 2-21<BR>ADSL DSLAM Market Shares, Worldwide, 2000<BR>Figure 2-14 2-23<BR>ADSL DSLAM Market Forecasts, Worldwide, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-15 2-25<BR>SDSL DSLAM Market Shares, Worldwide, 2000<BR>Table 2-16 2-27<BR>SDSL DSLAM Market Shares, Worldwide, 2000<BR>Figure 2-17 2-29<BR>SDSL DSLAM Market Forecasts, Worldwide, 2000-2006<BR>Table 2-18 2-31<BR>Providers of DSL CPE<BR>Figure 2-19 2-33<BR>ADSL DSLAM Market Shares, Worldwide, 2000<BR>Table 2-20 2-34<BR>DSL CPE Market Shares, Worldwide, 2000<BR>Figure 2-21 2-35<BR>Total ADSL CPE Market Forecasts, Worldwide, 2000<BR>Table 2-22 2-36<BR>ADSL CPE and Modem Market Shares, Worldwide, 2000<BR>Table 2-23 2-37<BR>ADSL Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)<BR>Market Forecasts, Worldwide, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-24 2-38<BR>SDSL CPE Market Shares, Worldwide, 2000<BR>Figure 2-25 2-39<BR>SDSL Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)<BR>Market Forecasts, Worldwide, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-26 2-40<BR>DSL Regional Market Shares, 2000<BR>Table 2-27 2-41<BR>DSL Regional Market Shares, 2000<BR>Figure 2-28 2-42<BR>Total DSL Market Forecasts, Worldwide, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-29 2-43<BR>DSL Market Forecasts, Dollars, By Segment, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-30 2-46<BR>Frame Relay Market Forecasts, Dollars, 1999-2005<BR>Table 3-31 2-47<BR>Frame Relay Market Forecasts, Dollars, 1999-2005<BR>Table 2-32 2-48<BR>National Data CLEC Players<BR>Figure 2-33 2-49<BR>U.S. DSL Subscriber Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-34 2-50<BR>Europe, Asia, Rest of World DSL<BR>Subscriber Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-35 2-51<BR>Worldwide DSL Subscriber Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-36 2-52<BR>Worldwide DSL Subscriber Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-37 2-53<BR>Cable Modem Subscriber Market Forecasts, 2000-2005<BR>Figure 2-38 2-54<BR>Cable Modem Internet Connection and<BR>Services Market Forecasts, 2000-2005<BR>Table 2-39 2-55<BR>Cable Internet Market Forecasts, Dollars, 2000-2005<BR>Table 2-40 2-56<BR>Broadband Wireless Access Advantages<BR>Table 2-41 2-58<BR>Market Forces For Global Economy<BR>Table 2-42 2-60<BR>Factors Impacting The Level Of Price And Produc t Competition<BR>Table 2-43 2-63<BR>Competitive Forces<BR>Table 2-44 2-64<BR>Response To Competition<BR>Table 2-45 2-65<BR>Business Forces Driving Change<BR>Table 2-46 2-67<BR>Telecommunications Equipment Provider Response To Change<BR>Table 2-47 2-69<BR>ATM Market Impact<BR>Table 2-48 2-71<BR>Key Strategies Of The Internet Equipment Providers<BR>Table 2-49 2-72<BR>Service Provider Internet Strategy And Issues<BR>Table 2-50 2-73<BR>Functions Of An IP Addressing Device<BR>Table 2-51 2-74<BR>Benefits Of an IP Addressing Device<BR>Table 2-52 2-78<BR>E-Services Partnering Strategy<BR>Table 2-53 2-78<BR>E-Services Systems Strategy<BR>Table 2-54 2-79<BR>Assessment Of E-Services Communications Equipment Positioning<BR>Table 2-55 2-80<BR>E-Services<BR>Table 2-56 2-80<BR>E-Services Marketing Directions<BR>Table 2-57 2-81<BR>E-Services Market Positioning<BR>Table 2-58 2-81<BR>E-Services Modular Strategy<BR>Table 2-59 2-82<BR>E-Services Component Strategy<BR>Table 2-60 2-83<BR>E-Services Challenge<BR>Table 2-61 2-83<BR>Internet Market Driving Forces<BR>Figure 2-64 2-89<BR>Growth of Internet Users, 1995-1999<BR>Table 2-65 2-89<BR>Growth of Internet Users, 1995-1999<BR>Figure 2-66 2-90<BR>Internet User Market Forecasts, U.S., 2000-2006<BR>Figure 2-67 2-91<BR>Worldwide Internet User Market Forecasts, 2000-2006<BR>Table 2-68 2-92<BR>Worldwide Internet User Market Forecasts,<BR>By Region, Subscribers, 2000-2006<BR>Table 2-69 2-93<BR>On-Line Services Markets, 2000<BR>Table 2-70 2-94<BR>America Online Total Revenue<BR>Table 2-71 2-99<BR>DLC Market Driving Forces<BR>Table 3-1 3-2<BR>Alcatel ADSL Positioning<BR>Table 3-2 3-2<BR>Alcatel DSL Product line<BR>Table 3-3 3-4<BR>Alcatel DSL Solution Set<BR>Table 3-4 3-5<BR>Copper Mountain DSL Solutions Key Benefits<BR>Table 3-5 3-11<BR>Paradyne Hotwire DSL Systems Next Generation Multiservices DSL<BR>Table 3-6 3-14<BR>Orckit FastInternet IP DSLAM Features<BR>Table 3-7 3-16<BR>ADC / Pairgain Strategy For Expanding Market For HDSL<BR>Table 3-8 3-19<BR>Alcatel / Newbridge Multiservice Access Platform Features<BR>Table 3-9 3-22<BR>Key Benefits Cisco 2600 series<BR>Table 3-10 3-25<BR>NEC AM30 Multi-Service Platform Competitive Advantages<BR>Table 3-11 3-27<BR>Dynamic Alcatel DSL Solutions<BR>Table 3-12 3-33<BR>Orckit Communications FR-Based FastInternet System Benefits<BR>Table 3-13 3-36<BR>Initial SDSL Service Offerings<BR>Table 3-14 3-39<BR>Characteristics Of The Copper Mountain CE200 DSL Concentrator<BR>Table 3-15 3-45<BR>Siemens / Efficient SpeedStream Product Categories<BR>Table 3-16 3-47<BR>3Com Modem<BR>Table 3-17 3-49<BR>Alcatel Speed Touch Pro Router Installation And Configuration Aspects<BR>Table 3-18 3-51<BR>Alcatel ADSL Data Router Features<BR>Table 3-19 3-52<BR>Alcatel ADSL Data Router Bridging / Dialup Networking Features<BR>Table 3-20 3-61<BR>Key Fujitsu Multiservice Product Features<BR>Table 3-21 3-63<BR>Benefits Of Paradyne Network Management Product<BR>Table 3-22 3-64<BR>Customer Advantages Of Paradyne Network Management Product<BR>Table 3-23 3-68<BR>Nokia Wireless DSLAM Features<BR>Table 3-24 3-69<BR>Nokia xDSLManagement<BR>Table 3-25 3-72<BR>ADC / Pairgain HiGain HDSL System Features<BR>Table 3-26 3-75<BR>Paradyne DSLAM Strategy<BR>Table 5-1 5-1<BR>Selected Member Companies of Open DSL Forum<BR>Table 5-2 5-6<BR>3Com Strengths and Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-3 5-8<BR>Acer Strengths and Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-4 5-10<BR>Advanced Fibre Communications<BR>Strengths and Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-5 5-11<BR>Alcatel Strengths And Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-6 5-14<BR>Copper Mountain Key Elements Of Strategy<BR>Table 5-7 5-19<BR>Copper Mountain Objectives<BR>Table 5-8 5-20<BR>Copper Mountain Strengths in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-9 5-21<BR>Copper Mountain Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-10 5-24<BR>Fujitsu Strengths and Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-11 5-26<BR>NEC Strengths and Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-12 5-30<BR>Netopia Strategic Distribution Relationships<BR>Table 5-13 5-33<BR>Nokia xDSL Customers<BR>Table 5-14 5-34<BR>Nokia Strengths and Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-15 5-37<BR>Orckit Strengths and Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-16 5-40<BR>Paradyne Strengths and Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-17 5-41<BR>Samsung Strengths and Challenges in DSL Market<BR>Table 5-18 5-42<BR>Samsung Markets Addressed<BR>Table 5-19 5-58<BR>Wind River Strengths and Challenges in DSL Market</P>

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