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Web Hosting Worldwide Market Strategies, Forecasts 2000-2005

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  • January 2000
  • Region: Global
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  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
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Internet usage is driving the rapid growth of Web hosting. Businesses are increasing the breadth and depth of Internet product and services offerings to respond to the revolution in marketing that has been brought by the Internet. Economies of scale provided by the Internet are driving growth.

Web hosting addresses the need for hardened Intent sites that provide centralized security, battery backup, generators, and earthquake protection not generally available in enterprise IT centers. Internet operations are mission-critical for Internet-centric businesses and are becoming increasingly mission-critical for many enterprises.

To ensure the quality, reliability, availability and redundancy of mission-critical Internet operations, corporate IT departments must make substantial investments in facilities, personnel, equipment, and networks. Frequent upgrades reflect changing technologies. Upgrades need to scale rapidly as the enterprise Internet site traffic grows. Recurring and significant investment occurs as the enterprise struggles to reduce inefficient use of resources. Significant need exists for outsourcing. Systems increase performance, provide continuous operation of Internet solutions, and reduce Internet operating expenses.

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<P>Web Hosting Market Description </P>
<P>-Internet Offerings </P>
<P>-Internet Data Centers </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Architecture </P>
<P>-Network Systems </P>
<P>-Network Interconnections </P>
<P>-Internet </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Business Issues </P>
<P>-Automation of Business Processes </P>
<P>-Shifts in Channel Product </P>
<P>Representation </P>
<P>-Web Hosting and Co-Location </P>
<P>-Mission-Critical Functionality </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Networks </P>
<P>-Managed Services Positioning </P>
<P>-Internet Access Services </P>
<P>-ISP Market Segmentation </P>
<P><BR>The Internet and Data Centers as a Market Force in Web Hosting </P>
<P>-Global Economy </P>
<P>-Business Forces Driving Change </P>
<P>-Circuit Networks vs. Packet </P>
<P>Networks </P>
<P>-Convergence of Voice and Data </P>
<P>-Content Hosting </P>
<P>-Building Brand Loyalty </P>
<P>-End-To-End Internet Solutions </P>
<P>-Rapid, Flexible Deployments </P>
<P>-Need for Web Hosting and</P>
<P>Data Centers</P>
<P>-ATM Applications </P>
<P>-Internet Protocol (IP) Mission </P>
<P>Critical Functionality </P>
<P>-E-Services </P>
<P>-Web Based Supply Chain Exchanges </P>
<P>-Exchange Infrastructure </P>
<P>Functionality </P>
<P>-Selected Competitive Positioning </P>
<P>with Infrastructure to Serve </P>
<P>the Exchanges </P>
<P>-Examples of How Exchanges Work </P>
<P>-ISP Market </P>
<P>-Internet </P>
<P>-Internet Users </P>
<P>-Online Services </P>
<P>-Server Markets </P>
<P>-Internet Hosts </P>
<P>-ATM Impact </P>
<P>-ISP </P>
<P>-Carrier Business Strategy </P>
<P> </P>
<P>Web Hosting Market Forecast </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Market Shares </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Competitive Forces </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Market Driving Forces </P>
<P>-Application Service Providers (ASPs) </P>
<P>-Data Center Market Driving Forces </P>
<P>-Key Features of Server Hosting </P>
<P>Services </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Market Forecasts </P>
<P>-ISPS </P>
<P>-Regional Analysis </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Market Partnering </P>
<P>Issues </P>
<P> </P>
<P>Web Hosting </P>
<P>-Impact of E-Commerce </P>
<P>-Exodus Web Hosting Solution </P>
<P>Portfolios </P>
<P>-Digix </P>
<P>-EMC Web Hosting </P>
<P>-Web Hosting/PSINet </P>
<P>-KPN/Qwest </P>
<P>-Uunet </P>
<P>-Globix </P>
<P>-Verio </P>
<P>-Global Crossing</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Company Profiles in the Internet Web Host Industry </P>
<P>-Competitive Forces </P>
<P>-Abovenet Communications </P>
<P>-Applicast </P>
<P>-Concentric Network </P>
<P>-Convergys </P>
<P>-Digix </P>
<P>-Equinix </P>
<P>-Exodus Communications </P>
<P>-Global Crossing </P>
<P>-Globix </P>
<P>-GTE Data Services </P>
<P>-Interpath </P>
<P>-Level 3 Communications </P>
<P>-MCI WorldCom </P>
<P>-Netcom </P>
<P>-NTT </P>
<P>-Omnipoint Communications </P>
<P>-Onvoy </P>
<P>-PSINet </P>
<P>-Qwest </P>
<P>-RCN </P>
<P>-SAP </P>
<P>-SBC </P>
<P>-Siebel Systems </P>
<P>-USI </P>
<P>-Verio </P>
<P>-Wish </P>
<P> </P>
<P>Web Hosting Strategic Positioning </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Acquisitions </P>
<P>Strategy </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Infrastructure </P>
<P>Strategic Positioning </P>
<P>-Sales Force Strategy </P>
<P>-Channel Program </P>
<P>-Marketing </P>
<P>-Building Strong Customer </P>
<P>Loyalty </P>
<P>-Network Management Solutions </P>
<P>-Stimulate Growth Through </P>
<P>Multiple Sales Channels </P>
<P>-Capture Economies of Scale by </P>
<P>Integrating Operations </P>
<P>-Increase Sales of Value-Added </P>
<P>Services and Products </P>
<P>-Particular Company Strategic </P>
<P>Positioning </P>
<P>-Exodus Strategic Positioning </P>
<P>-PSINet Strategy </P>
<P>-Verio </P>
<P>-Globix </P>
<P> </P>
<P> </P>
<P>Many of these Key Topics Have Phenomenal Subcategories </P>
<P> </P>
<P>Key Tables and Figures </P>
<P>-Web Hosting System Architecture </P>
<P>-Automation of Business Processes </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Efficiencies of Scale Impacting Marketing </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Solutions Positioning </P>
<P>-Web Hosting and Co-Location Site Provisioning </P>
<P>-Managed Services Foundations/Positioning </P>
<P>-Market Forces For Global Economy </P>
<P>-Factors Impacting The Level of Price and Product </P>
<P>Competition </P>
<P>-Response to Competition </P>
<P>-Business Forces Driving Change </P>
<P>-Web Host Provider Response to Change </P>
<P>-ATM Backbone Network Value Added Applications </P>
<P>-ATM Market Impact </P>
<P>-Key Strategies of the Internet Web Hosting Providers </P>
<P>-Functions of Data Centers </P>
<P>-Functions/Benefits of an IP Addressing Device </P>
<P>-E-Services Partnering/Systems Strategy </P>
<P>-Assessment of E-Services Communications Equipment </P>
<P>Positioning </P>
<P>-E-Services Marketing Directions/Positioning </P>
<P>-E-Services Modular/Component Strategy </P>
<P>-E-Services Challenge </P>
<P>-Internet Market Driving Forces </P>
<P>-Internet Purchases Market Forecast, Dollars, </P>
<P>1997-2003 </P>
<P>-E-Commerce Software Applications </P>
<P>-Growth of Internet Users Worldwide, 1995-1999 </P>
<P>-Internet User Forecast, 1997-2003 </P>
<P>-Worldwide Internet Users, 1999 </P>
<P>-On-Line Services Markets </P>
<P>-America Online Total Revenue </P>
<P>-Global LAN Ports, Installed Base, Market Forecast </P>
<P>1998-2003 </P>
<P>-U.S. LAN Ports, Installed Base, Market Forecast, </P>
<P>1998-2003 </P>
<P>-Servers Installed </P>
<P>-E-Mail Messaging Users/Shipments, 1998 </P>
<P>-Worldwide Internet Hosts, 1999 </P>
<P>-U.S. Internet Hosts, 1999 </P>
<P>-Target Markets For Enterprise ATM </P>
<P>-Benefits of Enterprise ATM </P>
<P>-Fore Computers/Servers/Oss Alliances </P>
<P>-Network Solutions </P>
<P>-Target Markets for Converged Voice and Data </P>
<P>-Types of Carriers </P>
<P>-Carrier/Service Provider Market Positioning </P>
<P>-Selected Web Hosting Market Participants, 1999 </P>
<P>-Selected Data Hosting Center Providers </P>
<P>-Principal Competitive Factors in Web Hosting Market </P>
<P>-Competitive Positioning for Web Hosting Market </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Market Success Factors/Positioning </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Market Driving Forces </P>
<P>-Selected ASP Providers </P>
<P>-Data Center.Market Driving Forces </P>
<P>-Applications Provided By ASPs </P>
<P>-Key Features of Server Hosting Services </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Enhanced Services </P>
<P>-Factors Contributing to Ability to Manage Growth </P>
<P>-Global Business Online Market Forecasts, 1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Businesses Online Market Forecasts, 1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Factors Contributing to Ability to Manage Growth </P>
<P>-Large Company Dedicated Access Web Hosting Market </P>
<P>Forecasts, 1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Small and Mid Size Company Dedicated Access Web </P>
<P>Hosting Market Forecasts, 1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Dedicated Access Web Hosting Market Forecasts, </P>
<P>1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Data Center Market Forecasts, Large </P>
<P>Companies, Units and Dollars, 1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Data Center Market Forecasts, Small and </P>
<P>Mid Size Companies, Units and Dollars, 1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Data Center Market Forecasts, Dollars, </P>
<P>1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Internet Access Business Services Market Forecasts, </P>
<P>1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Internet Access Consumer Services Market Forecasts, </P>
<P>1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Internet Access Services Market Forecasts, 1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Internet Access Services Market Segments, 1999/2005 </P>
<P>-Worldwide Web Hosting Regional Market Shares, </P>
<P>1999/2005 </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Services Regional Market Forecasts, </P>
<P>1999-2005 </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Market Partnering Issues </P>
<P>-Exodus Managed Services </P>
<P>-Exodus Systems Positioning </P>
<P>-Levels of Hosting Solutions from Digix </P>
<P>-Digix Basic Account Level of Hosting Solution Functions </P>
<P>-Digix Bronze Account Level functions of Hosting Solution </P>
<P>-Digix Silver Account Level Functions of Hosting Solution </P>
<P>-Digix Gold Account Level Functions of Hosting Solution </P>
<P>-Digix Platinum Account Level Functions of Hosting Solution </P>
<P>-Pricing for Different Levels of Hosting Solutions From Digix </P>
<P>-Digix Storage Space For Different Levels of Hosting Solutions </P>
<P>-Digix E-mail and Ftp Accounts for Different Levels of </P>
<P>Hosting Solutions </P>
<P>-Digix Professional Web Design Functions </P>
<P>-Digix Web Design Stages </P>
<P>-UUnet UUhost Shared Facilities Services </P>
<P>-UUhost Dedicated Servers </P>
<P>-Key Components of the Globix Solution </P>
<P>-Verio Core Web Hosting Services </P>
<P>-Enhanced Value Web Application Services </P>
<P>-Commerce-Enabled Web Site </P>
<P>-Prospective Web Hosting Competitors </P>
<P>-Horizontal Integration In Web Hosting Through </P>
<P>Acquisition </P>
<P>-Exodus Internet Data Center Solutions </P>
<P>-Internet Data Center Customers </P>
<P>-UUNET/MCI WorldCom Value-Added Internet Services </P>
<P>-NTT One-Stop Total Solution Service </P>
<P>-PSINET Services/Acquisitions, 1999 </P>
<P>-Qwest Partnerships with Information Technology </P>
<P>Companies </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Acquisitions Strategy </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Infrastructure Strategic Positioning </P>
<P>-Web Hosting Sales Force </P>
<P>-Channel Program System Integrator Partners </P>
<P>-Types of Channel Program Partner </P>
<P>-Exodus Strategic Positioning </P>
<P>-PSINet Web Hosting Strategy/Enhanced Network </P>

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown