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Report on China's LFP (LiFePO4) Industry, 2009

  • ID: 836718
  • Report
  • March 2009
  • Region: China
  • 74 Pages
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LiFePO4 battery has been the most-discussed subject in Li-ion battery field since 2007, because of the many accidents related to safety of Li-ion batteries, many times of recall of Li-ion batteries, global climate change and the soaring prices of oil have had greatly promoted electric-powered vehicles, and the highly safe LiFePO4 batteries naturally became the focus of attention.

LiFePO4 is sold at US$30-60 per kg according to its quality. In China it is sold at RMB140,000 - 180,000 a ton, with the gross profit margin of 60-70%. The market value of LiFePO4 was US$70m in China in 2008, and is expected to be USD140m in 2010, with the CAGR of 44% during 2008 and 2010.

There is in China's LiFePO4 industry an investment boom that surpassed it in any other country. The boom can be indicated with the number of companies in the field - the US only has two of them, i.e. A123 and Valence; Canada only one, i.e. Phostech; Taiwan four, i.e. Changs Ascending, Potrans Electrical Corp., Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry and Tatung System Technologies Inc., while there are many more in China – data showed there were more than 40 LiFePO4 producers in China by Oct. 2008, and some of then had already put LiFePO4 into mass production, including Huaxin Energy Materials (Xinxiang), BYD (Shenzhen), BTR (Shenzhen), STL Energy Technology (Tianjin) and Pulead, Nanochem Systems (Suzhou), Xinxiang City Huaxin Energy Materials. Another eight companies also produce LiFePO4 in massive quality and are doing pilot selling. More others intend to get into the field.
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Chapter One: Overview of LiFePO4 Batteries
1.1 General
1.2 Brief Introduction
1.3 Structure of LiFePO4 Batteries and Their Operational Principles
1.4 Key Properties of LiFePO4 Batteries
1.4.1 Typical Discharge Characteristics and Service Life
1.4.2 Experiment of Over-Discharging to Zero Voltage
1.5 Features of LiFePO4 Batteries
1.6 Application of LiFePO4 Batteries as Power

Chapter Two: Overview of Global LiFePO4 Industry
2.1 The Industry in General
2.1.1 Developing Trend of Li-ion Cathode Materials
2.1.2 Current Situation of LiFePO4 Industry
2.2 Market Size
2.2.1 Market in General
2.2.2 Niche Markets Nanometer Market Micron Market
2.3 Upstream Markets
2.3.1 Supply of Li-Fe-P Oxide
2.3.2 Electrolyte for Li-ion Batteries
2.3.3 Diaphragm Materials for Li-ion Batteries
2.4 Downstream Market of Application
2.4.1 Overview
2.4.2 Telecoms Electronics
2.4.3 Mobile Phone
2.4.4 Digital Camera
2.4.5 Laptop
2.4.6 HEV
2.4.7 Electric-Powered Bicycles
2.4.8 Electric-Powered Carrier and Wheelchair
2.4.9 Electric-Powered Tool
2.4.10 Storage Battery for Solar LED Street Lamp
2.4.11 Other Fields of Applications
2.5 Competitive Landscape
2.5.1 General
2.5.2 Major Producers Valence A123 Systems STL Energy Technology (Tianjin)
2.6 Potential Customers
2.6.1 Japanese Brands
2.6.2 S Korean Brands
2.6.3 Chinese Brands
2.6.4 European and the US Brands
2.7 Market Price
2.8 Outlook
2.8.1 Developing Trend Technology Market
2.8.2 Forecast for Development Production Sales

Chapter Three: Overview of China's LiFePO4 Industry
3.1 General
3.2 Level of Technology
3.2.1 Applied Technology of LiFePO4
3.2.2 Technological Advantage
3.2.3 Improvement of LFP
3.3 Gap between China's and Foreign Levels of Technology
3.4 Supply and Demand
3.5 Market Size
3.6 Competitive Landscape
3.7 Upstream Markets
3.7.1 Supply of Li-Fe-P Oxide
3.7.2 Market of Electrolyte for Li-ion Batteries
3.7.3 Market of Diaphragm Materials for Li-ion Batteries
3.8 Downstream Markets
3.8.1 Telecoms Electronics
3.8.2 Mobile Phones
3.10 Revelations for LiFePO4 Industry

Chapter Four: Major LiFePO4 Producers in China
4.1 Major LiFePO4 Producers in Mainland China
4.1.1 Pulead
4.1.2 STL Energy Technology (Tianjin)
4.1.3 Qianyun (Qingdao)
4.1.4 Lizhiyuan Battery (Shanxi)
4.1.5 Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetic Limited Company
4.1.6 Hi-power New Energy Group (Shandong)
4.1.7 Reshine New Material (Hunan) Co., Ltd.
4.1.8 Shenzhen BYD Co., Ltd.
4.1.9 Jinhe New Material Co., Ltd.
4.1.10 Dongguan Shanshan Battery Materials Co., Ltd.
4.1.11 Great Power Battery Co., Ltd.
4.1.12 Huaxin Energy Materials (Xinxiang)
4.1.13 Nanochem Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
4.1.14 Valence Energy and Valence Technology
4.1.15 A123 (Zhenjiang)
4.1.16 A123 (Changzhou)
4.2 Major LiFePO4 Producers in Taiwan, China
4.2.1 Gold Peak Group
4.2.2 Simplo
4.2.3 Pihsiang Machinery

Chapter Five: Outlook for of China's LiFePO4 Industry
5.1 Overview
5.2 Multinational Producers
5.3 China's Homegrown Producers
5.4 Competitive Trend - Operational Models of LiFePO4 Producers
5.5 Technological Trend - The Modification of LiFePO4 as a Cathode Material
5.6 Product Trend - Disadvantages of LiFePO4 Batteries and Measures for Improvement

Chapter Six: Investing in China's LiFePO4 Industry
6.1 Investment Environment
6.2 Investment Potential
6.3 Risks of Investment

Selected Charts
Size of Global LiFePO4 Market, 2006-2013
Size of Global LiFePO4 Market on Micron Level, 2006-2013
Structure of Global LiFePO4 Market by Sales Revenue, 2006-2013
Size of Potential Global LiFePO4 Market on Nanometer Level, 2006-2013
Sales of Global Li-ion Battery Market, 2001-2008
Shipment Volume of Global Digital Camera Market, 2006-2010
Shipment Volume of Global Laptop Market, 2006-2010
Demand and Forecast for Laptop Li-ion Batteries in the World, 2007-2010
Output Value of Batteries for HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) in the World, 2006-2010
Output Value of Batteries for Electric-Powered Bicycles in the World, 2006-2010
Output Value of Global GPS Equipment Market, 2006-2010
Output Value of Global Mobile Phone Market, 2006-2010
Shipment Volume of Global Mobile Phone Market, 2006-2010
Output Value of Batteries for Electric-Powered Vehicles and Electric-Powered Wheelchairs in the World, 2006-2010
Global Demand for Electric-Powered Handheld Tools, 2006-2010
Market Size of Batteries for Electric-Powered Handheld Tools in the World, 2006-2010
Output Value of Solar Batteries for LED in the World, 2008-2012
Change in Prices of LiFePO4 and Li-Ion Cathode Materials, 2006-2008
Production Capacity of LiFePO4 in the World, 2006-2010
Supply of and Demand for LiFePO4 in the World, 2006-2010
The Estimated Number of HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) in the World
Shipments of Electric-Powered Bicycles in the World
Demand for Electric-Powered Vehicles and Electric-Powered Wheelchairs in the World
Size of Global LED Street Lamps Market
Patents of Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries Held by A123 Systems
A123's Collaborations
Patents of Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries Held by Phostech
Patents of Rechargeable LiFePO4 Batteries Held by Hydro Quebec
Major Customers of Valence, 2006-2008
Operation of Valence, 2004-2008
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown