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Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors. Basic Skills. 2nd Edition

Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors serves as the essential reference for designers preparing interior construction documents, explaining how to do a new construction, remodeling, or installation project. In a highly visual format, the book covers drafting fundamentals and conventions; drawing types, plans, and schedules; and computer-aided design (CAD). With expanded coverage of the preparation and communication of construction documents in digital formats, drawing interior perspectives, and more, the text also serves as an invaluable study reference for the contract documents section of the NCIDQ exam. A new companion Web Site supplies template grids for schedules and contract documents for practice exercises.?



Chapter 1: Drawing as Communication.

Drawing for Idea Generation.

Drawing as a Design and Presentation Media.

Drawing as a Guide for Construction.

Issues Affecting How Interior Designers communicate.

Chapter 2: Drafting Equipment and Their Care.

Drawing Tables and Surfaces.

Drawing Papers and Plastic Films.

Pencils, Leads, and Pens.

Parallel Bar, T-Square, and Drafting Machines.

Triangles, Templates, and Compasses.


Erasers, Erasing Shields, and Brushes.

Additional Equipment.

Chapter 3: Drawing and Drafting Fundamentals.

Starting the Drawing.

Line Types.

Drafting Standards, Abbreviations, and Symbols.


Chapter 4: Drawing Classification Systems.

Multi-view Drawings.

Single-view Drawings.

Perspective Drawings.


Chapter 5: Specifications, Contracts, and Construction Drawings.



Construction Drawings.

Guidelines for Preparing Construction Drawings.

Drawing Conventions and Representations.

Chapter 6: As-Built Drawings and Demolition Plans.

As-Built Drawings.

Demolition Plans.

Chapter 7: Floor Plans.

Floor Plans in Modular Units.

Wall and Partition Types and Construction.

Scale of Floor Plans.

Drafting Standards.

Dimensioning Floor Plans.

Designation of Materials.

Checklist for Floor Plans.

Chapter 8: Fire and Life Safety Plans.

Building Code Compliance Analysis.

Fire and Safety Plans.

Chapter 9: Elevations.

Exterior Elevations.

Interior Elevations.

Scale of Interior Elevations.

Drafting Standards for Interior Elevations.

Designation of Materials.

Dimensioning Elevations.

Checklist for Elevations.

Chapter 10: Sections.

Types of Section Drawings.

Drafting Standards.

Building Sections.

Sections of Interior Spaces.

Wall Sections.

Detail and Object Sections.

Checklist for Section Drawings.

Chapter 11: Specialty Drawings.

Purpose of Specialty Drawings.

Stairs and Ramps.




Chapter 12: Door and Window Schedules.

Door Classifications: Operation, Types, and Materials.

Door Hardware.

Door and Hardware Schedules.

Checklist for Door and Hardware Schedules.


Window Schedules.

Checklist for Window Schedules.

Chapter 13: Finish Schedules and Finish Plans.

Room finish Schedules.

Finish Plans.

Chapter 14: Furniture Installation Plans.

Scale of Furniture Installation Plans.

Drafting Standards for Furniture Installation Plans.

Dimensioning Furniture Installation Plans.

Designation of Materials.

Checklist for Furniture Installation Plans.

Chapter 15: Furnishings and Equipment Plans.

Scale of Drawings.

Drafting Standards.

Designation of Materials.

Dimensioning Furnishings and Equipment Plans.

Checklist for Furnishings and Equipment Plans.

Chapter 16: Reflected Ceiling, Lighting, and Electrical Plans.


Types of Drawings.

Types of Ceiling Systems.

Code Issues Affecting Lighting.

Sustainability Issues in Lighting and Daylighting.

Lighting and Reflected Ceiling Plans.

Electrical or Power Plans.

Chapter 17: Mechanical and Plumbing Plans.

Mechanical (HVAC) Plans.

Plumbing Plans.

Chapter 18: Reproduction Methods and computers.

Reproductions of Drawings.

Using computers for Design, Communication, and Drafting.

Appendix A: MasterFormatâ„¢, 2004 Edition Level 2 Numbers and Titles.

Appendix B: Example Numbering for Simple Interior Project Table of Contents.

Appendix C: Sample ADA Guidelines.

Appendix D: Abbreviations for Construction Drawings.


W. Otie Kilmer, Aia, is a professor of interior design at Purdue University. He has taught drawing and design for over thirty years as well as practiced architecture and interior design with several internationally known firms. The Kilmers head their own design practice, Kilmer and Associates.

Rosemary Kilmer, Asid, Idec, Leed Ap, is a professor of interior design at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. She has served on the board of directors for NCIDQ (the qualifying exam for interior designers) and is a professional member of ASID and IDEC.
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