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The Complete Guide To The Commercial Satellite Communications Industry

Updated annually in 2 volumes with 16 separate chapters & over 25,000 entries, this best selling 1,400 plus page reference source is a must for all satellite professionals. Includes a CD-ROM containing over 850 EIRP, G/T and SFD maps in full color.

Searching for Satellite Data? - Opening up new markets? - Finding new customers? - Analyzing the competition? Or do you just need that one last detail? Whether you are using, or need to be using "THE INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE DIRECTORY," the publisher's 25th edition will certainly meet expectations!

The Directory is a comprehensive guide to the people, companies, products, services and the market of the booming 100 billion dollar satellite industry. With changes of all kinds affecting this dynamic industry, the Directory remains a powerful tool, mapping in detail an otherwise uncharted and complex segment of modern communications.

The Directory supplies detailed research, giving you the facts and figures you need.

The names and titles of key personnel, their addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses are provided. READ MORE >

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Volume 1 - The Satellite Industry

- International Agencies - lists all regulators and PTTs and provides statistics and information on each country including its satellite and video standards.

- Manufacturers of Satellites and Space Equipment - over 1,400 manufacturers of every conceivable satellite and space component, including information on launch services.

- Manufacturers of Satellite Ground Equipment - lists all the earth station equipment in both the commercial and consumer satellite markets.

- Network Systems - internet service providers and other ground systems networks including VSAT systems, business networks and video-conferencing providers.

- PC-Satellite Connectivity - internet via satellite providers and manufacturers of equipment plus a list of web addresses of satellite companies.

- Users of Satellite Systems - satellite programmers, worldwide broadcasters, ISPs and cable systems.

- Providers of Satellite Services - distributors of hardware, transmission services, transponder brokers and providers of video, voice and data services.

- General Services - technical and consulting services, associations, legal services, insurance brokers, research centers, financial institutions, technical training services and publishers.

Volume II - Satellite Systems and Operators

- Satellite Operators - full details on every system operator worldwide. Full details on satellites; either operational, under construction or planned
Geosynchronous Satellites - over 500 satellites analyzed with full details on over 50 variables per satellite.

- EIRP Maps (Included on CD-ROM) - invaluable EIRP, SFD & G/T maps giving essential engineering and technical information in color on SatMaps CD-ROM.

- Uplink Facilities - location and contact information of earth stations worldwide that provide uplink and other transmit and receive services.

- What's On Satellite (Included on CD-ROM) - transponder loading activity on all operational satellites. Programs, frequencies, bandwidth, encryption technology, etc.

- Buyer's Guide and Index - a full, comprehensive listing of every company and satellite worldwide.

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"The MOST USED book in our library..."
- Librarian - INTELSAT - Worldwide Satellite Operator

"The ONLY Satellite Directory in our library......."
- Librarian - INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS UNION - Geneva, Switzerland - Worldwide Satellite Regulator

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