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UpdatesPlus Nicotinic Receptors - Current Research and Development - Issue 3, 2009

Neuronal nicotinic receptor ligands are fast proceeding through clinical development as exciting candidates for multiple CNS disorders including Alzheimer's disease; Schizophrenia; ADHD; Depression; Pain and Addiction.

Now we are seeing the field expand with peripheral nicotinic receptors gaining increasing attention in relation to further indications including various inflammatory conditions

Are you involved in these areas; are you developing a nicotinic receptor ligand? If so UpdatesPlus is for you. This service, brought to you from the pharmaceutical analysts, not only identifies all key breaking research, drug development news and clinical trials in this area, it also analyzes it.

And there's more...

Smoking cessation remains the one approved indication for the only commercially available selective nicotinic receptor ligand varenicline (Chantix/Champix). There is a considerable overlap between companies interested in nicotinic receptors and smoking cessation. UpdatesPlus therefore offers a detailed and up to date analysis of activity in the smoking cessation arena

Published monthly along with fully up to date pipelines, UpdatesPlus offers a key insight into strategy and development as well as new research advances. Offering an ideal intelligence tool for everyone from brand managers to medical directors and preclinical managers, UpdatesPlus is a must for all involved in this exciting new field of medicine
a7 nicotinic receptors
- a7 receptor agonists as candidate early stage and potentially disease modifying treatments of schizophrenia - a7 receptor agonists have historically been investigated in schizophrenic patients already displaying psychoses. We believe that greater benefit may be gained by evaluating a7 receptor agonists in patients with very early stage, perhaps prodromic, disease. Find out how we believe nicotinic receptors can better meet their potential and generate greater revenue in schizophrenia
- Profile of SEN-12333 published – neuroprotection and procognitive activity demonstrated in Alzheimer’s disease models - SEN-12333 is unlikely to be developed clinically however we believe that its profile is encouraging. Find out all about SEN-12333 here.
- Full and up to date a7 receptor pipeline, all breaking R&D activity and patent activity

a4ß2 nicotinic receptors
- AstraZeneca continues to wait for ADHD data prior to deciding on future of AZD3480 – We provide an update on the development of AZD3480. Where is this candidate going? Has AstraZeneca started to evaluate AZD3480 as an adjunct to Seroquel in patients with resistant depression?
- Targacept to focus on mixed nicotinic receptor ligands for the treatment of pain - As well as partnering with AstraZeneca on the development of AZD-3480, Targacept was developing TC-6499 as candidate analgesics with GSK. Development has ceased. Why? What is the future of nicotinic ligands as analgesics?
- Vascular dementia emerges as a potential indication for a4ß2 receptor agonists - The development of nicotinic ligands has previously focussed on Alzheimer's disease however it is likely that the potential of a4ß2 receptor agonists may extend across the dementia spectrum. Read about the latest research to support this.
- Full and up to date a4ß2 receptor pipeline, all breaking R&D activity and patent activity

Other nicotinic receptors
- a5 receptor antagonists as candidate treatments of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) - We believe that PMDD could be an excellent target for a5 receptor antagonists. The indication is unmet and could be worth upwards of $0.25 billion/year. If your company is involved in women's health, a5 receptors may be your next target.

Smoking cessation - Nicotine addiction
- Data argues against varenicline worsening depression - New data should be welcomed by Pfizer
- Varenicline reduces alcohol consumption in smokers - A new study has been published suggesting that varenicline may be of benefit to heavy drinkers as well as smokers. Curiously Pfizer has been relatively quiet with respect to this life cycle possibility
- Nabi’s NicVax represents an interesting licensing option for companies developing nicotinic smoking cessation products - Nabi had a rough ride at its most recent investor presentation. We believe that NicVax could represent an interesting licensing option especially for companies developing nicotinic receptor ligands
- Novartis finally opens phase 2 study of NIC002
- Full and up to date pipeline of smoking cessation therapeutics
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