US Energy Policy under Obama's Presidency - A Move Away from Fossil Energy

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US Energy Policy under Obamas Presidency - A Move Away from Fossil Energy


The report analyzes the energy policies of the new US government under the leadership of President Obama. It covers all the key policies of the new administration across different sectors - oil & gas, nuclear, renewable energy, clean technology and energy efficiency. It also analyzes the implications of the different policies on the respective industries and on the companies operating in the industries.


- What has been the demand supply gap for primary energy in the US?
- How declining oil and gas reserves globally has impacted the business and residential sectors in the US?
- What policy changes are being considered by the US government to provide energy security to the nation?
- To what extent are renewable energy sources going to meet the surging energy demand in the US?
- What are the prospects and challenges for the US renewable energy sector?
- Which are the major companies in the US renewable energy sector and what are their competitive strategies?

Reasons to buy

- Navigate the renewable energy landscape in the US through detailed analysis of the current market dynamics and potential changes.
- Identify the most promising sector in the unconventional and renewable energy sectors in the US.
- Gain the most up to date and in-depth information on the US renewable energy market.
- Invest in key growth technologies and opportunities within the US renewable energy industry making use of our in-depth analysis.
- Identify technologies of tomorrow and be a pioneer in this nascent industry.

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1.1 List of Tables 4
1.2 List of Figures 5
2 Executive Summary 6
2.1 Objectives of the US energy policy under the Obama administration 6
2.2 US energy policy: Bush versus Obama 7
3 US energy policy under Obama - Key features 9
3.1 Obama energy policy objectives 9
3.2 Energy policy mechanisms to achieve the objectives 15
3.3 Cap-and-trade policy 20
3.4 Upgrading the US electricity grid to a Smart Grid 21
3.5 Proposed 2010 budget by the Obama administration 21
4 A brief overview of the pre-Obama energy policy 23
4.1 Evolution of the US energy policy from the Bush administration to the Obama administration 23
4.2 Energy Policy Act of 2005 24
4.3 Advanced energy initiative (Twenty in Ten challenge) and the Energy independence and security act 2007 25
4.4 The pre-Obama US energy policy - Major Policies and Market Instruments Supporting Renewables 27
5 Industry implications of the energy policy, ARRA and the proposed budget on the renewable and the fossil energy sectors 37
5.1 Implications of the policy on the renewable energy sector 37
5.2 Implications of the policy on the fossil fuels sector 44
6 Key enablers and other issues related to the energy policy 47
6.1 Key enablers to reduce carbon emissions and to facilitate a shift to renewable energy 47
6.2 Other key issues 50
7 Potential ramifications of the shift in US energy policy 53
7.1 Effect of the shift in the US energy policy on other countries 54
7.2 A less carbon intensive US economy 55
7.3 How effective will the new energy policy be? 55
8 Appendix 57
8.1 Methodology 57
8.2 Unit of Measure 59
8.3 Contact Us 59
8.4 About Us 59
8.5 Disclaimer 60

Executive Summary

1.1 List of Tables
Table 1: US Electricity Generation by Energy Source, GWh 10
Table 2: US Alternative fuel and Hybrid Vehicles, by Vehicle type and Fuel type, 2008 11
Table 3: World Crude Oil Reserves with US share, Billion Barrels 13
Table 4: US Carbon dioxide emissions by fuel source, million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent 15
Table 5: New Oil and Gas Tax Regime of the Obama Administration 16
Table 6: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - Key Provisions for Renewables 18
Table 7: The US, Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008, Renewable Energy Incentives 29
Table 8: The US, State Renewables Portfolio Standards and Policy Incentives, 2008 31
Table 9: The US, PTC, In Service Deadline and Credit Amount, 2008 32
Table 10: The US, Business Energy Tax Credit, Eligibility and Credit Availability, 2008 33
Table 11: The US, Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, Incentives Offered 34
Table 12: The US, Regulatory Framework for Renewable Energy for Leading States 36
Table 13: US Alternative Energy Capacity by Source, MW, 2000 - 2008 38
Table 14: US Biofuels Production, Million Liters, 2000 - 2008 39
Table 15: Characteristics and Costs of Renewable Technologies 41
Table 16: Construction Costs by Fuel Source, US $ billion, 2008 41
Table 17: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - Cost of Tax Incentive 42
Table 18: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - Cost of Government Spending 43
Table 19: US Crude Oil Imports by Origin, 2000 - 2008 45
Table 20: The US OCS Region, Comparison of Total Hydrocarbon Endowment by Type, Area and Resource 51

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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