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Magnetic Sensors-Emerging Technology Developments

  • ID: 435354
  • December 2006
  • 128 Pages
  • Frost & Sullivan

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Magnetic Sensors-Emerging Technology provides analyses of hall sensors, fluxgate, search coil, anisotropic/giant/colossal magnetoresistance sensors, giant magetoimpedance, and SQUID among others, along with key drivers, challenges, restraints, analysis and forecasts of technologies that shape the future semiconductor testing industry.

This analysis is available through our Technical Insights Growth Partnership Service program. With this program, clients receive industry-leading market research such as this, along with technical and econometric data as well as many interactive features including Analyst Inquiry Time and Client Councils.

The following technologies are covered in this research:

-Hall sensors
-Search coil
-Anisotropic/giant/colossal magnetoresistance sensors, giant magetoimpedance

Technology Overview

Widespread Adoption in a Multitude of Applications Combined with Growth of Hard Disk Area Density to Boost Technology Developments

Magnetic sensors have come a long way from purely serving navigation purposes in ancient times. The technology READ MORE >

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-1. Executive Summary
--1. Scope and Methodology
---1. Scope
---2. Research Methodology
--2. Research Overview and Key Findings
---1. Research Overview
---2. Key Findings

-2. Magnetic Sensor Technologies--Principles; Applications; and Trends
--1. Technology Snapshot
---1. From Compasses to GMR Read Heads
---2. Vector and Scalar Magnetometers
--2. Types of Magnetic Sensor Technologies
---1. Low-Field Vector Sensors
---2. Earth's Field Vector Sensors
---3. High-Field Vector Sensors
---4. Scalar Magnetometers
--3. Applications Analysis; Trends; and Issues
---1. Assessment of Applications
---2. Trends and Issues

-3. Research and Development Highlights
--1. Academia--Global Developments
---1. Chip-Scale Magnetic Sensor--National Institute Of Standards and Technology--USA
---2. Sensor Based on Ballistic Magnetoresistance--State University of New York at Buffalo--USA
---3. Giant Magnetoimpedance Sensors--University of Paris--France
---4. Magnetic Biosensor for Detecting Highly Dangerous Bacterial Species--University of Marburg--Germany
---5. Using Cheap Noncryogenic Sensors for Cryogenic Applications--Laboratorio Oficial de Metroloxía de Galicia--Spain
---6. Automatic Calibration Techniques for Hall Sensors--Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne--Switzerland
---7. Bioapplication of High-Temperature SQUID Sensor--Tyohashi Institute of Technology--Japan
---8. Breakthrough for Nanomagnetic Measurement--Center for Material Elaboration and Structural Studies--France
---9. The Tongue Drive--North Carolina State University at Raleigh--USA
---10. Dual-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor System for Electronic Compasses--University of Lecce--Italy
---11. A Step Closer to Superconductor Memories--Augsberg University--Germany
---12. Bridging Magnetic and Electronic World--University of Twente--Netherlands
---13. Bose-Einstein Condensates Sensors--Heidelberg University--Germany
--2. Corporates--Global Developments
---1. Advances in Catheter Tracking--Ascension Technology Corporation--USA
---2. State-of-the-Art Miniature Sensor Chip--Sick AG--Germany
---3. Very High Resolution Position Sensor--Renishaw--USA
---4. Low-Voltage Hall Sensors--Allegro Microsystems Inc.--USA
---5. Magnetic Linear Position Sensor--iC Haus--Germany
---6. Sensors for Extreme Environments--Siemens AG--Germany
---7. Wear-Resistant Sensors and New Mounting Systems–Balluff--Germany

-4. Technology Adoption Factor Analysis
--1. Driving Factors
---1. Automobiles
---2. Hard Disk Read Head
---3. Miniaturization and Integration
---4. Demand for Hall Sensors; Some Opportunities for AMR Sensors
---5. Biomedical Applications
---6. Emerging Applications
--2. Major Restraints and Challenges
---1. Complexity and Cost
---2. Problems Arising from Miniaturization
---3. Challenges Related to SQUID Sensors
--3. In the Near Term
---1. Miniaturization and Integration
---2. Hall Sensors--The Industry Workhorse
---3. GMI Effect
---4. Is SQUID Going to Be Big?

-5. Key Contacts and Selected Patents
--1. Key Contacts
---1. Academia
---2. Industry
--2. Key Patents Related to this Sector
---1. Patents I
---2. Patents II

-6. Decision Support Database
--1. Decision Support Database Tables - Automobiles; Aerospace; and Military
---1. Car Production--World (1999 to 2006)
---2. Number of Commercial Ships--World (1999 to 2006)
---3. Number of Military Ships--World (1999 to 2006)
---4. Number of Submarines--World (1999 to 2006)
--2. Decision Support Database Tables - Geophysical Location System
---1. Mining and Mineral Exploring Companies
---2. Number of Mining and Mineral Exploration Companies--World
--3. Decision Support Database Tables - Medical
---1. Mortality due to Circulatory Diseases--World (1999 to 2006)
---2. Mortality due to Coronary Heart Disease--World (1999 to 2006)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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